How much of the problems in US cities are caused by the far left? Links 1, May 30, 2020

1. Large demonstration in Paris by what appear to be mostly African migrants, demanding that there be MORE African migrants into France. (Video live at time of posting)

Lets remember that Covid 19 restrictions are in full force in France. For White people.

Oz-Rita offers the following:

Pro-refugee demonstrators hold unauthorized rally in Paris

People are spontaneously gathering in the center of Paris on Saturday, May 30th, to show their support for refugees and migrants, after social networks have been used to promote a call for support from citizens.


The demonstrators, who were joined by more than 190 collectives and foundations, called for a simplification of bureaucracy and equal rights for those who want to immigrate to France and reside legally in the country.

2. Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, Piers Corbyn was arrested after speaking at the once free speech platform, Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park. The video of what he said is online, but you have to be invited to view it. Therefore it is difficult to tell if its censorship or what the reason none of us can see it is. Still looking though. Here is the arrest. That, we can see.

(Apparently the contentious part of his speech could be this:)

3. Northam orders Virginians to wear face masks in public spaces, with exceptions

(This is the same authoritarian governor who attempted an end run around the 2nd amendment recently)

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginians will be required to wear protective masks or face coverings in public spaces starting Friday under a statewide mandate issued by Governor Ralph Northam.


The order will apply to anyone age 10 or older using public transportation, accessing government services or entering a business where social distancing guidelines cannot be followed. These include restaurants, retail shops, personal care and grooming establishments.


There are a few exceptions to Northam’s order. People won’t be required to wear masks while eating, drinking and exercising. People who have heath conditions that prohibit face coverings, those who have trouble breathing or can’t remove a mask without help will also be exempt.


Northam said he hasn’t decided how long the mandate will last. He’s also yet to make a decision on requiring masks in schools if they do start up again this fall. 


The governor said that his administration is working to gather masks for at-risk residents, citing issues of equity.

The mandate will be enforced by health officials, not law enforcement, according to Northam. 

(Eating with a mask on makes sense. It makes a lot of sense. As long as you are eating something that can squish through a HEPA filter)

4. This story may require more reading behind the lines than even usual. Main points are, a man in Kent England had a confrontation with a group of people labelled as “poachers” That group killed the man by stoning him to death. I think I know how the bookies would make this event.

Angler who died at Kent castle may have had confrontation with teenage ‘poachers’

A man who died in the grounds of a castle may have had a confrontation with teenage “poachers” who reportedly hurled rocks.


Charles Hilder – said to be in his 60s – has been named by friends and family as the victim.

He died at the scene at Lullingstone Castle in Eynsford, Kent, on Thursday, where he had been restocking a lake with fish.


Police say they believe he may have been in an altercation with “two boys or teenagers”.

5. President Trump puts Army on standby for riot control:

Thank you M., Xanthippa, Gates of Vienna, Plona, Wrath of Khan, Richard, and all who sent in materials so far this weekend. 

There is a great deal of riot footage from around the USA in the Reader’s Links comments today. For those looking for it, there is a lot there. We are not posting much of it on the main page just as yet because events are being weighed on the metrics of this site first. What can we add to the information out there, as opposed to just pretending riot footage.

For the moment, suffice it to say that social distancing suddenly doesn’t seem important to leftist leaders does it? And if there is any truth to the whole Covid 19 thing, I want to know why all the BLM and ANTIFA rioters aren’t sick and dying in the streets and for that matter, why the homeless shelters everywhere seem just as full as always and everyone looks as deathly unhealthy as they always did before Covid?

This is very interesting though. Black people protesting telling white people to stop instigating and leaving black people to take the fall out for it. THIS, has meaning. The evidence that these riots are by far left violent white groups, most likely ANTIFA, is growing by the second. Please find comments in today’s Reader’s Links by Plona. Many videos showing that its likely white people doing the worst of it and leaving black areas destroyed and black residents to take the heat for it.

This isn’t to say some black people are not rioting and none of them mean any harm, lots do. But to be clear, it sure looks like White leftists have the whip hand in the worst aspects of these events.

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13 Replies to “How much of the problems in US cities are caused by the far left? Links 1, May 30, 2020”

  1. 3 – What strikes me is how he is using “Health Officials” to enforce his orders! Remember it a few months ago when the vast majority of the County Sheriffs in Virginia publicly refused to enforce unconstitutional laws. It looks like he remembers that and doesn’t want another Police mutiny on his hands.

  2. It looks like the left is using white (and a few black) agitators to stir up trouble, they are starting the riots and then fleeing after the blacks (many from other States) are doing the job. In the video by Liberty Doll that I posted yesterday he mentions reports that there were “undercover police” running around and starting the fires. I doubt that they were police but White antifa types trying to hide their faces would do that job quite well and then the Black agitators could start the rumors that it is White Police burning down the Black neighborhood instead of left wing militias trying to start a civil war.

    5 – I am not an expert on the fine points of Posse Comitatus but I think the States Governor declaring an emergency and asking for Federal Troops to help put down a massive public unrest might be allowed. I don’t know how many MP units there are in the Minnesota National Guard but I would think there should be more then 1200, of course the others might be deployed overseas right now and unavailable for riot duty. Infantry units could put down the riots but they would do that by being a lot bloodier then is currently politically allowable.

  3. The only important thing here is the fact that the more rioting and violence and chaos that the dictators of the world, from China to Cuba to North Korea to Pakistan to Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan can show on their six-o-clock news, the less those people feel like picking up protest signs and demanding free elections like the West. That’s all that matters. If I was Iran I would gladly pony up a few million bucks for Black Lives Matter as well as I would send them a few highly-trained “advisors” to facilitate the operation. They do such a bang-up job of giving the USA a black eye…

    Black Lives Matter has been cultivating the false narrative that there is an epidemic of young black males being murdered by white police officers and that the white justice system refuses to recognize the fact or do anything about it, so black people need to rise up en masse and force the white man to stop murdering their children, by any means necessary… All total bullshit, but that matters not to Black Lives Matter.

    And then they’re going to blame it all on Donald Trump and call him “The Divider in Chief” and they’re going to beat him to death with it as the media says, “It’s true…it’s true…” and cheers wildly. It is extreeeeeeeeeemely important to the bad guys that Donald Trump is gotten rid of in November 2020…

    • Well now. Doesn’t that just explain why Obama would give the Iranians literally skiffs full of cash instead of a wire transfer or anything else traceable.

      I bet the deal was that Iran take some of it and move it in diplomatic pouches back to the US to be given to fund anti-American causes.

      If you get a sick feeling in your stomach after reading this, well…
      It’s cause its probably right.

      • This is why I keep saying that if there is evidence Obama has to be indicted and put on trial. The actions you describe are just one of the many times he committed treason while he was President. He pushed for the US to be stripped of power and destroyed, we are now paying the price for his actions.

        Thanks to the actions of our internal leftist enemies the entire world is going into a massive war that will change everything. I have no doubt that the US will survive the war, what I don’t know is if it will be a US that any of us want to live in?

  4. Trump is studiously avoiding the African component. He quite correctly identifies ANTIFA but for God’s sake,a president should not be making category errors. Opposing militaries will be taking note.

    Unless the West identifies is African problem,the Chinese will eat it.

    • You don’t live in the New World, do you? Americans are an amalagam of peoples and continents. For example, President Obama’s mother’s family had the African-American ancestry; his father was merely from Africa.

    • The problem world wide is George Soros and his globalist friends—many politicians and rich uneducated intellectuals and so called learned men and women.

      Who funds Black Lives Matter, and hundreds of other questionable groups? Why is CAIR now notifying people of the time and places where protests are taking place.

      Soros MUST remember when the Muslims worked arm in arm with Hitler—fast forward to 2020. History does repeat itself.

  5. 2/ I just listened to the bit where Corbyn babbles Russia’s disinfo. Looks like the anti-vaxx division of the Kremlin has merged with the 5G=Voodoo brigade. This guy, his whole persona, reeks of operative.

    It’s something to remember, though. When a thread is being hijacked by jew-haters, comments start off ambiguous and tangential to the topic at hand, then veer off into a no-go zone. When you’re sensitized to the tactic, you know what’s going on, and cut that connection fast.

    The anti-vaxx theme is just as protean, insinuates itself into any topic. Rouse emotions, sow dissension, reduce the collective exchange of ideas to idiot grunts and squeaks.

    The point is NEVER the point.

    Bundled conspiracies work like leftist “intersectionality”. More people buy into the package if their own kink is tweaked. Watch out for an avalanche of junk – Rockefellers, Rothschilds, the Fed, Illuminati, Masons, 5G, etc. These bugbears are shaped charges targeting conservatives online.

    Before the FSB, there was the KGB.
    Before the KGB, there was the Checka.
    Before the Checka, there was the Okhrana.

    They’ve been at this for a long time. They’re very, very good at what they do.

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