What is the common denominator in all these events? Links 2, October 11, 2019

1. 1.5M homes have power deliberately shut off indefinitely in California “for the people’s own protection”

(They do not say if hospitals have also been shut down for the safety of people in these areas. But of the reasoning is consistent then they would be shut down first)

2. Minneapolis mayor bans uniformed off-duty officers at rally

(Clearly every effort was made to avoid protection of President Trump and especially his supporters by the Mayor and I believe the governor of the State. This is not about partizan support, although that is death with in the video, this is about making supporters of President Trump afraid of leftist thugs. Order your T shirts here.


This video does a decent job of showing that anti-Trump protestors are actually anti-American protestors. I take that to mean that people who hate Trump do so precisely because he is good for America.

3. Press release from Canada’s Jewish Defence League:

The NDP has embraced the BDS and has given legitimacy to BDS antisemitism

The NDP has embraced the BDS and has given legitimacy to BDS antisemitism
There is a very active anti Israel campaign waged by the BDS during this Federal Election. The NDP has embraced the BDS, please click here for the link : https://www.facebook.com/321244785055051/posts/684859152026944/?sfnsn=mo
Also, please click on this link for more information about the BDS campaign: https://www.facebook.com/events/436462187148469/?ti=as
We have also become aware that BDS-Québec has put up signs all over downtown Montréal calling on political parties to condemn Israel. Please click here for the link: https://www.facebook.com/426583630860910/posts/1170569176462348/?sfnsn=mo
There is a total lack of Jewish leadership in the Jewish Community. There are some Jewish leaders who have provided platforms for BDS leaders. There are some Jewish leaders who support radical Islamic leaders. The Jewish Defense League will continue to speak the truth and be on the front lines against the BDS and Al Quds Day. And the Jewish Defence League is asking for your support now.
(Canada’s JDL also put out a release asking a Montreal Synagogue to watch out for a couple of men who appear to have been doing pre-operational surveillance on the building and general area.)
A Synagogue in Cote St Luc, Quebec is asking Jews in the area to be on alert following reports of two suspicious people spotted snapping photographs in the area.
According to reports, security officials at the Synagogue noticed two men snapping pictures of the building and surrounding area. The men are alleged to have tried to enter the Synagogue posing as Jews, but when the men at the door asked to look through their bags, they reportedly discovered computers and other electronics. The men claimed to be Turks and left.

4. President Trump on Omar and other Democrat criminals.

On Biden:

5. Extinction Rebellion communists take advantage of the good nature of individualists, to glue themselves to the streets and on top of commercial jetliners knowing that our values will not let us harm them. We know what would happen if we tried these stunts in socialist countries.

(Frankly, this action could easily be classed as terrorism. Eco-terrorism but still terrorism.)

Thank you all who sent in these materials. There is a lot more. Like this one although there is a dim recollection of having posted it already. still…

Ontario human rights tribunal orders employer to pay $120,000 in damages to worker it didn’t even hire

A recent award from Ontario’s human rights tribunal should have employers carefully reviewing their HR policies and emailing their employment lawyers.


Muhammad Haseeb, a university graduate in engineering, has been awarded over $120,000 by the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario in a discrimination in employment application against Imperial Oil. What makes this case particularly interesting is that Haseeb never actually worked for Imperial Oil. The discrimination in question was the company’s reneging on a job offer.


The case involved a hiring policy requiring applicants to prove they were eligible to work in Canada on a permanent basis. Haseeb would have been eligible for a work permit for a job at Imperial Oil but he was neither a Canadian citizen nor permanent resident. In his application, he stated — falsely — that he was in fact eligible to work on a permanent basis. This led to a job offer. But when Imperial Oil asked for proof of citizenship or permanent residency, he could not provide it. As a result, Imperial Oil rescinded the offer.

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  1. 2- Regarding the insane dancers, I must make a confession. I am heavily into mime. Don’t laugh. Sometimes, well, a man must express himself in ways where words just won’t suffice, dang it. I feel what these people feel. If only you far-right maniacs had their incredible empathy, the world would be a better place.

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