Seemingly Danish indigenous woman throws noxious substance at Rasmus Paludan

To offer a little perspective here.

It is tempting, perhaps both from cowardice as well as the kind of inception of Marxist values we have all been subliminally inculcated with now, and even overtly, for some decades, to think that Rasmus is bear baiting, or otherwise doing senseless provocations and what happens to him as a result is predictable and therefore not our concern.

Perhaps an analogy would set that to rest.

Imagine you allowed someone who seemed in desperate need to live in a bedroom of your house. In short order they deliberately broke every rule you had for the house, treated it in a very unsafe manner and preached hatred of you and your family to the thousands of visitors they had every day and twice as many on Fridays.

When other family members pointed this out to the head of the household they were told to be tolerant and understanding of these people because of their circumstances (without bothering to ask why those circumstances existed in the first place) and that any push back was any number of negative Marxist epithets.

Finally when the house was starting to catch fire, and the house rules were honoured more in the breach than the observance by these visitors, and the authorities had started to enforce their right to breach the rules rather than defend them for the people who created this lovely house, and the vast majority of the law abiding refused to see what was taking place, or saw it but chose the path of sanctimony and used that sanctimony as an excuse to wage violence against the home’s residents, along comes a lone voice that realizes the only way to get the people who either see the problem but are afraid to speak due to lack of leadership, or, the people who do not understand why these ‘house guests’ are problematic yet, is to show them as they really are and do legal things and watch them behave in a predictable manner. Which is to say with stunning degrees of hatred, violence and demands that all regional laws be denied and their own values take full control.

We have seen Rasmus get muslims to show their true behaviours many times in the past by maltreating their fetish object. The Koran. (Christians and Jews typically know the value of their sacred writings are in the contents, not the paper and ink)

Now he appears to have drawn out the violently smug, sanctimony of the Danish enablers who threw some pre-prepared concoction at him during a demo. So far it appears to be eggs, vinegar, 5% acetic acid.

Rasmus is a last chance for Denmark to change policies and save itself as it is and as a self determining democratic nation state.

Because each missed chance means a more draconian solution as the problem festers, and each chance missed means more of what is Danish will be gone forever as its history is erased by the Neo-Marxists in charge of the keys to the house right now.

Le’ts hope he succeeds. If he does not, then the next set of options for Denmark are, Sharia law and all native Danes reduced to Dhimmi status (this has happened with some frequency in history already in Europe) or a strong man who’s solution will look a lot like the problem.

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  1. The Ancient Greeks said that governments run in cycles, Democracy which turns to Dictatorship which turns to Monarchy which turns to Democracy. The Founding Fathers of the United States tried to break this cycle with a written Constitution that spelled out the rights and freedom everyone is suppose to be guaranteed. We in the United States are now fighting to see if they effort to see t hat the future generations can live free wil succeed.

    In Europe we are seeing the cycle predicted by the Ancient Greeks play out through interneal treason (treason in the goal of creating a one world government) and external invasion to install a Religious Dictatorship. We must fight to keep freedom alive in the world, if we fail and freedom dies it will be generations before anyone can regain any freedom in the entire world. As long as we can keep one or more nations free we can free the other nations and rebuild the Civilization that the left has destroyed. I don’t know what the future civilization will take but hopefully it will last longer the the Western Civilization we use to have.

    • The cycle can occur in stages. Maybe it always does, I only know Roman antiquity.

      The Late Roman Republic had interludes of Dictatorship, Triumvirates, and pseudo-Republic. Formal monarchy was considered a disgrace, a betrayal of their revered history. 500 years of Republic made the thing itself – res publica – sacred, the State as object of veneration.

      • The Monarchy does occur in stages, first comes a strong man (dictator) these may raise of fall several times before someone decides to make the leadership hereditary and it become a monarchy. then the cycle starts again.

        You can see signs of the dream of a monarchy in the way the leftists try to make demigods of their political heroes and to create a political dynasty. Look at how they “Worship” at the feet of FDR, our first and so far only “President For Life” after after the 22nd Amendment was passed the left started pushing for Dynasties 1st the Kennedy (didn’t work), then the Clinton (hasn’t worked so far), now they are calling for an Obama Dynasty. The only political Dynasties that have father and son President were the Adams and Bush families, the Roosevelt family had two but they were cousions (both were Progressives/socialist/Marxists).

        I worry about who will follow Trump but I worry more about having another President for life.

        • Yep.
          The Roman Republic WAS a god, State rituals ensured prosperity. There were lesser, more personal gods alongside the official religion. Jews, for example, worshipped as they pleased, and even held the precious Roman citizenship. (Julius Caesar was a great friend.)

          Rome only acknowledged that they had evolved into a monarchy in fact when they transferred belief in State to Monarch, as Divis Augustus. The concept had been repellent previously, too much like oriental potentates.
          Note: Sulla was voted Dictator by the Senate, sort of a martial law expedient. And he actually quit when his job was done!
          (Cincinnatus is another example, hundreds of years previously, but that’s murky history. It served as an ideal, though.)

        • Hereditary monarchy didn’t kick in with the first Roman Imperial dynasty because the degenerates didn’t have kids. Divorce, half-siblings, wicked inbreeding. They resorted to formal adoption of a relative.

          • That is the cycle and we see it playing out right now, the fight is to preserve the Republic and break the cycle (at least for a while) to keep the Tyrants at bay. I fully expect freedom to win in the US and North America but I am troubled by what will be happening in the rest of the world. It will take a medical miracle to extend my life long enough to see the end of this war and the eventual outcome.

  2. As a point of interest, the leather parchment Torah scroll take a year of quill-pen labor and is venerated. Given its $30,000 cost these are more likely to be stolen than destroyed. I believe most now have some kind of registered ID chip for that reason.

    Here’s a better-suited analogy. Tell me, what would happen if someone like Ami Horowitz sees an Israeli flag being burned? I submit that our Ami-ish person would film this or stand still in protest.
    Not quite the example, but you get the idea of rational dissent.
    Here the high student explains that his calm approach came from the power of truth.

    • I recently got an explanation of all that from an Orthodox friend of mine actually.

      But that is a separate issue. It doesn’t negate my point. If a regular copy of the Torah or Old Testament was maltreated it would not be a problem for Jews. Yes, Synagogues often have something which is an object of great love and labour, and that is a separate matter in the way that a really nice car is more than twenty dollars with of Iron ore.

      A person is understandably upset when a person burns his $25,000.00 car because it typically represents maybe 6 months or more of labour for that person. But the same person would not be upset with the torching of 900 Lbs. of iron ore. Also, sometimes these do get destroyed. No member of the Jewish community has ever issued a death sentence on whoever did it to the best of my knowledge.

      Muslims treat every koran as a fetish object and demand it be treated in a special way, especially by unbelievers.

      Of course all rules are negated in jihad, so in Guantanamo bay they have found korans that have been hollowed out with contraband inside them. Thats ok cause if you are hiding a weapon to kill the infidel inside a koran, well thats the primary message of the koran isn’t it? So in essence, you are not profaning it I guess.

      • I wouldn’t say the Torah scrolls are a fetish, exactly.
        But close.

        Way beyond money, right after life itself.
        When it’s no longer serviceable, it’s buried like a person, with a funeral service in a cemetery.

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