Communist revolutionaries faking climate concern in Germany

As should be obvious to us all at this point, with the left, the point is never the point. This is just another semi-satisfying bust of these climate fakers doing that watermelon thing. All green on the outside but…

Semi-satisfying because its always good to see the truth behind the facade. But hurtful because it is still so damn effective.

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  1. A guy who I hadn’t spoken to in a few years called me about one hour ago.
    He wanted to talk about climate change and the election.
    He’s not into the climate scam but his two late teen children are thoroughly brainwashed and freaking out.
    He tried to talk sense into them. To no avail, it’s impossible. Their brain is hardwired and shut down.
    They no longer want any contact with him. He fears he has lost his kids over the climate scam.

    • I’ve know this guy for ten years. His name is Laurent. We used to talk often, on the phone or in person. Always a happy enthusiastic guy.

      He was desperate on the phone, borderline despondent, truly tragic. Almost crying. He said he fears his kids won’t even call him for Christmas.

      I told him never to confront kids about the climate scam. A strategy is needed when talking with them. Always smile, seem interested in what they say, and softly mention an undeniable fact as a question. Just leave it at that. Just enough to plant the seeds of doubt.

      EX: Why would the researchers accept data from weather instruments installed in big cities but ignore those in fields some 30 km away?

      The kid doesn’t know this but will think about it. We need a good communication strategy.

      • You’re so right, Sassy. The problem is you have to stay right on top of your kids almost every day to deprogram them when they get home from school. I’m not talking some crazy “intervention” here, but carefully offering counter-info to their indoctrination from Marxist teachers. I make a point of driving my boys to school, for example, to play select videos from VTB. They’re a captive audience then. Last time I played that great, eccentric looking British scientist who simply shut down the RT host in Moscow. They get it. My kids don’t go to these stupid protests. But we need a kids’ program for DEprogramming. I wish I had the time to make a blog for this–dedicated simply to straighten children out with short, succinct common-sense videos refuting the propaganda. (Kids love videos over reading, for the most part).

        All you readers, if you see a vid that’s quick, easy and appropriate in countering Redgreen propaganda please help by prefacing with “Good For Children” or the like.

        • I agree. People are visual. And a blog is a must at this point in time.

          Most people don’t have the in-depth knowledge to deradicalize their kids, even less the strategy.

          Sadly, on the upside, I think we’re heading toward a cooling trend. The kids will feel it. Solar panels and wind turbines will be inefficient.

          There should be a mandatory label on everything we buy, aka “Made with Petroleum/Fossil fuels”. That would go a long way.

          That’s the one thing the UN and Climate Alarmists can’t control: the weather.

          • Unless the Sun suddenly wakes up and starts more sunspots we are indeed going into a cooling period. If it follows the pattern of the last one things are going to get very cold in Greenland and Iceland. During the middle of that cooling the Thames froze so hard that some people built brick barque pits, roasted meat for the people at the skating party to enjoy. Also during that one the canals in Holland froze and the had short and long distance skating races on them. Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates was written during that time.

            • Thank God for electricity and greenhouses.
              If such occurs, the price of food will skyrocket.
              Most of these hysterical climate people are into plant-based foods.
              Think about it.

              • I know, as I have said before I live in an area where we grow a lot of food and I have the family cook books with the instructions on how to home can veggies.

                Its really not that difficult it takes time but you have to be pretty compulsive in ensuring that the jars are clean and that the lid seals once the jar cools. Most people don’t home can since deep freezers became available but some of the veggies taste better canned instead of frozen.

        • I think the best videos to show are from Patrick Moore, he get right to the point and was the co-founder of Greenpeace.

          I totally agree with JohnnyU. I do it every single day. And I have discussions with teachers and principals. (Not just concerning Climate change, but Islam as well – when they started teaching the 5 pillars in “history and Geography”)

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