“ANTIFA is a lot of radical left, bad people” -President Trump: Links 2, May 30 2020

1. Lets have a wee look at the people arrested for rioting in Portland in support of a black man who died during arrest.

2. Bill Barr names who is responsible for these riots.

3. Minneapolis seems like a nice place to open a business and start a family

4. REVOLT! CNN Whips Leftists into a Frenzy — Then Leftists Congregate Outside CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Vandalize CNN Logo, Break Windows!! (VIDEO)

(I guess justice sometimes is also delivered by irony)

(Frankly I don’t see any destruction. I think the title is misleading. Nice to see social distancing doesn’t count for rioters though. At least we know what to say if a cop tries to ticket us for sitting on a park bench. We are ANTIFA waiting for the riot. Then they will leave us alone I expect.)

5. This is interesting. Today, many people have sent in videos of pallets of bricks strategically placed around cities to be used by rioters. These videos have been disappearing from Twitter as fast as I can check the links. This is the first one I have managed to actually find still up. If it disappears please make a comment and I will restore it.

6. The Corbyn video in Hyde Park, Piers not Jeremy, is back online. It is long but I believe the part that matters comes starts at around 32:30

7. A lotta looting


Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s daughter Isra Hirsi, 17, lent her support to the Minneapolis branch of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), who tweeted on May 27th that they were gathered at the third precinct headquarters of the Minneapolis Police Department ostensibly to protest the death of George Floyd. “Want to help out your comrades protesting at the 3rd precinct (at Lake and Minnehaha?),” the representatives from America’s largest Marxist organization tweeted.


The second night of riots brought shocking damage to local businesses that “was visible for blocks,” as reported at the local Fox affiliate:

In case anyone forgot or doesn’t know who the DSA is:

9. President Trump gives impromptu presser on his way to NASA. mentions that Minneapolis is being trashed by ANTIFA. Could this be the precursor of declaring ANTIFA what it is, a domestic terrorist group?

10. Not sure how Trudeau’s fiat gun grabs will protect anyone from this fellow and people like him 

Eleijah Robinson, 17, is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for:

1. Possess Prohibited/Restricted Without Holding a Licence
2. Possess Loaded Regulated Firearm
3. Discharge Firearm with Intent to Wound
4. Possess Firearm while Prohibited
5. Fail to Comply Undertaking
6. Possession of Firearm with Altered Serial number
7. Fail to Comply with Prohibition Order

Images have been released.

For the police to give name and photos of a 17 year old, he must be dangerous indeed.

Thank you Richard, M., ML., PePi, Wrath of Khan, Plona, EB., Chris Jones, Xanthippa and all who sent in materials this weekend. And what a weekend it is already.


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