“No Climate Emergency” – Scientists (Comments are great as well)

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11 Replies to ““No Climate Emergency” – Scientists (Comments are great as well)”

  1. The comments are good, there are the usual left wing trolls but there are a lot more by people who are still capable of thinking for themselves.

    • “The comments are good” means something else than “The comment function is activated”, I suppose the latter is meant. My conclusion was that the comment function is disabled when admin Eeyore isn’t present or available.

      At least I concluded this from the fact that until now nobody else commented but me. Admittedly, I left it completely unconsidered that we live in a world full of lunatics, and that dozens of them surely attack this blog permanentely.

      • Yesterday due to a tech glitch, the comments were not making it into my inbox on email. Its quite difficult for me to keep up with all when I cant get notifications of comments, so I spent the day trying to get that fixed.

        Today, thanks tot he hard work of a highly skilled friend of this site, it all works again and should be more resistant to attack than it was before, and it was pretty resistant before.

        And you are correct, this site is targeted by the coalition of those that prefer ideology over reason.

        So you are close. The comments were working yesterday, they just didn’t get to me in a way that made it easy for me to see them all and make posts from the great links people leave here.

        • Thanks your the effort of clarification. I just watched a current WELT.de clip about a German mini tank called Weasel. At first I wanted to laugh. But Nazi gigantomania produced fuel-guzzling monsters as the Tiger, which sank into the Russian mud due to their won weight.

          Today one must be mobile and yet armored. It’s exactly the same with mental weapons. Those who aren’t equipped end up as wrecks under the constant bombardment of these left-wing spoilers. On Youtube, those dogs have already robbed you of part of your range.

          • “Refugees welcome” means the same as “computer viruses and hackers welcome!” “No borders, no nations” means “rapists and terrorists welcome”! Or: “Open society” just for you – but not for us!

            • The armed forces that would be necessary at our borders are now all day “present” at the Eifell Tower or at German Christmas markets. Unmistakable results of pathological “left” ideology, that are supposed to give the deceived population “a sense of security”.

        • Understand. The climate lie is the Achilles’ verse of the left, they will stumble over it! Because here it proves whether facts or lies count. Now they’ve overstretched.

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