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6 Replies to “Scalise: The Democrats are using SOVIET rules on impeachment”

  1. Now if they will just notice and publicize the fact that the ultimate goal of the Dems is the destruction of the US as we know it, they want to replace it with a communist government.

  2. So bold and outrageous. So desperate to impeach. So Soviet. Imagine the fate of the average citizenry if they succeed in this anti-American activity?

    The day of reckoning approaches. Anti-Americans turned kinetic will be shocked by the fury of the sleeping giant they awaken. This will set an example for the world and all will follow.

    • We shall see. I hope you are right. But a huge amount of Americans, and most Canadians, prefer happy fantasy to any kind of reality. That way leads to suffering.

      • If/when the left goes kinetic Johnny will be proven right, yes the vast majority prefer lining in peace but roughly half of the nation voted for the traditional values and a sizable majority of those are trained personal who will react violently when the left starts killing people.

        Don’t mistake patience for apathy, the conservatives want thinks done through the legal system if at all possible. If forced to act they will act swiftly with as much precision as they can achieve and as much violence as they think is necessary.

      • Don’t look at the population as a whole look at the most likely segment to revolt, to successfully revolt you need about one third supporting the revolt. Not fighting but supporting through money, food and other supplies Yoy can carry out a successful revolt with one third supporting and 3% to 10% fighting. One of the reasons that the left doesn’t want the facts of history taught is because they want people to think that a revolt requires over 70% of the people fighting in the revolt. This is also why the left will kill off most of the educated people when they take over a country. The educated (to an extent) know that successful counter revolts can take place.

        In the US the groups to watch are the gun owners and the vets, there is a lot of overlap in those two groups. the vets make up about 10% of the population with the gun owners making up about 33% of the population. If you have been paying attention you will have seen many gun owners, vets and both current and retired police that are telling the left that they aren’t going to take our guns.

        The left living in an echo chamber listening to t heir own propaganda until they believe it. This delusional world they live in tells them that the Convervatives and vets who are saying they won’t give up their guns are just blowing smoke. They aren’t, they aren’t going to resort to violence until the left starts killing people or illegally removes our duly elected President. For the most part the people who are armed don’t want a civil war because they have seen war and know what an asymmetric civil war would entail. Know what will be required to win that civil war. They don’t want that in the US but they want their freedom a whole lot more and will reluctantly turn to violence and show the world what the US military is like when it is fighing for the survival of freedom in the US. The left thinks they know what is going to happen when they start the violence, they don’t they are going to unleash levels of hell raining down on them, levels they have no idea exist.

        You will have to talk to the Canadian gun owners and vets to discover if they are as ready as the US vets are. The Canadian fight will be longer because not as many people are armed, but the vets know where the government stores the military weapons so it won’t take too long before tehy are well armed.

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