More on HCQ, BBC, Fake News, Mao and more: Links 1, June 8, 2020

1. Bill Whittle on the use of HCQ and President Trump’s declaration that he uses HCQ

(You know, if a president, for a Democrat one, said they went to alternative medicine. Chinese traditional medicine. Wicca healing. Voodoo treatments, they would be celebrated. This has to tell you the problem with HCQ is it works.)

2. BBC crisis: 30,000 sign up to Twitter campaign to ‘DEFUND THE BBC’ – ‘It’s time!’

(ATTN All readers from within the broadcast area of BBC. Please consider signing this. The BBC is as much to blame for the collapse and destruction of Great Britain as is the Labour Party that decided to deliberately destroy it with mass immigration from societies that are anathema.)

A NEW campaign group called “Defund the BBC” has seen a flood of support in the last 24 hours.


The group, which operates on Twitter, describes itself as a grassroots campaign set up to defund the BBC amid allegations of bias. Founder James Yucel said: “I’m just a student that’s fed up, so I’ve founded this movement to defund the BBC. It’s time.” One statement issued on the group’s Twitter feed said: “25,000 followers on the first day.

“The BBC can’t ignore the people forever.”


Another tweet said: “This isn’t just a campaign anymore.

“This is a movement.”


Mr Yucel said: “Ultimately the BBC is not impartial they regularly refuse to introduce guests with a political background and they edit the footage to make the government look worse than they actually are.”

3. Danish Party Leader Survives Attempted Murder as Police Shoot Perpetrator

A Middle Eastern man drew a knife on Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the Danish party Hard Line, during an attempted Quran-burning on Constitution Day.


Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the Danish anti-immigration party Hard Line, has been exposed to what he himself calls an assassination attempt.

A 52-year-old immigrant man tried to attack Paludan with a knife, the police confirmed.


The attack happened in connection with Paludan attempting to burn the Quran during a Hard Line demonstration at Poet Park in Aarhus on Constitution Day. Quran-burning is a staple of Hard Line, which sees it as a celebration of freedom of speech.


The police surrounded the perpetrator and then shot him in the leg. Following the attack, Paludan was evacuated by the police.

4. Video suggesting that the Minneapolis riots where planned years in advance.

(Has to be true. Leftists can’t organize a bridge game that fast)

5. Youtube blocked the following clip of Brad Johnson talking about ANTIFA as a violation of Terms and Service. Here is is again. You decide what their real motive has to have been.

(Scrub this we are going to do a whole post on this with a word from Brad about it!)

6. Stephen Coughlin shows the connection between the Maoist insurgency model and what is going on everywhere around us

7. AG Barr exposes CBS fake news. (I agree with Stephen Coughlin on this one. Best not to confuse Fake News with enemy propaganda. This is enemy propaganda.)

8. Would be interesting to see women riot over this real issue for what we imagine feminism is. Of course we won’t because it isn’t what we think feminism is.

9. Active shooter at Seattle protest


10. Co-author of hydroxychloroquine study leaves university post 

Dr Amit Patel, co-author of an influential study on hydroxychloroquine and its effects on coronavirus patients, has left his faculty posting at the University of Utah.

In a statement to the BBC, the university said his unpaid adjunct appointment was officially terminated by “mutual agreement” on Friday.

It comes days after Dr Patel and two other co-authors retracted their study, which found that taking hydroxychloroquine increased the risk of death in coronavirus patients. The group said they could no longer vouch for its veracity after the healthcare firm behind their data would not hand over the dataset for independent analysis.

The study’s findings influenced the World Health Organization’s decision to suspend testing on the anti-malaria drug, but the UN body has since resumed trials.

Thank you M., Malevolent Pixie, EB., Richard, ML., Gwen, Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials last weekend and today.

Malevolent Pixie in the comments pointed out that for some reason, watching the communist insurgency play out reminded them of the movie, The Killing Fields. By coincidence, or perhaps not but from shared understanding, I was discussing that movie with a relative earlier today as well, because of the current scenario. Communists have turned our children against their culture, their nations, their customs, their societal systems, and even their own parents and relatives. The youth have been given tremendous power and are not all that far from holding weapons to the people who built these societies and making them do pointless work and for a break, get indoctrination lessons in Maoist ideology. Pass, or get shot by one of your own children.

Are we there yet?

Well history does not repeat itself. But it does rhyme. So determining if we are there requires recognizing the key aspects of what this insurgency is about and seeing if they match.

Like Islam, communism doesn’t care that much about what a thing is called or even how its done so long as the objectives are met. Islam doesn’t care if we call it blasphemy laws or hate speech so long as criticizing Islam is a crime. And communists don’t care if we pretend we are defending injustice to people with dark skin so long as the result is the total collapse of the state.

Then you will see injustice. But you won’t be able to talk about it anymore.


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18 Replies to “More on HCQ, BBC, Fake News, Mao and more: Links 1, June 8, 2020”

  1. “Video suggesting that the Minneapolis riots where planned years in advance.”

    Youtube seems to have taken it down.

    Can you get it from another source so I can email the link to others.

  2. I was thinking Mao’s Cultural Revolution not the Killing Fields. although I do see the similarities in all three insurrections.

    4 – With out being able to see the video I will say I agree with the information in the Title. In November 2016 the Radical Left decided that the only way to regain the power they lost in Trumps election but to regain the ability to take the US full Communist required a violent revolution. They started planning the insurrection then and building the US Antifa movement into a full fledged militia movement. They sent untrained soy boys to Turkey to join the PKK movement and the number that survived (I believe Brad said about 1/2) have returned to their home nations as trained blooded combat soldiers that are a training and command cadre for the Antifa militia.

    I think that the plan was for the riots to happen later in the summer (around the time of the conventions, of course there is nothing that says we can’t have another round of riots them) but the Floyd murder was too good an excuse to let go to waste.

    This ties in with the Mao Cultural Revolution, The Killings Fields type assault on our history every since Trump was elected, those exercises in violent attacks on the US and our monuments give the Antifa types who didn’t go to Turkey experience in starting riots and lets them discover who is trust worthy for when the real nasty riots designed to destroy the US start.

    Given the Deep State control of the FBI it would be fairly easy to keep FBI informants away from Antifa Groups and with the Antifa headquarters in the Portland Seattle region if wouldn’t be hard for the politicians to stop any local police from investigating the group. This would give them three years to work out the mistakes on their Militia chain of command and to discover which riot leaders are trustworthy. How many collage age communist believing people moved to the North West and then disappeared? We know the 60s Radicals who organized Antifa weren’t afraid to kill the people they deemed untrustworthy so why shouldn’t their disciples?

    • Maybe all of those draft dodgers who fled to Canada will answer Antifa’s call to the revolution. I have quite a few living in my neighborhood, in fact, but they’re very quiet about their past.

      • That is because if we are forced to move north in force they are a secondary target for a lot of the people who grandfather fought in Nam.

    • The left controls the money strings on research money and often on who is hired or kept working in schools and hospitals.

  3. This memoir describes the author’s experience of having school cancelled so she can paint slogans praising the revolution; requests to renounce parents; destroying elegant clothing for fear of being accused of once having been wealthy; publicly enforced kneeling and bowing to shame nuns and other criminals.
    (1997) Red Scarf Girl is a historical memoir written by Ji-li Jiang about her experiences during the Cultural Revolution of China

  4. #2
    You keep on using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.
    27 police officers injured during largely peaceful anti-racism protests in London
    The comments on the BBC thread are hilarious and beg for more.
    Here are some comparisons that are already taken.
    — The protests are “mostly peaceful” in the same sense that the RMS Titanic made it “most of the way across the Atlantic.”
    — 150,000 people visited France on 6th June 1944. Their journey was entirely uneventful and the local French population were delighted to see them visiting once again. Reports suggest some local Nazi tourists were unhappy, however.
    — The planet of Alderaan was totally destroyed in a largely peaceful demonstration of the first Death Star.
    — One President killed during largely peaceful Lincoln Presidency.
    — ‘Thousands of French people guillotined during largely peaceful Reign of Terror’
    — [Stalinism/Marxism/Communism/Maoism] A largely peaceful ideology
    — [Nazi entry into Paris] A largely peaceful Invasion
    — Normans win throne of England after largely peaceful meeting of armies just outside Hastings.
    — Several ships destroyed and many killed in a largely peaceful Japanese airshow on December 7, 1941
    claim BBC cropped a photo to obscure how peaceful the protest was

  5. 8/ Nearly 30% of all murders in Iran are “honor killings” of women–hundreds a year

    “The New York Times has a good article about the horrible “honor killing” of a 14-year old girl by her father, because she had a boyfriend she wanted to marry. (In Iran, 13 year old girls can marry with their parents’ permission.)

    Buried in the middle of the article, though, is an astonishing statistic:

    Honor killings are thought to be rare but that may be because they are usually hushed up.

    A 2019 report by a research center affiliated with Iran’s armed forces found that nearly 30 percent of all murder cases in Iran were honor killings of women and girls. The number is unknown, however, as Iran does not publicly release crime statistics.

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