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Each day at just after midnight Eastern, a post like this one is created for contributors and readers of this site to upload news links and video links on the issues that concern this site. Most notably, Islam and its effects on Classical Civilization, and various forms of leftism from Soviet era communism, to postmodernism and all the flavours of galloping statism and totalitarianism such as Nazism and Fascism which are increasingly snuffing out the classical liberalism which created our near, miraculous civilization the West has been building since the time of Socrates.

This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

So please post all links, thoughts and ideas that you feel will benefit the readers of this site to the comments under this post each day. And thank you all for your contributions.

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  1. Germany: The Merkel party CDU sends a greeting message to an Islamic association close to the Muslim Brothers

    In March 2019, it became known that the North Rhine Westphalian Office for the Protection of the Constitution was monitoring the Khaled Mosque, which belongs to the Islamic Cultural Association Bochum (IKV). This was triggered by published research on the association’s relations to persons from the network of the Muslim Brotherhood. On Sunday, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) of Bochum wished the Muslims a happy breaking of the fast – and praised the new mosque of the IKV in particular as ” bringing people together”. The message of greeting is also a rejection of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Normally, democratic parties distance themselves from associations that are monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

    “Innovative, environmentally friendly & connecting. Thanks to an initiative of the Islamic Cultural Association Bochum e.V., a mosque with the character of an intercultural meeting place is to be built on Castroper Street. A real benefit for Bochum. We wish all Muslims a happy breaking of the fast: Eid Mubarak!” With these words the CDU Bochum addressed the Muslims of the city on its Facebook page on Sunday. “Our wealth is called diversity. We are looking forward to the Green Mosque Ruhr”, was the title of the graphic attached to the text.

    However, this message was probably not directed at moderate or secular Muslims. For only in March 2019 major media had reported that the North Rhine-Westphalian Office for the Protection of the Constitution was closely observing the Khaled Mosque, which belongs to the Islamic Cultural Association Bochum (IKV). “Personnel and structural connections of the association to extremism are being investigated as part of the legal mandate of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Thus, the Islamic Cultural Association is also monitored as a contact point for persons with links to possible Islamist activities.

    In addition to Salafist activities, this includes above all activities from the spectrum of the Muslim Brotherhood,” was the title of a report by Herbert Reul (CDU), the Interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, to the Interior Commission of the state parliament. “These measures ensure that the Office for the Protection of the Constitution of North Rhine-Westphalia keeps an eye on further developments regarding young people and refugees, also in connection with the Khaled Mosque,” Reul added in a response to a parliamentary question of the AfD parliamentary group.

    About two months later, on the 13th of May 2019, Ahmad Aweimer, spokesperson of the IKV and representative for communication of the Central Council of Muslims (ZMD), described the author in the student monthly newspaper “akduell” as the “central trigger for the accusations”. This might have meant an article published here on the 10th of February 2019 and a press release sent out on the same day. It was about the fact that in the Khaled Mosque two long-standing and pertinently known actors from the network of the Muslim Brotherhood have appeared as lecturers.

    The activities of IKV imam Hedi Brik also suggest such a direction. The author recently proved that the community imam not only occasionally meets invited members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s network but has also been working with them in various ways for a long time and is obviously welcomed by them as one of their own. Involvement and activities of the Community Imam indicate that the extremist connections of the IKV go much deeper than was known in 2019 and that the ideological orientation of the community has not changed since then.

    The greeting message of the CDU Bochum on Sunday also represents a rejection of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution – and of course also of the CDU Minister of the Interior. Normally, democratic parties distance themselves from associations that are monitored by the Verfassungsschutz. The fact that the CDU Bochum knows nothing about the monitoring of the IKV is hardly likely, according to the media coverage. In this case, a democratic party is in fact ignoring the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. This is probably an unprecedented occurrence.

  2. Germany: Intimidated police woman forced by Arab clan to move house

    In Peine, a policewoman had to move out of her apartment because she was threatened by members of the Al-Zein-Clan. It is probably not the first time that police officers have been intimidated by this group.

    The policewoman gave in to the pressure of the clan members. She was threatened, the tires of her car were slashed and in addition, according to the newspaper “Bild”, clan members scratched the paint on her car and damaged her father’s car. Therefore she was now transferred to Salzgitter.

    The reason for the threats and attacks is said to have been the fact that the policewoman had moved into Peine above a bar popular with the clan. This apparently could not be reconciled with the clan relations. It was not the first time that the local police had been intimidated. “The local police are extremely intimidated. Officers are photographed during patrols and in civilian police cars”, the tabloid “Bild” quotes an police officer as saying.

  3. Berlin vegan chef Attila Hildmann has become one of the faces of the protest against the Corona dictatorship. COMPACT-TV was able to interview the civil rights activist exclusively in front of the Reichstag.

  4. Sweden Eyes New ‘Psychological Defence’ Authority Against Foreign Threats (sputniknews, May 28, 2020)

    “A new authority tasked with boosting society’s “overall resilience within the psychological defence” should be established, according to investigator Anders Danielsson. In his own words, this aims to “safeguard the formation of opinions” and “parry undue influence and other misleading information”.

    Sweden should establish a new authority for “psychological defence” in order to counter “disinformation” and rescue the country’s image and reputation, a state investigation has proposed.

    According to the report penned by former Director General of the Swedish Security Police Anders Danielsson, this would “parry undue influence and other misleading information”.

    Danielsson suggested that Sweden was exposed, among other things, to so-called “impact operations” that try and sow discord in the country. The authority should therefore target “antagonistic actors” who spread information the authorities deem to be false. The new body, according to Danielsson, would “safeguard the formation of opinions”.

    “It can be about diplomatic contacts or counter-narratives. Ultimately, it is about getting through a different image from the one the opponents want to convey”, Anders Danielsson explained.

    According to the proposal, the new body, tentatively called the National Centre for Psychological Defence, will have 45 employees, tasked with “supporting and developing the society’s overall resilience”. This will be done by identifying misleading information, disseminating knowledge among the competent authorities, providing necessary training and supporting the media in analysing and confronting fake news.

    “The work on psychological defence is of great importance and needs to be strengthened. It is important to consider how it should be designed to be able to be carried out in peacetime, at the height of preparedness and ultimately in times of war. Among other things, it is about strengthening the ability to meet disinformation, something that we have also seen examples of during the ongoing corona crisis,” Interior Minister Mikael Damberg said.

    “Sweden is facing increasingly complex threats, with foreign powers exploiting opportunities to disseminate information and propaganda, and therefore Sweden must have a stronger ability to detect it,” Damberg added.
    The proposal also includes rights to electronic signal monitoring. This has spurred the criticism of Lena Hallin, the head of the Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service (MUST).

    “We don’t see the need for another authority to receive these rights. The way it is regulated today, you can get information from other sources in such a way that it meets the need,” Hallin told the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

    Currently there are several authorities that have psychological defence in their area of responsibility. In addition to the aforementioned MUST, they include the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), SÄPO and the Swedish Armed Forces.

    If green-lit by the parliament, the new authority may become operational in 2022.”

  5. Pulwama-Style Terrorist Plot Thwarted by Indian Forces in Kashmir (sputniknews, May 28, 2020)

    “In February 2019, the Pakistan-based terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed carried out one of the deadliest attacks in recent memory in Pulwama, in Indian Kashmir. A suicide bomber drove a vehicle packed with an IED into a convoy of 78 buses carrying Indian paramilitary police and killed at least 40 soldiers.

    Indian security forces have averted a major incident involving a vehicle carrying an improvised explosive device (IED) on Thursday morning.

    The police said a car (JK 08 B1426) with motorcycle license plates attempted to circumvent a barricade after security personnel asked the driver to stop at a check point.

    “The security forces opened fire. The driver managed to escape, leaving behind the car laden with IED. We got intelligence about a possible attack. We were looking for a vehicle with IED since yesterday,” Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar said.

    Around 20 kilograms of explosives was recovered from the car after it was defused by bomb disposal squad personnel.

    Last year, on 14 February, at least 40 troops from the Central Reserve Police Force were killed in a suicide bombing in the same district. India accused Pakistan of harbouring the attackers and in retaliation, the Indian Air Force bombed a suspected camp of the terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed in Balakot, Pakistan.

    Since the first week of April this year, 30 security forces personnel, including officers, have lost their lives in an increased number of terrorist incidents in Kashmir. Indian security forces fear more terror incidents will occur over the summer, having eliminated Riyaz Naikoo, commander of the terror group Hizbul Mujahideen, earlier this month.”

  6. Iran Can Supply Itself With Nuclear Fuel Without Russia’s Help – Atomic Energy Body (sputniknews, May 28, 2020)—atomic-energy-body/

    “Iran is capable of supplying itself with nuclear fuel even without Russia’s assistance, Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) spokesman, Behruz Kamalvandi, said on Thursday.

    “Fuel is delivered from Russia each time we need it, without any problems. If we run out of fuel, we will be capable of producing it, without resting on any other country,” Kamalvandi told the ISNA news agency.

    His comment came soon after the United States announced ending sanction waivers covering Iran’s nuclear projects.

    In late April, Russia delivered a fresh batch of nuclear fuel to Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, necessary for efficient functioning of the reactor.”

  7. London stabbing horror: Elderly woman fighting for life after man stabbed in home (express, May 28, 2020)

    “AN ELDERLY woman is fighting for her life after police were called to an incident in north London on Wednesday night.

    The Police were called to a residential address on Southgate Road, north London on Wednesday night. Police arrived at the scene at 8.24pm to what was initially thought to be a double-stabbing. The two people, both believed to be in their 70s, were both taken to hospital.

    The man had suffered stab injuries but they are not believed to be life-threatening.

    The woman was later revealed to not have stab injuries but is in a life-threatening condition.

    The police said: “Two people – a man and a woman, both believed to be aged in their 70s – were found. Both have been taken to hospital.

    “The man had suffered stab injuries.

    “These are not believed to be life-threatening.

    “The woman was unresponsive.

    “She was initially thought to have been stabbed, but it is now confirmed she had not been.

    “Her condition is being treated as life-threatening.

    “There have been no arrests.

    “At this very early stage, the matter is being treated as a domestic incident with no other persons believed involved. Extensive inquiries into the circumstances continue.”

    A crime scene remains in place.

    Road closures have also been enforced.

    This comes after an emergency response helicopter was deployed near Alexandra Palace in north London on Wednesday afternoon.

    A man was reported to be stabbed in the area police confirmed.

    Haringey Police has confirmed a man believed to be in his teens has suffered a stab wound following reports of a group of youths fighting in the area.

    A spokeswoman for London Air Ambulance confirmed an ambulance crew, an incident response officer and a trauma team had been deployed.

    In a statement Haringey Police said: “Police were called at 3.47pm to reports of a group of youths fighting near Alexandra Palace, Haringey N22.

    “Officers attended with LAS & London’s Air Ambulance.

    More to follow…”

  8. US to expel Chinese students with ties to military schools as Pompeo announces move to will strip Hong Kong of its special status (dailymail, May 28, 2020)

    “Thousands of Chinese graduate students and researches in the Unites States risk losing their visas as the Trump administration plans to cancel any held by academics who have direct ties to universities associated with China’s People’s Liberation Army.

    Sources close to the discussions have said the government’s plan would initially bar access to a category of Chinese students who form the single largest foreign student groups in the country.

    According to the New York Times, further educational restrictions could follow, as could retaliations from the Chinese government through implementation of similar visa restrictions on U.S. students and researchers in China.

    The plan is the latest escalation in an on-going feud between the two superpowers, which have been using restrictions on trade, technology and media access as ammunition, causing diplomatic relations to be at their lowest point in decades as each new measure is met with fresh retribution…”

  9. Chinese Communist Propaganda Outlet Faces Ban in Britain over Biased Hong Kong Protest Coverage (breitbart, May 28, 2020)

    “A Chinese Communist Party (CCP) state-owned television network is facing heavy fines and a possible ban in the United Kingdom over its biased portrayal of the pro-democracy Hong Kong protests.

    Britain’s regulatory body for broadcasting and telecommunications, Ofcom, ruled that China Global Television Network (CGTN) violated impartiality rules in five separate instances last year, by only providing the “Chinese perspective” on Hong Kong.

    Ofcom said that the network’s portrayal “presented a one-sided perspective on the violence… and gave the impression that the protesters were solely responsible for the violence and disruption”.

    As a result of the ruling, the Chinese propaganda network faces fines as well as a possible revocation of its licence to broadcast in the country, as happened in 2012 to Press TV, an Iranian state news network, The Times reports.

    The Chinese network, which employs dozens of journalists at its offices in London, claimed that it found it “particularly challenging” to report on alternative perspectives because the protesters would not speak to pro-Beijing reporters.

    The founder and chairman of Hong Kong Watch, Benedict Rogers, told Breitbart London: “I welcome the decision by Ofcom that rules that CGTN failed to show impartiality in its coverage of the Hong Kong protests — this is a significant development.”

    “I hope Ofcom will also rule soon on the cases filed by Peter Humphrey, Peter Dahlin, Angela Gui, and Simon Cheng, alleging CCTV [China Central Television] and CGTN complicity with torture. I hope action will be taken, based on these cases, against the CGTN media centre in London to ensure it either complies with our standards or considers its future,” Rogers added…”

  10. MEMRI – Iraqi TV Discussion about Flying Rainbow Flag at EU Embassy in Baghdad: This Is Cultural Invasion

    On May 17, 2020, Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq) aired a discussion about flying the rainbow flag at the EU Embassy in Baghdad.

    Iraqi researcher Jomaa Al-Atwani said that Iraq is fighting a battle against a “cultural invasion,” that Iraq’s religious leaders are being targeted by minions of America and the West, and that “Joker gangs,” homosexuals, and their “emo types” have been declaring that nothing is sacred.

    He also criticized the U.S. for giving rights to homosexuals, who he said transgress the laws of nature.

    In addition, Al-Atwani said that the American Embassy sends Iraqi students to the U.S. in order to teach them “sex culture,” so that they return to Iraq “charged up.”

    He added that this danger must be confronted immediately because within a few decades, Iraqi families may not be able to prevent their children from practicing “deviant activity”.

    Furthermore, Iraqi political analyst Wael Al-Rikaby said that all the countries that agreed that the rainbow flag should be flown at the EU Embassy in Baghdad should apologize to the Iraqi people.

    He also said that homosexuals are outcasts who are rejected by their families.

  11. Swedish Journalist Declares ‘Soy Boys’ Are the Future (breitbart, May 28, 2020)

    ““Soy boys”, who by-stereotype are effeminate, feminist, and “antithetical” to traditional patriarchal men, are the future and have a role to play in society, a Swedish newspaper has declared.

    Swedish journalist Jenny Wennberg claimed that “toxic macho masculinity” has only given Sweden “shootings, boys who underperform in school, a gender-segregated labour market, and men who discriminate against women and beat them”.

    In an opinion article for the newspaper Aftonbladet entitled “Soyboys Are the Future”, Wennberg went on to add that “right-wing extremists” were the primary advocates of the so-called “macho man”. She remarked: “It has also given us leaders like Donald Trump and movements like Incel: that is, women-hating men who live in what they themselves call involuntary celibacy.”

    While dismissing claims that soy milk and soy product consumption raise estrogen levels in men, Wennberg cited University of Stockholm data claiming that changing norms in young men in Sweden has reduced levels of crime overall saying: “The crime of younger men has diminished and is now approaching that of women.”

    She went on to acknowledge that gun crime in Sweden has increased in recent years, saying that firearms violence only affects a small group of the population.

    According to a report released in September of last year, the overwhelming number of shooting suspects in the southern city of Malmö were from migrant backgrounds.

    Another report released by broadcaster SVT also claimed that the vast majority of convicted rapists in cases where the victim did not know the attacker were also from migrant-backgrounds.

    “It is clear that the toxic masculinity that automatically means, among other things, repression of women and a glorification of aggressiveness has no future,” Wennberg said.

    “The fact that right-wing extremists created the soy boy as a model of thinking is therefore really excellent. Because even though he is hated by right-wing extremists, it is quite obvious that the soy boy, unlike the macho, has a role to play in society,” she said.”

  12. EUROPRAVDA – Germany’s Angela Merkel comes out top in leaders’ approval poll for COVID-19 crisis

    Merkel has broad support of the German people for her handling of pandemic, while less than half of France approves of Macron, according to an exclusive Europravda poll.

  13. Lebanon removes banking secrecy rules to fight corruption (abcnews, May 28, 2020)

    “Lebanon’s parliament approved on Thursday a law to remove decades-old banking secrecy rules in order to better fight rampant corruption that has pushed the country to the edge of economic collapse.

    The move opens the way for investigations into bank accounts of current and former officials such as Cabinet ministers, legislators and civil servants, state-run National News Agency reported.

    The restoration of stolen public money in the corruption-plagued nation has been a key demand of protesters who have been demonstrating since mid-October against Lebanon’s ruling elite, which they blame for widespread corruption and mismanagement.

    The approval of the law came two months after the Cabinet approved a draft resolution to abolish the country’s banking secrecy laws, which have turned tiny Lebanon into the region’s Switzerland, attracting clients from around the Arab world who prized the anonymity its banks offered.

    The new law gives powers to National Anti-corruption Commission and a Special Investigative Committee at the central bank to investigate bank account of officials, the report said.

    For Thursday’s session, Lebanese lawmakers convened inside a Beirut theater so that they could observe social distancing measures imposed during the pandemic. Dozens of anti-government demonstrators briefly clashed with riot police outside as legislators met.

    As lawmakers in face masks arrived at the theater, known as the UNESCO palace, paramedics sprayed them with disinfectant before they entered, one at a time.

    Lebanon has been facing its worst economic crisis in decades, with unemployment figures soaring and the local currency losing more than half of its value against the dollar…”

  14. WHO releases 6-point green manifesto to fight Covid-19

    Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called it as the green manifesto of WHO

  15. Creation of the WHO Foundation

    WHO welcomes the creation of the WHO Foundation, an independent grant-making entity headquartered in Geneva, that will support our efforts to address the most pressing global health challenges.

    The WHO Foundation will provide funds to WHO & partners to deliver on the Organization’s “triple billion” goals:

    – protect 1 billion people from health emergencies
    – extend universal health coverage to 1 billion people
    – assure healthy lives & wellbeing to 1 billion people by 2023

    To help broaden WHO’s donor base and achieve more sustainable/predictable funding, the Foundation will facilitate contributions to WHO & trusted partners from:
    – general public
    – individual major donors
    – corporate partners

  16. GS Speaker Spotlight: Q&A with Dr. Yang Jianli (GS’10)

    Please introduce yourself, your organization, and your human rights work.

    My name is Yang Jianli, and I am a human rights scholar and activist. I am a survivor of the Tiananmen massacre, and a former political prisoner of China. I run Citizen Power Initiatives for China, an NGO based in Washington D.C. that advances human rights and democracy in China. We are committed to empowering citizens of China to engage in rights-defending activities and advance the peaceful transition to democracy. And, we also act as a spokesperson for the democracy movement inside China.

    Our flagship project is an interfaith, interethnic leadership conference. I founded this conference in 2000 with the idea of bringing all of the ethnic, religious, and regional groups directly involved with China. By ethnic groups I mean the majority Han, Tibetians, Uyghurs, and Mongolians. Religious groups include Christians, Muslims, Buhddists, and Falun Gong practitioners. Also, regional groups involve people from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. So, the conference was the first time in history that all of these groups came together voluntarily, without any political coercion, to promote mutual understanding and reduce the hatred among and between them and also to come up with concerted actions to fight for their common future. This year, we are going to have the 15th annual meeting, but this one will be virtual, for the obvious reason.

    We also have an online publication, Yibao, which started in 2001 and is widely-read by Chinese readers both inside and outside of China.

  17. Gunmen kill dozens in northwest Nigeria attacks (timeslive, May 28, 2020)

    “Armed criminals on motorcycles killed dozens of people in a string of attacks on villages in the restive northwest of Nigeria, medics and residents said.

    Dozens of gunmen — described locally as “bandits — raided five villages close to the border with Niger in Sokoto state late Wednesday, the sources told AFP.

    Lawal Kakale, a local traditional leader in Sabon Birni district, said the death toll had risen to 74 from an earlier figure of 60 as more bodies were recovered in the villages.

    “We recovered 25 corpses in Garki, 13 in Dan Aduwa, 25 in Kuzari, seven in Katuma and four in Masawa,” he told AFP.

    “People fled in all directions and were pursued by the attackers. So, the corpses were scattered.”

    Medics at the nearby hospital said they initially received 60 corpses with gunshot wounds in the wake of the assaults.

    “All the bodies had bullet wounds, most of them were shot in the head,” a medic said on condition of anonymity.

    There was no immediate official comment from police but security sources said there would be a press conference later Thursday.

    Regional governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal said the attack came as a “rude shock” as security officials had recently visited the area to try to calm tensions.

    Northwestern Nigeria has been wracked by years of violence involving clashes between rival communities over land, attacks by heavily-armed criminal gangs and reprisal killings by vigilante groups.

    Cattle rustling and kidnapping for ransom have flourished in the security vacuum…”

  18. Chicago: Highest Murder Toll in 5 Years But This is the Focus Instead

    Social distancing is all the rage these days. Murder? Sure that can be dangerous, too, but there are people coming within 6 feet of other people right now. Somebody has to do something, at least according to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

    Chicago police spent the weekend knocking off those pesky church services and busting social distancing violators.

    According to the pastor of a Chicago church, the police showed up at his church on Sunday and demanded that they stop the service. They started banging on the doors but the doors were locked, for safety precautions, as they always are during service.

  19. (Richard: I don’t tink AG Barr trusts the DC personal in the Dept of Justice.)

    DOJ: Barr Investigating Obama Admin’s 2016 Election Unmasking, Appoints US Attorney John Bash

    Department of Justice spokeswoman Kerri Kupec announced Wednesday night on the Sean Hannity show on the Fox News Channel that Attorney General William Barr has appointed John Bash, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas, to investigate the unmasking by the Obama administration of Trump campaign and transition figures around the 2016 presidential election.

  20. Italy may recruit 60,000 to inform on social-distancing violations

    Italy has worried some with its plans to ensure people respect social-distancing. The government says it will recruit an army of 60,000 volunteer snoopers.

    While the government considers this part of civic responsibility, some consider it ‘snitching’ and say this job should be done by police and authority’s agents…

    Are you ready to snoop for your country?

  21. ‘Masks Are Symbolic,’ say Dr Fauci and The New England Journal of Medicine

    In the past week, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the New England Journal of Medicine have admitted that masks are little more than symbols. Virtue signaling.

    For those of you who shout “science” like it’s a Tourette tick, this is from the New England Journal of Medicine on May 21, 2020:

    We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.

    So, why are we ordered to wear masks? Symbolism. From the same article in NEJM:

    It is also clear that masks serve symbolic roles. Masks are not only tools, they are also talismans that may help increase health care workers’ perceived sense of safety, well-being, and trust in their hospitals.

    The Surgeon General was widely mocked and ridiculed for suggesting in March that masks might even increase the spread of the virus. Yet, here, the esteemed New England Journal of Medicine provides the same warning to mask-wearers:

    What is clear, however, is that universal masking alone is not a panacea. A mask will not protect providers caring for a patient with active Covid-19 if it’s not accompanied by meticulous hand hygiene, eye protection, gloves, and a gown. A mask alone will not prevent health care workers with early Covid-19 from contaminating their hands and spreading the virus to patients and colleagues. Focusing on universal masking alone may, paradoxically, lead to more transmission of Covid-19 if it diverts attention from implementing more fundamental infection-control measures.

    Thus, the argument is over. Anyone who advocates universal masking is merely engaging in virtue signaling, not public health.

    It’s time to unmask. I, for one, don’t have enough virtue to signal.

    • So now you’re going to trust Fauci??
      I don’t. Opinions of experts in aerosol transmission vary. Do your own research. Or don’t.

      YOU may CHOOSE to regard masks as symbols. YOU may see them as anti-MAGA hats.
      Fine, that’s your privilege.

      Just don’t judge ME for my choices. Or my Japanese friends. Or my colleagues who believe masks have hygienic value. Choose another object as focus for your free-floating anxiety and impotent rage.

      This garbage polarization has taken over the Right as much as the Left. ENOUGH.

      • Not sure its about trusting Fauci so much as the incredible waffling of the official experts on all aspects of Covid 19. None of them seem credible to me at all.
        Certainly not Neil Ferguson and certainly not Theresa Tam or anyone connected to the CCP.

    • Masks vs. No-Masks: Is This The New Symbol of Tribalism?

      Masks have become a symbol of which “side” you’re on in the coronavirus debate in the United States and for some folks, whether you choose to wear one or not says a lot about you.

      If you don’t wear a mask, you’re seen as a callous brute who doesn’t care whether you spread your germs and kill grandma. If you do wear a mask, you’re seen as a quivering sheep, someone who has been willingly muted by the government.

      Rationally, we know there’s a lot more to it than that, however, rational thinking is rarely at the forefront when tempers are flaring. Whether or not you choose to wear a mask is an incredibly visible sign that many will read as an alliance to one “side” or the other. It’s becoming almost tribal. It’s like the Bloods and the Crips of suburbia getting ready to throw down at Trader Joe’s.

      The Mask Wearers
      There are a lot of folks who come down on the side of wearing a mask. Why? Most of them say it’s to protect others from them in case they’re unwittingly carrying and spreading the virus. Asymptomatic COVID is a mystery. Scientists have said anywhere between 5% and 80% of carriers are asymptomatic, which really tells us nothing except, maybe you are, maybe you aren’t.

      The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University summed it up after assembling the data from 21 reports:

      What did we learn (see the table for the analysis)

      That between 5% and 80% of people testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 may be asymptomatic
      That symptom-based screening will miss cases, perhaps a lot of them
      That some asymptomatic cases will become symptomatic over the next week (sometimes known as “pre-symptomatics”)
      That children and young adults can be asymptomatic
      We also learnt that there is not a single reliable study to determine the number of asymptotics. It is likely we will only learn the true extent once population based antibody testing is undertaken. (source)

      So with that in mind, the case for mask-wearing does carry some weight.

      However, it also depends on what kind of mask you’re wearing whether or not the protection is present. Everyone knows that N95 and N99 masks are nearly impossible to find and most want to leave those for healthcare workers anyway. The data regarding the cloth masks that most people are wearing doesn’t really support their use. But again, we don’t have very much data, so it’s not a definitive answer. The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy reports:

      Limited, indirect evidence from lab studies suggests that homemade fabric masks may capture large respiratory droplets, but there is no evidence they impede the transmission of aerosols implicated in the spread of COVID-19, according to a paper published yesterday by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. (source)

      So while science does not dispute the wearing of cloth masks, science doesn’t back it up, either.

      Those Who Won’t Wear Masks
      On the other side of the debate we have those who refuse to wear masks. Some folks won’t do business in stores that require them. Others try to enter the establishments that require masks without adhering to the requests. Others just stay at home because they refuse to comply.

      Why won’t they wear masks? Some of it goes back to the Surgeon General’s early recommendation that masks were not helpful in stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Many people chalked this up to an attempt to save the few high-quality masks that were available to healthcare workers while others took it as the Gospel. However, Surgeon General Adams seems to have walked this back and has since demonstrated on video how to make your own face mask.

      There are a couple of other reasons, too. First, many feel based on the information above that the masks are not effective. If they don’t work, why should they go through the discomfort and for some, the difficulty breathing that mask-wearing brings?

      Some see it as a symbol of weakness.

      To some, wearing a mask means admitting a fear they may not have consciously confronted yet, said David Abrams, a clinical psychologist and professor of social and behavioral science at New York University’s School of Global Public Health.

      Many view the mask as a walking symbol of vulnerability that tells others you’re scared about contracting the virus. So to compensate for that fear, and as a show of strength, they may reject the masks entirely, he said. (source)

      For others, it’s a matter of liberty. They feel that wearing a mask is a symbol of bowing down to tyranny or a symbol that the wearer has been silenced.

      Even though wearing masks isn’t compulsory in much of the US, adhering to these rules may feel like, to some, a forfeiture of their freedoms.

      People naturally rebel when they’re told what to do, even if the measures could protect them, said Steven Taylor, a clinical psychologist and author of “The Psychology of Pandemics.”

      “People value their freedoms,” he said. “They may become distressed or indignant or morally outraged when people are trying to encroach on their freedoms.” (source)

      That last reason shouldn’t come as a surprise. Our nation was built on refusing to be told what to do.

      There has already been violence over masks
      People have already expressed their displeasure on both sides of this debate…sometimes violently.

      Unfortunately, retail workers are often the ones bearing the brunt of the anger when they’re simply trying to enforce the policies set forth by their employers. One of my daughters is a retail worker. She and her coworkers have been warned they’ll be fired on the spot if they haven’t followed the arbitrary guidelines of people standing on Xs and limiting the number of customers in the store. Officials from corporate headquarters have dropped in unbeknownst to employees to check that their measures are being enforced. She’s definitely not alone and the risk of violence is high. But she – like many others – is just happy to still have a job.

      Earlier this month, I wrote about three violent incidents that occurred when people refused demands that they wear a mask in certain establishments:

      A physical fight erupted at a gas station in Decatur, Illinois when a customer refused to don a mask to pay for his fuel. Sgt. Brian Earles with Decatur Police spoke to the press about the incident. It seems that a 59-year-old customer got into a verbal altercation with a 56-year-old cashier when he was trying to pay for gasoline without a mask, as is mandated by the state of Illinois. The customer allegedly shoved the cashier, who said he felt threatened, and the cashier responded by punching the customer in the face. The customer was arrested and charged with battery over the incident.

      In Holly Michigan, a Dollar Tree customer refused to follow the posted store policy of wearing a mask. When a young female employee approached him and let him know of the policy he responded by saying, “Here, I will just use this as a mask,” and wiped his face on her sleeve. The customer continued to behave belligerently until he left. The entire incident was caught on store surveillance.

      At a Family Dollar store in Flint, Michigan, the most violent response yet occurred when Calvin Munerlyn, a security guard for the store, was shot and killed after he refused to allow a customer’s daughter to come into the store without a mask. (source)

      And the violence is not one-sided. In Johnstown, Pennsylvania, a fight broke out when someone coughed in a parking lot.

      A 53-year-old man confronted a motorist who reportedly coughed without covering his mouth in a convenience store parking lot. The argument sparked a physical confrontation, and the coughing man opened fire. No one was injured. Both men were arrested for assault. (source)

      More than one woman has been violently assaulted because she chose to wear a mask:

      An Asian woman wearing a mask was attacked by two men and called “diseased” in a subway station in New York City’s Chinatown, according to the New York Police Department (NYPD). Four people were arrested in March in Hilton, New York, after they allegedly punched and taunted a woman for wearing a respirator mask in a store, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department. (source)

      In Vermont, people are snitching on members of their communities to publicly shame them for not wearing masks. [Grammatical errors are quoted directly from the source]

      Some of the messages read like field reports: “The sidewalks between price chopper and walmart had groups of people standing together no mask or social distances.”

      Others like warnings: “I want to make you aware of the health crisis that is ongoing at the floating bridge in Brookfield. Since fish were stocked in the pond it’s become a daily gathering spot of dozens of covid ignoring people.”

      Others are more inquisitive: “Picture below shows people at Roxie’s in Bomoseen VT around 5 pm. I am the only one wearing a mask. Can u ask the Governor at his Monday press conference what citizens should do if they witness these blatant violations of his mandatory mask order?” (source)

      Peter Erb, a Hinesburg, Vermont resident believes these attempts at citizen enforcement are dangerous.

      Erb said it’s also dangerous to have citizens enforcing the rules against each other — pointing to violent incidents in other states when citizens have attempted to enforce the rules. In Michigan, a security guard at a Family Dollar was shot and killed after he told a shopper to wear a mask. An order requiring people to wear masks in a city in Oklahoma was dialed back to a recommendation after a slew of threats of violence in the first hours the order was in place.

    • Erb said he worried the coronavirus compliance divide, played out nationally, could turn angry and politically partisan. He also pointed to a more personal experience.

      “You know my wife got into a fairly contentious discussion in a grocery store when somebody wouldn’t back off, had no mask and just wouldn’t distance,” he said. “And, you know, that’s a fairly controlled situation, and, you know, in Hinesburg.” (source)

      Erb isn’t wrong about this becoming a partisan topic, either.

      Is this where the battle lines will be drawn?
      This debate is somewhat, but not entirely, divided down partisan lines. It’s notable that you will rarely see President Trump or Vice President Pence wearing one.

      Here are the demographics of mask-wearing:

      Whether Americans are embracing the change may depend on their political party. While most other protective measures like social distancing get broad bipartisan support, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say they’re wearing a mask when leaving home, 76% to 59%, according to a recent poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

      The split is clear across several demographics that lean Democratic. People with college degrees are more likely than those without to wear masks when leaving home, 78% to 63%. African Americans are more likely than either white people or Hispanic Americans to say they’re wearing masks outside the home, 83% to 64% and 67%, respectively.

      The notable exception is among older people, a group particularly vulnerable to serious illness from the virus. Some 79% of those age 60 and over were doing so compared with 63% of those younger. (source)

      The issue now is that those with masks and those without masks are clearly members of a “team” or a “tribe.” And a return to tribalism can be dangerous when paired with the many things that we’ve lost over the first half to 2020. We’ve lost loved ones, we’ve lost jobs, we’ve lost businesses, we’ve lost our incomes, and many are on the verge of losing homes and cars.

      It isn’t a stretch of the imagination to think that if violence were to erupt, people who feel the opposite way about masks could become targets of the outraged group. Outrage and the potential for civil unrest are things I’ve written about numerous times throughout this pandemic.

      A person wearing or not wearing a mask is as clearly marked as somebody wearing a red bandana in the wrong neighborhood during a tense moment when people are butting heads during the mask debate. Is that really the hill you’re prepared to die on, metaphorically speaking?

      What should you do?
      I’m not here to tell you whether or not you should wear a mask when you leave the house. I strongly believe we should be responsible for our own health and therefore make these choices ourselves. At the same time, I support the right for businesses to choose whether or not to serve people who refuse to wear masks. If you, as a customer, feel strongly about not wearing a mask, you should vote with your wallet and go to stores that don’t require it. This is a purely libertarian point of view. It’s about personal responsibility and the free market.

      Personally, I keep a mask tucked into my purse and wear it if the establishment I’m visiting has a policy requiring it. If I had to visit a hospital or a friend with a health vulnerability, I’d wear a mask out of caution and courtesy. I do choose which grocery store I shop at based on the mask policy (I go to the store that doesn’t have a mask policy) and I do not wear one unless it’s required.

      However, from a preparedness point of view, there’s a different angle.

      The gray angle.

      If your goal is to blend in with the crowd and not be a person who draws the attention of others, then it’s good to check the local baseline and see what other people are doing. In areas where the majority is wearing a mask, the gray thing to do would be to wear one too.

      If you are in an area where nobody is wearing a mask, the gray thing would be to go along with that group with a caveat. If you are extremely concerned about your health or the health of a loved one, forget about the crowd and do what you think is right. Just don’t try to force others to conform to what you think is right.

      What are your thoughts on masks?
      Do you wear masks when you go out? Why or why not? Does a store’s mask policy influence whether or not you’ll shop there? Do you feel that everyone should be required to wear them? Share your thought in the comments below.

  22. Yucki here is today’s update on Tara’s condition, she is feeling better, is breathing better, her blood pressure is normal but the blood Oxy level is down and the Drs are changing the antibiotic to try and kill the walking pneumonia faster.

    She said to say Hi to both of you and to thank you for thinking about her.

  23. US at Heightened Risk for a Germ Attack But Also More Ready

    America hasn’t seen the last of killer coronaviruses.

    China’s “bat woman,” a Wuhan Institute of Virology investigator who handles bat viruses, is warning that the current pandemic is “just the tip of the iceberg.” Friendly advice from a researcher? Perhaps, but America’s enemies are watching.

    They’ve seen the devastating impact of the coronavirus here, and “just how disruptive” a bioterrorism attack could be, warns Thomas G. Mahnken, a defense expert at Johns Hopkins. Who needs intercontinental missiles when a highly contagious, untreatable virus can paralyze the most powerful nation in the world?

    America is a likely target for “biological agents designed to cause mischief on a massive scale,” cautions George Mason University security expert Ellen Laipson.

    The untold story is that the United States is significantly more prepared than a mere three months ago. In that short time, even while marshaling resources to equip hospitals and treat patients, the Trump administration has set in motion significant improvements in biodefense readiness, undoing two decades of neglect.

    • This article is saying what a lot of us are thinking, the bad guys are watching and now know that they can cause massive disruption and damage with a bio weapon. What worries me is the idea of one of them having a bug that is as deadly or deadlier then what the Wuhan Flu was suppose to be.

    • Even framed as tentatively as it is, this GOP boast is hollow. No fancy virus necessary. We don’t have medications or supplies to deal with old-fashioned germs.

      Chasing down the origins of this virus has been a distraction. Yes, it’s China, but we’ve made it an online war-game instead of coping as a nation. Like primitive savages, we’ve focused on who to blame before healing ourselves. We’re led by sociopathic politicians and ruthless profiteers.

      Both corporate AND alternative media are weaponized. We gobble disinformation, use it against each other. We repeat it, embellish it.

      We’ve demonstrated to China and the rest of the world that we’re utterly disunited, our own worst enemy.

      • Yup that is why the current riot is just the beginning, the Dems are trying to replay 1968, that is going to cause a lot of trouble for us over the next few years. If Xi is smart he will wait until the riots/opening of the asymmetric civil war is in full bloom before he does much more. The same applies to Iran, I don’t think Xi has the luxury of waiting and that probably applies to Iran.

        The future I see for the world is several decades of division, civil wars with times of tension like now between the major fighting. Yes I do see more bio weapons being used and most of them will be Germs which will be hard to trace back to who turned them loose. I see the possibility of one or more limited nuclear exchanges but not a full fledged nuclear war.

        I also see rapid increases in the level of tech advances (war always does that) and social changes that are going to create a very different world.

  24. Obama CDC Boss Who Admired China’s Response Put in Charge of Contact Tracing

    “We can learn from China’s response.”
    May 28, 2020
    Daniel Greenfield

    Two years ago, the NYPD was frog-marching Thomas Frieden, Obama’s former CDC boss, with his hands cuffed behind his back after he was charged with third-degree sexual abuse and forcible touching.

    Frieden had been accused of groping a female friend, but was shortly released without bail on his own recognizance, pled guilty to disorderly conduct, and had the charged sealed and dismissed. And that shouldn’t have been surprising. Not only had Frieden headed New York City’s Health Department for seven years, going to war against fat and big sodas, but he had remained a close Bloomberg ally. And the billionaire was a major funder of Vital Strategies, Frieden’s public health organization.

    Now Governor Cuomo has announced that New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut will be launching a tri-state contact tracing program.

    “Mike Bloomberg has volunteered to help us develop the program,” Cuomo, whose policies may have killed over 5,000 nursing home residents, tweeted. “It will be expensive, challenging & require an army of tracers.”

  25. Germany: U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell’s Legacy of Success

    by Soeren Kern
    May 28, 2020 at 5:00 am

    Richard Grenell is stepping down from his role as U.S. ambassador to Germany. The move ends one of the most effective American ambassadorships to Berlin in recent memory.

    Grenell arguably has done more than any other American official, with the possible exception of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, to call out the duplicity, hypocrisy and recklessness of Germany’s foreign policy establishment.

    On a wide range of geopolitical issues — from relations with China, Iran and Russia to anti-Semitism, climate change, defense spending (NATO), energy dependence (Nord Stream), globalism, Hezbollah, Huawei and mass migration — Grenell embarrassed German leaders by showing that their words and actions do not match.

    The greatest point of contention in U.S. relations with Germany is Berlin’s refusal to honor its pledge to spend 2% of its GDP on defense. Germany, the largest and wealthiest country in the European Union, currently lacks a functioning Air Force and Navy and is completely dependent on U.S. security guarantees. Germany’s unwillingness to pay for its own defense has led to charges that it is “free-riding” on American security. Grenell consistently drew attention to this untenable arrangement, much to the anger of German elites.

  26. China Devours Hong Kong
    Con Coughlin
    6-8 minutes

    China’s attempts to impose a new security law on Hong Kong is yet another attempt by the country’s communist rulers to make a blatant power grab by exploiting the coronavirus pandemic.

    China’s imposition of a new security law on Hong Kong today is yet another attempt by the country’s communist rulers to make a blatant power grab by exploiting the coronavirus pandemic.

    Ever since the deadly Covid-19 virus was first discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of last year, China’s ruling communist party (CCP) has been busily exploiting the pandemic to further Beijing’s strategic goals.

    • I’m still going with the theory that Xi and the CCP know they are toast and are out to do as much damage as they can on the way down so their political enemies won’t be strong after the economic collapse.

      If Hong Kong is even 1/2 as strong (economically) after the CCP collapses as it is now they will be a major factor in the new Chinese government. Assuming that China doesn’t fall apart and Hong Kong becomes the center point of a smaller nation carved out of the fallen China. A lot of the ethnic groups in China have been wanting to pull out and form their own nations for a very long time.

  27. Sheriffs: Lockdown Measures Are Unconstitutional, We Won’t Enforce Them
    By Bowen Xiao
    May 27, 2020 Updated: May 27, 2020

    A growing number of sheriffs across the United States are voicing and acting out their opposition to restrictive measures imposed by their states in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Harsh lockdown measures enacted by governors have sparked the ire of a number of sheriffs who argue that the long list of restrictions goes against the Constitution.

  28. Zuckerberg weighs in on growing concern over social media censorship

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg joins Dana Perino on ‘The Daily Briefing’ discussing censorship, the coronavirus pandemic, and the SpaceX-NASA partnership.

  29. Hong Kong on the Brink of Communist Control With Beijing’s Latest Aggression: Experts
    By Eva Fu
    May 27, 2020 Updated: May 27, 2020

    The Chinese regime’s latest move to impose a national security law on Hong Kong will lead to the end of the city’s autonomy, say activists and experts. They warn that if Beijing is not stopped, it will only be emboldened to take stronger action to bring the city under its control.

    Beijing’s announcement last week that it would pass a national security law for Hong Kong—bypassing the city’s own legislature—has attracted international condemnation and reignited mass protests in the city, with plans for more in the coming weeks.

  30. “Confused” man attacks two people with ana xe in broad daylight in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. Is shot by police and shouts Allahu Akbar at 0:48. Video:

    Aftermath, different angle:

    Article in English:

    Article in Dutch has a bit more information. Has same video as dumpert (different watermark):

  31. (Richard: There is something about this channel that smells of Indian Government propaganda. This doesn’t stop them from being correct,)

    China’s very own treaty of Versailles is coming
    •May 28, 2020

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