Looking at a couple of phoney manufactured crisis: Links 1, June 2, 2020

Watch the whole video in #3. “We are becoming more totalitarian all over the world because of Corona and Climate theory”. <— BINGO

1. James Woods tweet:

2. “Black Lives Matters is a JOKE”

3. Germans now show their Stasi stripes by demanding Youtube remove 3 videos that contradict the man-mad Global Warming narrative.

Naoimi’s Youtube channel is here.

Here are a couple of them:

(If Naomi goes to court it will not be she that is on trial. It will be the Rule of Law in Germany.)

Thank you all who sent in materials that contributed to this post.

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4 Replies to “Looking at a couple of phoney manufactured crisis: Links 1, June 2, 2020”

  1. 3 – You go girl, she is making Greta and the entire Climate Alarm movement look like the useful idiots they are, she has figured out what is happening and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is a threat to the Far Left while she is free and speaking but if the put her in jail she will be a martyr that will hurt them a lot more.

  2. Well DONE Naomi,
    The truth hurts and is NEVER welcomed by those in power.
    When people see that the Emperor has no clothes on, the Establishment tightens the screws.
    Keep up your good Work and remember;
    A conspiracy theory is always when the State and the Elites have something to hide.

  3. #2 This isn’t about skin color. People who come to DC from Africa understand that. There is no love lost between immigrants who want to be here and natives who were born here.

    Victims love company. She is saying that she is not joining them because she sees that they embrace victimhood more than philanthropy.

    All of that ejective yelling. Let’s hope the protesters have access to prophylactic medication.

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