China, Trudeau, Trump and winning freedoms: Links 3, May 27th 2020

1. WATCH: Trudeau RCMP Drags Reporter Out Of Press Conference

On the same day that Canada’s justice system showed independence and commitment to the rule of law by being indifferent to CCP threats and ruling on the Meng Wanzhou extradition challenge, Justin Trudeau appears to be once again emulating the Chinese dictators he loves so much.


Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte was let into a Trudeau press conference by security. And, considering a judge had ruled that The Rebel had the right to report on the news just like anyone else, it is of course the democratic right of Canadians to ask questions and report on the PM.

(I don’t yet know what Mr. Bexte asked the Prime Minister if indeed he had a chance to ask anything. But I bet if he did it was less acrimonious than all the questions which happen every day at the White House pressers especially when President Trump fields them. Trudeau’s lack of character really shows when he can only handle a bunch of paid off yes men who do not dare look inside a single hidden place or ask one probing question.)

2. Chinese aggression against India ramping up quite a bit.

3. White House Preparing Executive Order on Social Media Censorship

President Trump is preparing to sign an unspecified executive order dealing with the ramifications of social media censorship, reports indicated on Wednesday.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany confirmed that the President is planning on signing the order to reporters on Air Force One. The White House has ‘monitored’ the rampant political censorship tactics utilized by social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to silence conservatives, nationalists, and others for years, but it seems President Trump might finally be willing to act in order to halt Silicon Valley’s authoritarian instincts to crush free speech.


A soft censorship tactic utilized by Twitter on some recent Trump tweets may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. The platform has begun inserting ‘fact-checking’ editorial content on the President’s tweet, falsely claiming that some of the new mail-in voting schemes being executed by Democrats are foolproof, as the President argues otherwise.

4. Two important Trump Tweets:

5.  China threatens retaliation against Canada.

Anti CCP Canadians celebrate the court decision

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6 Replies to “China, Trudeau, Trump and winning freedoms: Links 3, May 27th 2020”

    • We did it to ourselves: this kind of tyranny does not just pop up out of nowhere: generations of Canadians have voted for socialism and Big Government – and now we have it. It will get a lot worse before it ever can get better. The only bright spot is our geography: I don’t know if the US will tolerate for long a China North next door.

    • I couldn’t get on at all yesterday, today goes right through, when this happens I worry about what the Canadian Government is doing.

  1. 2 – China is trying to divert the worlds attention from what is happening in Hong Kong, this is why they are sending Naval patrols near Taiwan and why we are hearing threats of new weapons and testing from North Korea.

    I don’t think China is ready to touch off a shooting war on the border with India but they are getting desperate and this is something we have to keep in mind. The Chicoms can print all the Monopoly money they want for internal use but external purchases require a hard currency and right now that is US dollars. Thanks to their predatory trade practices the Sanctions and Tariffs have cut them off from part of their ordinary supply of US dollars. The lack of exports to the Western Nations caused by the Wuhan Flu has eliminated most of there other source of US dollars. This at the time when they (the CCP) are facing massive spending pressure to keep the Chinese People with the minimum amount of money to feed themselves combined with the Swine Flu, Bird Flu and weather hits on their internal food supply.

    Now add in the fact that most of the food exporters that China buys from are cutting back or even eliminating their exports this year to ensure that their people have enough food to eat and you have a recipe for internal pressure on the CCP. Epoch Times and NTD are reporting internal resistance at unprecedented levels with Steve Bannon and Gordon Chang both saying that a large percentage of the Chinese people appear to have lost their fear of the CCP.

    All of the above says that the CCP is under pressure and one way Dictators take their peoples attention off the internal problems is to start “Foreign Adventures”. Right now the areas where a Foreign Adventure is possible or semi possible are 1) Hong Kong (not really foreign but can be used as an example. 2) Taiwan, moving here will bring the US and probably Japan into the fight and China can’t stand up to the Navies of either the US or Japan by themselves let alone both. 3) The South China Sea and the artificial islands. This is another place where the Chinese would be facing multiple Navies two of which are much better the China’s.

    All of the potential flash areas are flashing red war warnings, the Chinese (Xi’s) decision to spread the Wuhan Flu around the world say that the CCP isn’t planning on going quietly into the night like the Russian Communist Party did. Although if they are paying attention a modified version of what happened in Russia would mean that by 2040 the CCP would be back in power and ready to start returning to the full power of their glory days. This is unlikely since it would also mean the current leadership would have to give up power and would never be able to gain or exercise power again.

    • Interesting points, Richard, I guess Russia isn’t really communist, as I understand it, but a dictatorship, They have independent businesses and private property is allowed but … if Vlad said the word, it could be taken from them in a flash: the State (AKA Putin) is definitely king.

      As for China … just a feeling I’ve had really (with little to back it up!) but, I have wondered whether some peoples/cultures/societies are more predisposed toward socialism and communism than others. The stereotypical Chinese person is calm, quiet, follows the rules and respects order (stereotype, I know, but there is often something to stereotypes/generalizations). Whatever else it is, communism does seem to generally provide order (along with poverty, corruption, etc): not much crime (other than “political” crime) in North Korea, for example. Just something that I’ve wondered about on occassion.

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