Google lies to Veterans group in oder to ban adds for Christians, while approving ones for Muslims: Links 1, October 6, 2019

1. Estonian minister refuses to meet with Macron

(The EU obviously have to force all EU nations to accept their “share” of migrants. And how many is their share? Enough to obliterate their culture, language, heritage and religion. Enough to get all the Churches burned down and have no common frame of reference of all the people and have the laws all collapse because no group of people anywhere agree on what they should be or even understand why they exist as they do. So Macron and Merkel, the EU in other words, NEED all EU nations to be destroyed equally at around the same time. Otherwise, the productive and freedom minded French and Germans will just move to other European nations, strengthening them considerably and Germany and France will fall on their own, leading to the failure of the communist model they are implementing. See the thing about making communism work is, you have to make sure there is no escape.)

2. There is something massive going on in Iraq at this time. I will see if we can getBarry Webb and or Brad Johnson to talk about it. meanwhile here are a few links on what’s going on, courtesy of our diligent readers.

Masked militias attack TV stations broadcasting Iraq protest footage

Unidentified masked gunmen have raided the offices of television stations in the Iraqi capital amid a violent crackdown on protests that has left around 100 dead.

All of the stations attacks were networks that had broadcast footage of the ongoing demonstrations in stark contrast to state television.

As many as eight station offices may have been raided on Saturday.

The Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya news channel said masked gunmen who arrived in black cars wearing black clothes had stormed the offices of the station on Saturday evening, beating up some of the employees and smashing equipment before they fled, The Associated Press reported.

The channel had been receiving threats for several days, its Baghdad correspondent, Majed Hamid, said.

Also the News Tribune 

There is more solid info in the Reader’s links for today and yesterday.

3. Pakistan Violates Ceasefire, Initiates Massive Firing – Indian Army Spokesman

New Delhi (Sputnik): Pakistani troops have targeted forward posts and villages along the Line of Control with mortar shells and small arms fire, the Indian Army claimed on Tuesday. The two sides have been urging each other to respect the 2003 Ceasefire arrangement in letter and spirit and maintain peace on the boundary.


The firing started a day after Pakistan’s foreign ministry summoned the Indian envoy over the killing of two civilians and injury of several others along the border.

“On Tuesday at about 0745 hours local time, Pakistan initiated unprovoked ceasefire violation by firing of small arms and shelling with mortars in Shahpur and Kirni sectors of Poonch district,” the Indian Army spokesman in Jammu said.

4. A Canadian Synagogue in Hamilton On. was vandalized with the usual anti-semitic symbols. The story is on Facebook. So be warned before you click. FB is the new Red China. (Anyone who has not seen the new episode of South Park, Season 23, episode 2, really should try and see it.)

Dear congregants,

We regret to have to inform you that this morning, Saturday October 5, 2019, anti-semitic graffiti was found at the synagogue.

The graffiti was found on Shabbat morning when we arrived at Shul for our 9:15 service. It appeared to be freshly done, in sidewalk chalk, on the ground at the entrance of the parking lot. There was a swastika and the word “Jews” crossed out.

On investigation, three more spots of this graffiti was found: at the other end of the parking lot, in the lane behind the Shul, and on the sidewalk on Aberdeen Avenue.

5. Three men are killed by a barrier as they attempted to ram their way into Robins Airforce base.

“None of the men are affiliated with the base”. Story at Fox News.

6. No Targeting Allowed: Christian Veterans’ Ministry Denied Ad

(For the dialectic negation files which on the surface are selective enforcement)

The Mighty Oaks Foundation, a Christian organization conducting outreach to veterans, tried to post an advertisement on YouTube, but was met with a surprising message: “The following keywords violate Google Ads advertising policies.” What sort of term might they have used to trigger such a message? As it turns out, the word was “Christian.” 


YouTube reached out to the group directly on Twitter to explain that the word itself wasn’t banned, but rather, that advertisers aren’t allowed to “target users on the basis of religion.” If that’s the case, then YouTube should rethink its messaging so that it’s clearer to users.


(“And Google makes propagandists of us all” (Apologies to Bill Shakespeare)

Thank you SB., M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, ML., and many more who sent in important materials today. Please keep it coming. Things are not getting better for reason and freedom based cultures.

A simple political PSA from Robin Williams RIP

Hungarian FM on Boris Johnson and BREXIT


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15 Replies to “Google lies to Veterans group in oder to ban adds for Christians, while approving ones for Muslims: Links 1, October 6, 2019”

  1. What is the matter with the Democrats in Washington? Don’t they understand that there is a zero percent chance that the “Deplorables” will just allow them to impeach their President on the basis of their interminable witch hunt? So what are the Democrats going to do when a couple of hundred-thousand Deplorables with AR-15s fully-loaded march on the White House? Call the Police? National Guard?

    These verminous assholes may well be about to light the match on the second American Civil War. And for what? ‘Cause they’re mad about losing the election? What bullshit this is! There is no logical reason that the US shouldn’t be enjoying happy times right now except the fact that the left wants to cause trouble and steal the power…

  2. Anti-Semitism is on the rise around the world.
    And no coincidence so is Islam on the rise around the world.
    I oppose Islam for the same reasons I oppose Nazism.
    It would be best if both were eradicated.

  3. How can the Democrats be reading this so wrong? Don’t they see the genuine love and positivity that reigns at the Donald Trump events? It’s as if he’s hanging out with a few thousand of his best friends on a nice afternoon. Just because the conservatives are restrained and law-abiding and peaceful should not be interpreted as them being weak. Remember. World War II was won by the exact same demographic that makes up today’s Donald Trump voter: White, male, construction worker, farmer, Christian, patriot, tradesman, gun-owner. That’s who they sent to fight the Germans, not the poets and the PhDs, and the peace marchers.

    Each and every one of those Deplorables is a personal really good friend of Donald Trump and if the Democrats try to hurt him they are going to find themselves in a heap of trouble in a very short period of time. Kaboom!!!

    Lord knows why the Democrats are choosing to stand up in the canoe like this…

    • Lord knows why the Democrats are choosing to stand up in the canoe like this…

      For the same reason anyone who knows anything about canoes does.

      In order to sink it.

      • They’re bringing Bibi down. The fighting – on all sides – is unspeakably dirty.

        At this season, the Days of Awe. It’s chillul hashem, bad juju. That’s how we lost the Second Remple.

        We remember those who perished, Oct. ’73:

        “Ever since 1973, Yom Kippur has had a significance in Israel that it does not have in the rest of the Jewish world. Besides being a day of judgment for the sins of the individual, it has been seared into Israeli consciousness as a day of judgment for the nation—one on which a whole country was found guilty of the sin of hubris and made to pay a terrible price for it.

        In colloquial Israeli speech, the words yom kippur have come to denote any shocking comeuppance, so that saying that something was someone’s “Yom Kippur” is like saying in English “It was his Waterloo.”

        There will never again be a Yom Kippur in Israel without this double sense of it, and the day’s heavy somberness is felt even by those who do not relate to it religiously. It will indeed always continue to haunt.

    • See 6:48 on the LatmaTV video with the parody on Palestinians declaring a state in September.
      So what if the House votes to impeach? They should have the vote ASAP so members can get back to work. Those pushing for impeachment are more interested in the drama, rather than the outcome.

  4. Open combat in Iraq, North Korea walks away from the negotiating table, cross border firefights between Pakistan and India and the Hong Kong protests/revolution ramps up the pressure on the CCP.

    Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence and three times is enemy action. Does anyone else see China stirring up trouble around the world to draw attention away from Hong Kong?

  5. Current leaders of both Germany and France support large scale migration. They should not force other EU countries to destroy themselves even if the 2 biggest EU countries want to do so. If Brexit happens UK will change its migration policy immediately. We’ll see if that happens too late.

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