Watch Candace Owens slice and dice narrative pushing leftists at hearings on “white supremacists”

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  1. Reparations:
    People owning Slaves has been a normal and legal part of life throughout the entire world, during the entire period starting over 100 Centuries before the African slave trade to the New World began… One of the earliest known written records, slavery is treated as an established institution over 37 centuries ago, in The Code of Hammurabi (c. 1760 BC)
    Slavery is STILL happening in Muslim Countries, along with many other evil institutions! However, I don’t hear any Leftists whining about that!
    There are at least 15 verses in both the Old and New Testaments… EACH, with the word ‘Slave’. Yet not one-word condemning slavery! But you never hear this mentioned.
    We should strive as a nation to Move Forward; NOT rehash a time that NONE of us living now had anything to do with… However…
    The DNC is infamous for promising on what it will NEVER deliver!
    One of the Democrats’ most absurd strategies is offering “Reparations for Slavery,” which is nothing more than a cash-for-votes scheme to be billed to American taxpayers.
    “Reparations” are used as a normal, yet forever to be an UNFULFILLED “Empty Promise” by Democrats to Blacks every Election Season, to secure the Black Vote, then after Voting Day, it is promptly ignored and put back into cold-storage until it is once again revived and brought out for the next Election Season.

    Democrats are still pushing for Reparations for slavery as a legitimate idea. This proposal has gone mainstream despite the fact the last American slaves died off, over 40 years ago.

    Of course, the Democratic Party of today argues that African Americans, most of whom descended from slaves all deserve reparations. (Their ancestors being slaves is something we cannot whitewash or forget). This idea has obvious problems, with some of the most salient being that:
    1. No one alive today has ever been a slave and no one alive in this country has ever owned slaves.
    2. Democrats want to steal money from people whose own ancestors fought, bled, and died to end slavery!
    3. 645,000 white men suffered and died and paid “reparations” with their blood to free the slaves.
    4. There was one life lost in the Civil War for every 6 Slaves that were freed!
    5. Many Civil War Veterans were maimed for life, by the loss of arms, legs, and vision.
    6. Many Blacks fought on BOTH sides in the Civil War.
    7. Many Whites and people of other races were immigrants who came to the USA, AFTER the Civil War and they produced millions of children! How are they to be held responsible?
    8. There are some TWO Million African Blacks who got off the boat, AFTER the Civil War, until today and they produced millions of children! How are they owed reparations?
    9. Yet Southern Democrats whose ancestors actually OWNED slaves would pay an equal “share”!
    10. Democrats claim that “DACA” kids should not have to pay for their parents’ crimes. However, ALL White people are still responsible for the actions of pre-Mid-19th Century Slave Owners?
    Southern Democrats first and foremost, then all other Democrats… INCLUDING BLACK Democrats, because Free-Blacks in the South OWNED Slaves too!

    So, the Black Dems get to “Pay” themselves… after an obligatory Governmental “Slight Charge for Shipping and Handling”!

    Bottom line: don’t let the Democrats change America for the worse. Remember November!

    • Don’t forget slavery was destroyed in the Pre Islam Europe, wiped out by Christianity, it was Islam and the Islamic conquest that brought slavery back into Europe. It was the Northern European Christians and their descendants around the world that fought against and ended Slavery in the areas they controlled.

    • Like Trudeau has to apologize for “blackface”© whence he simply theme-party’d a Moor.

      Owen has the same Socialists, from twisting images to twisting her words.

      When the Hand of Guilt is matched by the Hand of Terror, game over. Squished.

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