1. Nikki Haley

2. Demand grows for resignation of the head of WHO

(Nations should just be abandoning the UN altogether and not worry about the various corrupt orgs within it)

3. Dr. Fauci Confirms His Friendship with WHO Director General Dr. Tedros, Both Are Connected to the Clinton Foundation in Ethiopia

Yesterday, Dr. Anthony Fauci announced that he’s been friends with the World Health Organization (WHO)’s Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.  This announcement connected Dr. Fauci to the Clinton Foundation and the terrorist connected WHO leader.


Dr. Anthony Fauci yesterday stood up for the WHO Director General.  Dr Fauci said he has known the current WHO director for years, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, including when he was serving in Ethiopia.  There are several reports that Ghebreyesus was abusing his office in Ethiopia at the time.

4. The WHO and China: Dereliction of Duty

[…] The WHO Director-General (DG) Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has been an outspoken advocate for the Chinese government’s COVID-19 response. On January 28, Tedros met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing. Following the meeting, Tedros commended China for “setting a new standard for outbreak control” and praised the country’s top leadership for its “openness to sharing information” with the WHO and other countries.


Yet in Wuhan, the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, Chinese officials were busy arresting and punishing citizens for “spreading rumors” about the disease, while online censors controlled the flow of information. Despite growing evidence of China’s mishandling of the outbreak and rising domestic Chinese outrage over the government’s censorship, Tedros remains unmoved. On February 20 at the Munich Security Conference, Tedros doubled down on his praise for China stating that “China has bought the world time.”

5. Tedros Adhanom facing calls to resign as Ethiopians question if it makes sense

2017: Tedros Adhanom, first African to lead the World Health Organization (WHO), is facing calls to resign over his decision to make Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe, WHO goodwill ambassador for communicable disease in Africa, which is already rescinded.


It was at a conference at Uruguay last week that Tedros Adhanom, as cited by The Daily Mail, announced ‘I am honoured to be joined by President Mugabe, of Zimbabwe, a country that places universal health coverage and health promotion at the centre of its policies to provide healthcare to all.’

6. For Opponents, WHO Director General Nominee Tedros Adhanom Represents Ethiopia’s Repressive Government

Some Ethiopians are fiercely campaigning against Tedros Adhanom, Ethiopia’s candidate to replace Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun, as director general of World Health Organization, just a few weeks before member states are set to vote on the final three candidates.


Tedros, a former Ethiopian foreign and health minister, along with Pakistan’s Sania Nishtar and the UK’s David Nabarro are the three director-general nominees who made the cut from a larger pool of candidates in January.


Tedros, who is running a well-funded campaign, is considered as a prime contender in the race. His candidacy was endorsed by the African Union, and just last week he picked up an endorsement of Andrew Mitchell, the UK’s former international development secretary.

However, he is facing unrelenting opposition from his own citizens.

The current leader of the World Health organization has a background as a Marxist Leninist violent revolutionary and has a current net worth rumoured to be in the billions. He was leader or affiliated with both of the orgs below, both linked in the Wikipedia above

Thank you Richard, Yucki, Malca, C., and others who sent in materials enlightening us all to the fact that the head of WHO is in fact a violent communist revolutionary and now perhaps, destroyer of worlds.

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6 Replies to “WHO is WHO”

  1. He’s a billionaire? And a communist?

    Poor capitalists are soooo behind the curve. They believe in capital accumulation, risk of capital, and reward for risk.

    Communists, and their more patient cousins socialists, understand that the big equality con perpetrated on whole economies pays much better.

    The commie con is capitalism without conscience. And for those trolls who think capitalism has no conscience, think again. The now-obsolete hand shake had serious meaning not so long ago. In fact, it helped build the world’s greatest civilization.


  2. Something that I find quite peculiar is this;
    look at these numbers and tell me if I’m something missing here?

    According to Johns Hopkins.
    Flu: 291,000 to 646,000 deaths worldwide each year
    According to the WHO’
    Coronavirus 27.03.2020: 23,335 deaths so far worldwide

    According to the CDC,
    Here in South Africa where I live, up to 10,000 people die each year from Influenza and up to 40,000 have to be Hospitalized

    Why didn’t we have “Lockdowns” before if those are the figures?
    Also why wasn’t there any such HYPE in 2009 with the Swine-flu?

    Could it be that this Disease has something all the others didn’t have, namely a worldwide Media and Social Media Coverage to further a worldwide Panic?
    And WHO profits from this Panic?
    As far as I’ve seen, these “Profits” fall squarely into the Lap of the Global Elite and Governments.

    • There are several possibilities. Those numbers bother me as well. The Swine-Flu in particular.

      There could be all kinds of reasons. Im gonna go with the worst one for the moment.

      This really could be a Chinese WMD and it could be far far worse than the others in ways they have an inkling of, but do not want to say to the public as knowledge of it would be worse than what we have now.

      That is a terrifying thought but it fits as well or better than most other ideas out there.

      Im starting to get news from people I know really well about the sudden deaths of people they know from this thing. One in her 50s. And from the sound of it, a clean living family. No idea about underlying conditions but the point is, this may be worse than we are told it is. Although the numbers are small in some ways so far.

      There are other possibilities for sure though. Something just isn’t right.

  3. WHO’s Senior Advisor Had an Astonishing Response When Asked About Taiwan

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has come under fire over its handling of the Wuhan coronavirus and, in particular, for spreading Chinese propaganda. WHO has parroted the Chinese regime’s various talking points. Back in January, the organization shared a tweet citing Chinese health official’s who claimed there was no evidence the virus transmitted through human-to-human contact. We now know that is a blatant lie.

    Because of China’s beef with Taiwan, the WHO has prevented Taiwan from having a seat at the international table since 2016. That is having literal dier consequences.

    Taiwanese health officials alerted WHO about the Wuhan coronavirus’ transmission between humans back in December but the organization failed to alert countries around the world.

    And, on top of it all, China was generous enough to send faulty Wuhan coronavirus testing kits to the Czech Republic. Out of the hundreds of thousands of tests that were administered, roughly 80 percent provided inaccurate results.

    The WHO dug their public relations crisis even deeper into the ground when Bruce Alyward, the Senior Advisor to Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, refused to talk about Taiwan during an interview with RTHK. In fact, Alyward pretended the Skype call froze. Then he said he wanted to move on to a different question since China had already been discussed. When the reporter pressed him about Taiwan again, he hung up the call.

    twitter @ezracheungtoto

    It is an embarrassing scene. @WHO Director General, Bruce Aylward, hangs up in an interview with RTHK when he is asked about reconsidering Taiwan’s membership. Ironically, despite being so close to China, Taiwan manages to keep the #coronavirus infection and fatality rate low.


    Correction: Bruce Alyward is the senior advisor to the Director General of World Health Organisation. And he leads a team of the @WHO-China mission on twitter the #Coronavirus.


    If this doesn’t tell you all you need to know about WHO’s leadership (or lack thereof), then nothing will.


  4. 3/ Fauci’s comments don’t mean much more than PTrump’s expressions of trust and affection for his good friend President Xi.
    For the record. That’s collegiality, anything else is bad form.

    Epidemiology is a meta-discipline: biological sciences boiled in a statistics pot yields correct public health policy. Sausage-making.

    Not all connections are conspiracies. A series of coincidences that might look suspicious to an outside observer are routine in the small, albeit global, pond.

    That said.

    Michael Bloomberg has ENORMOUS influence in biomedical research circles.

    These are the “peers” of the peer-reviewed articles published in the most prestigious medical journals. It’s not that they’re bent; they’re not. They’re just more into consensus than science. Like the doctors who called Semmelweis mad to suggest hand-washing might reduce the incidence of puerperal fever.

    Johns-Hopkins + Bloomberg + Dr. Who, the ChiCom-Puppet.

    Bloomberg Gives $1.8 Billion to Johns Hopkins for Student Aid

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