Trudeau seems like a guy who just likes costumes: Links 1, Oct. 1, 2019

1. Indian home minister promises non-Muslim citizenship bill

India’s government plans to revive a bill that would give non-Muslim refugees citizenship even before a controversial citizen registry in one northeastern state has been finalized, Home Minister Amit Shah said Tuesday.


Shah, the leader of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, said in a speech in Kolkata that the party would give “Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain and Christian settlers” citizenship.


The proposal, framed as the Citizenship Amendment Bill, has stalled in the upper house of Parliament. It would grant citizenship to non-Muslim refugees from countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan who have resided in India for at least six years.

(It is almost like they recognize that large numbers of muslims transform your country into something inhospitable to the people who built it each, and every time.)

2. Maxime Bernier on Lauren Chen’s show with more footage of the ANTIFA attacks on freedom.

3. Chinese police fatally shoot a protestor (who appears to be attacking him with a metal rod at the time) in the chest with a pistol.

Second view:

4. Marion Marechal Calls for French to Resist ‘Great Replacement

French former populist MP Marion Maréchal has called on her supporters to fight the “Great Replacement” at a major French right-wing conference.

Ms Maréchal made her comments on Saturday in Paris at the “Convention of the Right”, stating that massive demographic change, known as the Great Replacement, is a vital challenge for the right in France to overcome, Europe1 reports.


“The first major challenge, the most vital, is the Great Replacement, this demographic countdown, which already makes us realise the possibility of becoming a minority on the land of our ancestors,” Maréchal said.

She added that the consequences of the Great Replacement would be a “multicultural society that wants to be fractured and violent”.

(And its critical to understand that multicultural is an extremely short step to a unified culture of socialism. Which is to say, no culture at all.)

5. Houthis release video of rebels capturing Saudi-led troops and destroying Saudi vehicles

(There is something really interesting going on here. Yesterday, M. dropped a lot of videos and information on this event, which appears to have been a major offensive against Saudi military personnel and equipment with a lot of casualties and captives on the Saudi side. All was sent to Barry Webb to see what he can find out in Arabic media.)

6. Dutch farmers protest carbon taxes, police try to barricade their protest route, and farmers make fools of them by just driving around the barricades.

How The Hague looks now:

7. MALCOLM: Trudeau’s yearbook tells a bigger story

Flipping through the pages of the 2000 and 2001 West Point Grey Academy (WPGA) yearbooks, we see a different side of our progressive prime minister.


The shocking image of Justin Trudeau with painted black skin and a large white turban shows that, as the 29-year-old celebrity son of a former Prime Minister, Trudeau was hardly a serious person, let alone a mature role model or teacher.

The cringe-worthy blackface photo at the Arabian Nights gala fundraiser is just one example. Trudeau’s photo is featured over and over again in the yearbook, smiling and hanging out — looking more like a teenage student than a teacher in his late twenties.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, Ava Lon, ML., and MANY more who have been commenting and sending in materials.

Some extraordinary material being worked on now. But if you have not seen the Facebook exec interview on Danish TV yet, its a must-see.

Now this is odd. Men, try and break into a shoe store. Which appears to be open anyway.

Frank Magazine seems to have crawled out of the grave to give us some gossip on Trudeau and his teaching gig at that probate school.

Considers the source though. Frank is a political gossip mag which pretty much defines yellow journalism

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20 Replies to “Trudeau seems like a guy who just likes costumes: Links 1, Oct. 1, 2019”

    • Yes the violence could have been started by agent provocateurs, today’s shooting victim was an 18 year old High School student. Given a few days among the protesters it would be easy to pick out a kid that would be easy to talk into attacking the police forcing a shooting.

      The comments are interesting and make me wonder who the Chinese expats that are mentioned are supporting. They are saying that Joshua Wong is a CCP asset in the protest movement. This is possible but it is also possible that this is a disinformation campaign designed to tear the movement apart by making them distrust each other.

      • oops! I didn’t see this suspicion about J. Wong till I wrote the paragraph below.
        Just sayin’…my opinion wasn’t based on any info or disinfo. The looks of it, common sense based on history.

        • It is common sense based on history, it will be many decades before we can learn the truth, if we can ever discover the truth.

        • If Joshua Wong is a CCP plant one possible motive for him begging Congress for support is to give the CCP the ability to twist things so the US is the one starting and backing the protests. If they can sell that BS they may convince some nations to ignore any new sanctions.

        • Another new thought, Joshua Wong spent a lot of time in a CCP controlled jail in Hong Kong after the umbrella protests, the CCP would have had time to convert him. Brain washing to create an agent is dangerous because you never truly know how trustworthy the agent is but in this case it would (in my opinion) be worth the risk.

      • Haven’t we seen, maybe, a similar setup recently with the Yellow Vests? I mean, it’s hard to sort through chaos at first but earnest protest, followed by infiltration from the Left, followed by a weakening of the movement?

        • The infiltration by the “police” is a tactic so old its Great-great-great-grandchildren have long white beards. The communists turned this tactic into an art form and then turned it against the Czar. There are reports that Stalin and Dzerzhinsky were both police spies that were either converted to Communism or were Communists who deliberately sought out the police to get paid while sending in false information. I have heard a lot of speculation that one of the reasons for Stalins purges was to kill anyone who might have evidence of his having worked with the Czars secret police.

        • I think there were both police and antifa infiltrators in the Yellow Vest movement. The actions of both drove the non violent away from the protests but gave the rest hope of being capable of seizing control of France. While I doubt that the Yellow Vest protests are going to do anything useful at this late date there might be some antifa types still in there that may think they can seize control because the current government isn’t left win enough.

      • It will be many decades before we can learn the truth, if we can ever discover the truth.

        It’s as fascinating as it is sickening.

        Every day we read news of protesters killed somewhere: Just this weekend, for example, at least a couple young people died and many more were injured in Baghdad. They were righteous, protesting corruption. Not much appeal, who cares?

        The Yellow Vests suffered a much higher casualty rate, the police have been much less restrained. Did anyone challenge the sinister Micron? His fellow EUnuchs? PTrump? NATO?!
        Hong Kong, China is different.
        At JUST the right time – the Trade War, pig-ebola, the CCP’s 70th anniversary – Here comes the extradition bill and all hell breaks loose.

        They speak English, carry our flags, make their case to our hearts. They generate real sympathy. Huge crowds singing, looking sweet and pathetic.

        When they start wearing expensive helmets and gas-masks, use lasers to evade surveillance and blind the police, that glowing innocence begins to dim. Professionally organized protesters, slick coordination, aggressive self-defense – that’s a militia, tactics of 4th Generation warfare.

        It’s transitioned. A proxy war: the CCP vs …? Who else is driving this train…?

        Encouraging idealistic kids to become real martyrs to bring down The Dragon? By ugly PR that inspires revolt elsewhere?

        That’s vicious. And I doubt it’ll work, anyway.

        • I don’t think it is about a revolt, I think it is about getting more sanctions placed on China. According to Gordon Chang, Kyle Bass and others China’s economy is very shaky right now, if more sanctions are placed on China there is a good chance it will collapse like the Soviet Union did. This isn’t certain but it is the last chance of avoiding another Cold war which has a good chance of turning semi hat. I don’t think it is the US giving the protesters the money but there is a long history of various of the China trading companies headquartered in Hong Kong gambling big and interfering inside China. You can add Japan and South Korea to the list of suspects, they are rich and China is targeting them in many ways.

          Right now is the best chance to cripple China, not necessarily cause the CCP to collapse but to cripple their economy and set back their time schedule for taking over. China is openly talking about being the only major power in the world by 2050 and forcing everyone else to pay tribute to them. Never forget that Xi wants to be Emperor (he is real close to that now) and much as Vlad wants to be Czar. Currently China has the power that Russia doesn’t, if we and others don’t find a way to stop their expansionist power grab we stand a real good chance of being in a shooting war with China in 10 to 15 years or less.

          • PTrump is putting sanctions on in a measured way – to enable OUR economy to adjust.
            More rapidly, we crash too.
            And he loses 2020.

            So Kyle Bass (who’s sold short) – and others – shouldn’t gamble with these kids’ lives by trying to force accelerated sanctions.

            That goes for cheerleaders like Chapelle (Taiwan), HK-interests, and our friends in Japan.

  1. 3 – This changes everything, we will have to wait and see if the protesters decide to stay home of double down and attack.

    • As the Communists Celebrate 70 Years of Rule in China – Hong Kong Erupts in Protests and Police Action (Videos)

      Hong Kong began the day along with China with parades and speeches aired across the country from Beijing. It was the Communist Party’s 70th anniversary of ruling China. By mid-day the familiar arrived, protests and police actions in response. By evening, the place was on fire!

      • It may well be agents provocateurs.

        The only response that doesn’t play into the hands of the CCP is non-violence. Otherwise it looks like – and in effect is – armed insurrection against the sitting govt of Hong Kong.

        That’s where they’re going – or being maneuvered into going – anyway. I’m not sure I trust the leaders of this movement. They’re very slick, like products of Soros’ Color Revolution University.

    • Targeting a cop with a deadly weapon can’t be tolerated. (Or water or milk as in De Blasio’s NYC.) That’s a declaration of war: unilateral gets you dead.

      The age of the protester is irrelevant:
      The weapon is full grown and doesn’t care about the age of the person using it. If they are armed they are dangerous they can and often will kill you. – Richard

      • 1st, Thank you for remembering that, way too many people (including a lot of soldiers) don’t, there is one vet at the VA who suffers from sever PTSD because he reacted without thinking and killed a 10 to 12 year old kid that was aiming an RPG at him. I don’t think he did anything wrong but he does.

        I have been thinking the same thing about non violence as you are, the current economic problems in China (including the Trade War) make it possible for a non violent campaign to put enough pressure on China to change some of their actions if not goals. I don’t know how permanent those changes would be but without a major foreign backer the violence will just give Xi an excuse to use more force. The fact that violence is probably being used to discredit the protesters (both in Hong Kong and France) shows how much pressure the protests were putting on the Governments. We are going to have to wait and see what happens next, I posted a couple of articles where some people claiming to be protesters say the killing of the kid was a declaration of war and that they (the protesters) need to increase the level of violence.

        All we can do is wait and see what happens, including whether or not more sanctions will be placed on China and what the effect of those sanctions will be. There are a lot of experienced China watchers who are contradicting each other on the state of the Chinese economy, how China is going to react and what is going to happen because of all of this.

        Place your bets and take your chances.

      • He was 18, kids that age make the best combat soldiers, they are unable to conceive of their own deaths and will take chances the older soldiers will hesitate to take. They also have bodies that will let them do incredibly strenuous labor sleep for a few hours and do it all over again. We won’t talk about what the cumulative damage to their bodies will do to them in their 50s and older.

        • We’ve been too long or too distant from wars to remember that fact.
          So that “youth” or “teen” tag is supposed to make us see them in soft focus. The Boston Marathon bomber, a 19-year-old mass murderer, gets fluffy coverage in Rolling Stone. {spit}

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