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11 Replies to “Funny how all the murderous crazies seem to say the same thing on attack”

  1. It is funny the way they all say the same thing, of course our politicians who claim to be the elite are baffled so the rest of us are suppose to follow their lead. Never mind what common sense says listen to the politicians and do what they say.

    • Wish I knew how to edit YouTube & other videos. Someone should make a compilation of videos with just what happened and the savage yelling or the commentary of what the person said, Allahu Akbar.

  2. I met a person recently who at aged fifteen had developed a crush on a radio presenter. They stalked the person but never got to meet them. Now, 40 years later, a vegan, labelled schizophrenic and drugged, they shared their still unrequited fixation with me.

    I responded by sharing the story of my first crush at 14 when I was painfully shy. My classmate was confident, sleeping from boy to boy. For five years I felt this unobtainable love. Projecting my desires onto someone I did not know. When I finally got to meet her, she was taken aback saying her she lacked confidence and then she let me kiss her. Feeling the stubble on her upper lip as she had preened herself excessively, the magic faded away, to realization. In a moment, a mortal. My Precious was not Perfect.

    I said to the person that if their love, was shared by other such lovers, (football fans, movie stars), to join in with the same fixation; it would be called a Religion and no one would be diagnosed as they pray. And it’s only those who seek to find the real person, that they will they discover that all their own versions were fake.

    My added-disability at the time, was not to be objective. This ability to hold two opposing thoughts at once and therefore consciously separate from between the two. I was right-brain dominant. I had no father in me. That’s because I rejected my own father’s voice due to his violent outrages, to thus reject my own internal-father voice. This left-brain that pulls the right-brain out of it’s forever-now, did not function. Absurdity was not faculty I could see.

    And still on top of that, Veganism: Never to hurt an animal. This was also my plight As they were hurt, animals would never be hurt. Another driven attachment.

    This person in front of me, was me.

    So in hindsight, the only thing I had done differently to them, was to have avoided the mental health service when I had a breakdown at college, that I had later started eating meat, and taken the courage from following Jesus (whom I asked to come into my directionless life), by meditating and from the bible-teaching go out and to meet my father to apologize for judging him. The kiss, found the stubble of the good and the evil. Of real, flawed people.

    Heal the body, the brain, and have the mind.

    “The woman, who was 61 when doctors evaluated her, has a condition called Addison’s anemia. The condition is also called pernicious anemia, and it’s caused by a decrease in red blood cells due to a lack of vitamin B12.”

    “According to her sister, she continued talking and shouting about the spirits of dead relatives whom she could see clearly and who told her not to take her medication. She feared that her family would poison her and refused to share meals with them,” the new case report says.”

    Funny how all the murderous crazies seem to say the same thing on attack.

    • Plural and collective pronouns referring to an individual person are just too cute by half. Especially when gender pops up a few sentences later.

      Will Romance languages be neutered?
      Linguistic genocide!
      Ladino goes extinct when my generation dies. Who will fight for Spanish if not latinos? Never latinX!

      • Then please re-read. The person I met, I only described with genderless pronouns. The poetry of life being much more than this. To set them free.

        • Why say “they” if it’s one person? He or she PLUS his or her body lice?

          PRONOUNS – not equal-pay or same-sex marriage or rainbow-flags or hormone-cocktails. Just conventional English usage, that’s all…
          ~ sigh ~

          I’m just old-fashioned. I still wince over “indexes” for “indices”. The only English translation of Scripture that sounds right to me is the King James.

          I won’t give in. I’ll go full- Jordan Peterson defending standard English from gendercidals.

  3. Scissors? Maybe he was a collage enthusiast, or he went on a couponing spree?

    Video is dated sept 11, anybody know if that was the date of the attack? Was it symbolic?

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