Increasingly Canada appears to be a province of China, and Trudeau their viceroy or commissar: Links 1, May 12, 2020

1. President Trump speaks to Obama’s complicity with crimes against the Trump campaign and more

2. Long time readers of this site may remember how closely we followed the events surrounding James and his suit against Google. We even went to the trouble of making a Youtube video reading out the entire transcript of his memo to Google which got him fired, even though it was the farthest thing from discriminatory in the leftist sense, and was in fact pushing for more affirmative action to get more women in as engineers.

Damore’s mistake was to deal with the reality of men and women’s psyches. He pointed out that in fact, men and women’s brains DO work differently  and that in order to get more women as engineers at Google the company might have to rejigger some aspects of some operations to make them more appealing, or compatible with the female brain.

This of course meant he was breaking the unwritten law which dialectics had put google at that point. One must never say that men and women are different in any way, and to do so, is racist. Even and perhaps especially, because it’s true.

And now, Damore has taken a payoff and asked the courts to drop the suit.

More than two years later, the battle between ex-Google engineer James Damore and the company is over, although we won’t know much about how it ended. Earlier this week, Damore and three other men asked a California court to dismiss the lawsuit, which claimed that the company discriminated against conservative white men. Google also joined their request for dismissal.


As part of the agreement reached with Google, first reported by Bloomberg, Damore and his fellow plaintiffs are barred from saying anything about the matter besides what’s in the court filing, which is not much. Damore’s lawsuit has been one of the most high-profiled fights in Silicon Valley in recent years and has made him a darling of the alt-right and conservative media.

3. This guy is a little over the top. But overall…

(The whole video is available at but it takes a little clicking around to find it. But agree with this gentleman or not, we can safely say that the ultra vires actions of this officer and the state in general is costing the public trust across the West. And rightly so. The damage these lock downs are doing may turn out to have a hidden cost none of us really expect.)

4. Andrew Bostom tweet:

5. UK: Coronavirus is No Longer at Epidemic Levels Claim Oxford University Experts

The Chinese coronavirus is no longer at epidemic levels in the United Kingdom as the rate of community transmission has fallen, a team of Oxford University experts claim.


A study conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in conjunction with Oxford University, Manchester University, and Public Health England (PHE), found that an estimated 136,000 people — 0.24 per cent of adults — are currently infected with the virus.


A surveillance rate of over 40 infected people per 10,000 is required for a disease to be declared an epidemic. The figures from the ONS place the current rate at 24 in 10,000, while a separate study from the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) found that the rate could be as low as 3 in 10,000.


Professor Carl Heneghan and Tom Jefferson, of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, said that the low numbers from the RCGP may be attributable to asymptomatic people not getting tested, but added that the overall number of respiratory infections has still dropped dramatically.

6. Trying to keep up with what we are supposed to be afraid of, lets remember this:

7. Trudeau Government Working With Company Linked To Chinese Communist Military On Testing Vaccine On Canadians

(Canada appears to be a province of China at this point)

In what can only be described as an appalling move, the federal National Research Council of Canada is linking themselves to China to ‘test’ a vaccine in Canada.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, CanSino – a company linked to China’s Academy of Military medical Sciences – will be brought to Canadian soil to test out China’s Ad5-nCoV, the Chinese vaccine candidate.

Making the deal even more absurd, Canadian technology will be used on the vaccine, but even if it works, Canada won’t get any ‘revenue’, with all of it going to China.

According to the report“Canada’s involvement with Chinese vaccine developers dates to the 2007 signing of an agreement on scientific and technological co-operation. In 2011, the two countries agreed to collaborate on vaccine development. CanSino’s chief executive, Xuefeng Yu, also spent many years studying in Canada and working as an executive at Sanofi Pasteur Inc. He was formerly based in Toronto.”

(Still not aware of any science that allows a vaccine to work against an RNA virus)

8. Another Christian monument destroyed by accident in France

9. Paul Weston asks some harsh questions about the hysteria and stats on Covid consequences.

10. Justin Trudeau, Chinese Viceroy to Canada, has been found to cherry pick who gets to ask what questions at press conferences.

Thank you Sassy, Richard, M., ML., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Hellequin GM., EB., ET., Coram Deo, Andrew Bostom, and many more. 


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26 Replies to “Increasingly Canada appears to be a province of China, and Trudeau their viceroy or commissar: Links 1, May 12, 2020”

    • We don’t want him sailing around the world, things are building to a head and we need him and others like him in the states to help us regain our rights and rebuild the Government so it is what the Founding Fathers wanted.

  1. How many times have I said that the Left don’t know what type of hell they are calling down on? This man is a prime example of the people who are watching and waiting for the right time to act. The actions against him are another straw on an overloaded camels back, it won’t take many more straws before that back breaks.

  2. What can I say but THANK YOU and Good Luck!!!! These are treacherous (and traitorous) times. Some of our so-called electeds should just move to a socialist country and bedone with it. They don’t like our US Constitution – they can leave. OR – as my Mom used to say – don’t let the door hit ya in the ass!!! 🙂

  3. #7
    The Monroe Doctrine was declared in a few paragraphs of President James Monroe’s seventh annual message to Congress on December 2, 1823. Monroe warned European countries not to interfere in the Western Hemisphere, stating “that the American continents. . .are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers.” The Monroe Doctrine became a cornerstone of future U.S. foreign policy.
    Right column, sentence before the last paragraph.

  4. James Damore gets paid off. (Good, but know what it means…)

    Make no mistake. Google is evil and totally dedicated to a leftist victory. I have been checking the internet every day on the latest news about hydroxychloroquine and let me assure you that Google only shows me articles that tell me it has too many side-effects, there won’t be enough left for the malaria patients, it hasn’t been tested, the VA test showed it increased death rate…etcetera, rarely anything positive – if ever. Google is dedicated to preventing me from knowing that some countries, including Turkey, are having great success with the hydroxy/Z-PAC combo because they don’t want credit to go to Donald Trump and they want the pandemic to last as long as possible so they can really, really slam Trump on what a terrible job he did when the damn thing is over. In short, they are manipulating the 2020 American election as vigorously as they can and making whatever the Russians are doing seem like child’s play…

    Google is committing psychological warfare against the forces of Western Civilization in precisely the same manner as an enemy entity. Google might just as well be North Korea or Iran or China for all the allegiance they feel toward us. The left will not be happy until they have succeeded in turning every Western Nation into a Third World shithole and turned every one of our time-honored traditions upside down so it doesn’t work anymore. Google is the enemy, to be absolutely sure…

    And remember, if the left wins too much they’ll replace the pandemic with climate change and there will be drones in the sky watching your carbon footprint with every step you take and punishing you if you step out of line. With facial-recognition technology, they’ll know who you are and where you live just by seeing you on the street and you’d better behave yourself ’cause they know where you live and they can make your bank account read, “ZERO” with the press of a computer key and they’ll be able to justify such extremism on the basis of “Lives Being Saved”. Behold, the “Safety Nazis” in all their glory…

    • Dying like flies in Turkey. Russia, too.

      I wonder if they got some of the HCQ from manufacturing plants that weren’t properly inspected. Some large quantities sent from India and China turned out to be bad stuff. Poorly formulated, toxic, contaminated.

  5. Re: #7
    “(Still not aware of any science that allows a vaccine to work against an RNA virus)”
    Nope, not without causing some other, more serious problems.
    The so-called tests are bunch of BS, too. Until very recently, vendors have been selling their 2008 SARS probes as Covid-19 probes. The capsid is the same and some of the RNA is the same, but it’s dishonest to lump all the SARS viruses into the same boat. People build immunity to them just like with any other virus. You can build immunity to the flu this year, but you can still catch a mutated variant next year, right? Same idea here.

    Moreover, the tests I am aware of that do check RNA (ISH and Western Blot) take a couple hours per batch and are rather costly. Do you really believe anyone has performed hundreds of thousands of SARS-ncov-19 -specific RNA tests this year? We haven’t even had any specific probes until about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and vendors are still slow to produce them and get them out.

    Short version: Covid-19 is real, but the threat has been astronomically overblown for political purposes. What we are actually witnessing is the battle between globalism/communism and the emergent populist/nationalist movement. The old communist money is fighting tooth and nail to hang on in the face of these changing times. Will it work? Hell no, it won’t. Even the dimmest bulb will eventually catch on. But they’ll make it as painful for us as they can, leeching every red cent they can get out of society before moving their fortunes into foreign accounts.

    • Yep.
      What’s more, the serology tests in use are wildly inaccurate. Relying on them for policy decisions is using bogus “data” to support a political agenda.
      (Like the climate change scam.)

    • What we are actually witnessing is the battle between globalism/communism and the emergent populist/nationalist movement.

      Exactly. It’s by no means an exclusively ChiCom enterprise fighting us. To frame it as such is dishonest. Expatriate Chinese oligarchs (and Taiwan) fund most of the alternative media coverage we’re watching.

      Which is fine – when it’s all we have – but we should bear in mind that they’re not disinterested parties. We shouldn’t parrot their buzzwords, adopt every conspiracy theory crafted for the gullible nationalist patriots they think we are.

      We can seek other sources, like Richard is doing here, bringing in news from Singapore, South Korea, and India. No single truth, we get other perspectives to help us sort things out.

      The ChiComs would be NOTHING without Western collaborators. Every country has them, but here, for example, both parties of the U.S. Congress promoted legislation that off-shored 90% of our medication production. That’s an existential vulnerability for which we can thank D.C. lobbyists, most born and bred in the USA, many retired military brass.

      Guilty as well, every university that took communist Thousand Talents grants. All the sanctimonious multiculti playpens that boasted Confucius Institutes, the locus for running PRC student spies. (Foreigners pay full-tuition, so they’re petted cash cows.)

      Bloomberg curating news out of China to avoid giving offense, so as not to threaten access to its massive terminal market. Every mainstream media conglomerate is similarly compromised by direct capital investment.

      • Thank you Yucki, I try to find new sources but worry about the motives of many of the channels that seem to be showing new information. Singapore, Korea and India are close enough to China to be very worried about what China is doing. Because they are directly in China’s crosshair’s they are more likely to report the truth while the further away the sources the easier it is for China to bribe the reporters or the publishers.

        I also thank you for the information from Russia, Turkey and Iran all are important and from what is making it into the news it looks like all three are in big trouble. China is removing several threats to themselves who are also threats to us.

        • Singapore and Korea are very measured in what they say, but they’re reliable. A lot of Hong Kong talent (and capital) is relocating to Singapore.

          India has a wide-open press, so you get a little of everything. The videos you post are fun – colorful and opinionated. Of all the international agencies, only Russia gives India a fair shake.

  6. Regarding Canada being a province of China:
    Feels to me like Australia is treated as the Southern Province of China. The Chinese Government has become increasingly belligerent since Scott Morrison the PM of Australia backed US efforts to open an investigation into the origins of the covid 19-virus/Wuhan Flu. The Chinese Government has been extremely riled by this and is exerting economic pressure on Australia to reverse it’s decision. Just today 13/5/2020 sanctions have been imposed on Australian Barley and Beef.

    It has become clear to many in Australia that the Chinese expect to come and go into Australia as they please, to be able to purchase what ever natural resources, land and businesses they please and thirdly to steal Australian technology without any resistance.

    We increasingly see how Chinese Australians are really only loyal to Beijing and that their Australian passports are merely pieces of paper for them. As Australian supermarket shelves were becoming bare at the start of this virus crisis, busloads of organised shoppers were tag teaming as they stripped the shelves of essential items to the amazement of onlooking Australians.

    The virus crisis has exposed the ongoing Asian invasion for what it is, and it’s becoming increasingly ugly.

    • I wish you luck, your internal enemies are as nasty as ours and in the near future we will discover that both are deadly. In WWI and WWII the Aussie’s earned a reputation as being proud and nasty fighters who were some of the best. In Nam the Aussie troops showed those who knew about them that they were just like their ancestors. Now the patriots in both Australia and the US are being called up to once more stand up and fight to preserve freedom in the world. Your fight is as important as ours, please continue to be the strong example for the rest of the world.

  7. I don’t trust the Russian numbers. They’re TOO GOOD. Too accurate. Too updated every. Single. Day. It’s not like them. I made this observation to my Russki friend who cites the numbers religiously every morning, and she had to agree. There was nothing coming from Russia, then BOOM. I think that’s when the light went on it Uncle Vlad’s head. Don’t waste it, he thought. Even if Mother Russia can’t use it for something specific in the end, don’t waste it. Coming from a country that, in some areas at least, still requires patients to bring their own bed sheets and syringes when they check in to a hospital, these suddenly-updated numbers are conspicupus. I would, and I have used unexpected episodes for windows of strategic advantage. Combine this with what you said, Yucki, about Uncle Vlad being less-than happy with his Chinese buddies over their Wuhan bug–his dumping those infected Chinese nationals back over the border from Russia–and it makes me think Uncle Vlad is purposely juicing his numbers for effect. The Chinese are not Russia’s friends, and this Corona may be creating a serious schizm. So maybe he sees an opportunity to place a bit of much-desired daylight between himself and the CCP. Also, Uncle Vlad may see an opportunity in PT now that the swamp is getting the heat. After all, PT wanted to have cordial relations with Russia before all the Deep State/ msm lies threw things off the rails. This allows him to keep his options open. And PT should be eyeing this relationship closely for any exploitation possible. A howdie-doodie phone call to Uncle Vlad couldn’t hurt, could it? I say wait for something that comes up in China-Russia relations.

    These Russia numbers don’t get released without Uncle Vlad’s approval. He can handle and domestic political damage they may create, that’s no big deal when you’ve got his grip on things and he can point to the rest of the world and say, “Don’t blame me…look at everyone else…”

    And nice layout Chris.

    • Russia had an extraordinary surge in “pneumonia” deaths well before even fake Wuhan case numbers were reported. They’re getting hit very hard, poor things have so little.
      Terrible toll on young health care workers, their elderly family members.

      Russian gossip about Putin’s health: He’s sick; not the virus, but recurrence of cancer.
      But not to worry! There are several Putin body-doubles, so “he” may live forever!

      (I’m getting the same story via expatriate neighbors who consume Russian-language media 24/7 and my Russki’s son in Kiev. Maybe Putin made it up himself to get a bead on the diaspora. That’s his kind of thing…)

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