2 Canadian ministers lied, US politicians go to war against the US 1st Amendment: Links 2, May 25, 2020

1. Canadian minister lied to the public for political reasons.

Liberal heritage minister Steven Guilbeault has been busted trying to fake Canadian history.


As noted by Blacklock’s Reporter, In a claim that was tabled in the House of Commons, Guilbeault’s heritage department said Black People had been in Nunavut  for over 400 years.

Of course, that is totally false.


The claim was 100% made up.

The heritage department has since had to admit they made a ‘mistake’ in pushing that claim.


That raises the question of why the heritage department, which at the very least should know basic Canadian history, would make such an easily disprovable claim.

2. Other Canadian minister lies to the public for political reasons.

(Please click through to see Brian Lilley’s video on Tam)

Canada’s top doc admits authorities were slow to act in closing the borders in response to COVID-19.

Dr. Theresa Tam, the country’s chief public health officer, said that quicker action could have been taken in responding to the global pandemic.


“The virus itself (was) travelling across the world very fast,” she told the standing Commons committee on health on Tuesday.

(No one can accuse her of being inflexible. Except that all her errors conveniently lead to the policies the Trudeau govt. wanted the whole time.)

3. I’ve been waiting for the last of the great dystopian films to come true. All the rest have too many great examples these days. There was just one I was waiting to see play out:

(Yep. There it is. LOTF as they will call it soon. Lord of the Flies. Of course in the comments, leftists make this a political issue and even manage to somehow cast aspersions on Trump in a linked artcle. Which only makes it more LOTF)

4. Ozzie MP explains that Australia must extricate itself from the Belt &Road deal with the communist authoritarian nation of China, that appears to have launched biological warfare on the rest of the world.

5. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Defies President Trump — Sends Armed Police Squad to Shut Down Black Baptist Church in Southside Chicago

(Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. US 1st Amendment to the constitution)

Lightfoot says President Trump has no power to override her local lockdown on churches and businesses.

Chicago police fined three churches last weekend for holding worship services.


South Side Churches cheered President Trump’s announcement on Friday.


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11 Replies to “2 Canadian ministers lied, US politicians go to war against the US 1st Amendment: Links 2, May 25, 2020”

  1. The three conditions that most governments work in:

    1: SNAFU, Situation Normal All F’ed UP

    2: TARFU, Thinks Are Really F’ed Up.

    3) FUBAR: F’ed Up Beyond All Recognition.

    I am trying to decide if we have left TARFU and entered FUBAR?

  2. Item 3: Notice it takes just one individual to get the ball rolling. In this case, one woman starts screaming at her and the others followed. I think she was with her young son, we see him running down the aisle.

    If this occurred to me, no way will I leave the store. I’ll keep them screaming until they lose their voice or the manager makes the fatal mistake of asking me to leave.

    BTW, they are all wearing masks, thus they were all protected against her.

    • The mask is to protect other people, not the person wearing it. Unless it’s got N95 or higher filtration, it won’t protect the wearer.

      The other people who really need protection are a relatively small percentage of the pop. I’m one of them. I’ll remain secluded.

      • My Russki is on the margins of my bubble. We try to stay apart as much as possible in the same small apt.

        He mixes with others the bare minimum – groceries, the mail, etc. We’re on a high floor, so he has to take the elevator. (It looks like a petri dish to me. Or more like glowing, toxic Fukushima.)

        He’s super-careful for my sake. You’ll see him wearing gloves and a mask. The mask is required here, but he’d wear it anyway. He figures it’s normal courtesy during allergy season when he’s sneezing from pollen.

        I resent turning a mask (and gloves) into a political statement. I’m as offended by the shriekers in this grocery store as I was by the mob who screamed at a reporter wearing a mask at a lockdown protest.

        Some of us choose to wear masks. That’s our business. We may even wear gloves. It’s no reflection of our voting habits or trust/distrust of authority.

        Both sides of the Karen coin are ugly.

        • OT: Tara is feeling worse but still at home, she gets chest X-Rays every other day and Mondays showed lower levels of fluid in her right lung but she now has fluid in her left lung. She is wearing a mask every time she goes anywhere and tries to self isolate in her house all the time. Her big non infection pain is that she has two brother-in-laws that think that if you are showing symptoms you aren’t infectious. I don’t know where they got that one.

          • And of course if her stupid, stubborn brothers-in-law get sick, Tara will be even more distressed. She doesn’t need that grief right now.

  3. I guess it would have been General Flynn’s Job to roll into Chicago and enforce the Presidents law.

  4. Chicago mayor Lightfoot is a member of the muslim activist group CAIR. She doesn’t work for the American people; she works for muslim interests.

    • I’ll be more blunt: CAIR is an Enemy of the American people. It serves the Muslim Brotherhood, whose objective is to subvert our government and destroy our way of life.

  5. There is always something. Since I can’t partake in my favourite pastime—shopping, I decided to make a patio out the side of my house. I had a man come with his bobcat and he flattened the area. Now I have a pile of dirt 20 feet long, 10 feet deep and about 7 feet high. I have been shoveling dirt into my gardens every day. I have decided I am too old to be doing this, but I do have a fear if I just sit I will rust. This job was much easier 20 years ago. I am tired and dozing early in the evening, but I refuse to go to bed early, I love the sounds of night.

    Last night I went to bed early, 11ish, my dear border collie woke me at 3am, thunder, she heard thunder so I got up and read for an hour, she slept on my feet. Ever so slowly, I tiptoed back to bed. At 5 she jumps up on my bed and keeps pawing at me, ha now she is trying to tell me there is a bat in the house. Then I hear this swoop, swoop sound over my head, so I do what every normal person would do and I pull the covers over my head. Now my 50 pound dog lays on top of me and I decide I cannot sleep like this.

    I get up go downstairs and get a glass and a envelope, I go back upstairs, turn on all the lights and sure enough it comes swooping by me. After it’s 5 minute flyover, it lands and I smack the glass over him and shove the envelope under it. (I could say slide but now I am no longer amused with my new friend) . I tell my dog to slide the screen door open and she does because she is so smart, and I go out on the balcony with my friend. Before I let him go, and I am sure it is a male because while I stayed up earlier with my dog, I read about the Fourth Wave Feminist Movement, LOL so just before I let him go, I told him to never come back or I would find a way to give him Coronavirus. I should take a nap this afternoon, but I don’t do naps, they are for old people.

    • I could cope with a Lebanese sniper better than a tiny bat. (At least I could’ve, a long time ago, way before I developed this aversion to our flying mammal cousins.)

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