Looking at the nonsense that was Neil Ferguson’s work, which led to this lockdown

We do NOT endorse this documentary. To be honest, we haven’t even had time to watch it all. But Google’s censorious actions which have more in common with an agency which makes enemy propaganda than a corporation which made its billions creating a tool that allows us to find the information we ourselves want, makes us think its important to see and decide for ourselves.

So here it is:

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  1. Social Distancing. Last week – I don’t remember what radio program that I was listening to but in passing someone mentioned social distancing was the idea of a 14 year old girl’s high school science project. I searched with no results.
    Today – Weasel Zippers – 14 year old girl’s high school science project
    Comment Section:
    Posted under video “We Stand Alone Together – Band of Brothers
    Benedictine – 4 hours ago – posted this link:
    “The 2006 Origins of the Lockdown Idea”
    Jeffrey A. Tucker – May 15, 2020

    Benedictine’s comment was posted under this WZ’s post:
    “Dem Gov. Cuomo Suggests You’re ‘Stupid’ if You Don’t Wear Mask”
    ZIP – May 25, 2020
    Nothing to see here. You know what he is going to say. Cuomo drones on as usual. But In comments – I love Professor Fate little dog’s response. Such a good dog and smart too 🙂

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