Brad Johnson update on General Flynn

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  1. This is not about this post
    Some of your other posts have items that show up as blank for me
    For this post
    1. Kirralie Smith makes an excellent point

    2. More communists in UK parliaments

    The actual content of the posts do not show up, if I refresh the page and look fast enough
    the actual post content shows up for a second or two, and if I am quick enough I can click on links, but then it disappears
    This happens on some other posts as well
    Using Firefox 69.0 and have not seen this on any other site

    But keep up the good work
    Enjoy seeing all that you post

  2. The only thing I disagree with him on is the that he wants the evidence to be held to without a shadow of a doubt rather then to a reasonable doubt. No hold them to the same standard everyone else is held to, There are two central tenets of the US legal system, 1) you are innocent until proven guilty and 2) everyone is equal under the law and all trials are held to the same standard. It is imperative that we hold to both tenets in this case, we don’t want anyone in the future to say that we gave any of the Coup members (no matter how highly placed) to a different standard. One rule for all or we are setting the precedent that high ranking politicians and bureaucrats have special rights and that crimes that would send us to jail are allowed if the new higher standard of evidence isn’t met.

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