“Jews who vote democrat have a lack of knowledge or great disloyalty” -President Donald Trump

This seems like the right time to re-post this important clip from Israeli TV, where a well known and accomplished Israeli intellectual, predicts that Leftist Jews, will bring unto themselves a pogram from the USA for their failure to support President Donald Trump. The only leader in these times who is both willing and capable of supporting the United States as a non-communist polity, as well as a firm defender of the state of Israel.

It is my sincere hope that should this predicted pogrom come to pass, Israel will not allow in the leftist Jews who caused it, just as they would not allow in Tlaib and Omar. In fact, this kind of treason from within is far more dangerous than clear and obvious enemies of both nations, and freedom and individualism itself.

At the end of the day, “I”, not we here at VladTepesBlog, but I myself only, agree with President Trump 100%. I cannot speak for other readers or contributors of this site on this issue. But I stand with president Trump on this 100%.

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  1. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/cortneyobrien/2019/08/20/piers-morgan-todays-leftists-are-unbearable-n2551967

    Years ago I asked if one single well-known leftist would ever give in to their conscience and dare to say anything bad about the current state of the left and if that would have a profound effect on peoples’ thinking. Like, what if Anderson Cooper came down and said he was voting for Trump and the Democrats were turning into Nazis, or what if Nancy Pelosi said, “I can’t keep hurting my country!” and then crossed the aisle to the Republican side of the house…?

    Well, isn’t Piers Morgan pretty much an example of that? Didn’t Piers just say that the left had lost their minds and was heading the country into a dismal fascist nightmare? It probably won’t make any difference but I keep expecting the public to start waking up to the monster that is growing in their own chest. Piers is ringing a very big alarm bell. Listen up, folks…

    • There are a lot in the US who are aware of the monster, they started preparing for the monster back under Obama and most are still getting ready. Everyone that knows enough history can see what is coming, The war will me small unit actions with the left starting it (probably by sending out hit squads against politicians and talking heads that don’t support them). The other western nations who are growing the same monster will have a much harder time to remain free or regain their freedom.

      • I think “The War” is going to percolate along for a hundred years as populations relocate and territories succeed and change allegiances and names. For instance, if they decide to jettison the First or Second Amendment there are a lot of Americans who would say, “I’m outta here” and seek to form a new breakaway state. And I can’t see white people ever accepting AOC or Ilhan Omar as their masters. Can you imagine that – President Ocasio Cortez? The little bitch hates white people without reservation and would have us all in chains paying for our sins with our every breath…

        I think the war will be international and will go on for many generations…

        • 100 years is the minimum time I am giving it, I do think that within 20 to 30 years all nations that have any form of functional government will be allowing all of their people to be armed. The ones with non functional governments will be the ones that are breeding violence and new migrations.

          The long war will also return us to full blown tribalism and require a long struggle to restore the rule of law to the nation.

          The long war and the return to tribalism doesn’t mean we will lose technology, we will be in a brutal Dark Age but we will keep high tech and new tech will be developed.

  2. VLAD: You’re not alone. We’re seeing a slight trend now: Jews switching to the Republican Party. Video 2 is excellent.

    • Yucki has been saying that God is culling the herd, the intelligent that see what is coming and prepare for it will (for the most part) survive while the others will fail the test.

      Keep your musket clean, your powder dry, your bug out bag packed and have more then one bug out route planned. Things are going to get nasty and the unprepared are going to be in big trouble.

  3. Being Progressive and Jewish seems to me an irresponsible intellectual dalliance only affordable in good times. I’ve never understood it really. The cost of squandering common sense in bad times is just too high.

  4. Stop drawing attention to my ethnic group! Can’t you fixate on Mormons or Amish or Armenians or Greeks or 7th Day Adventists or Chaldeans or Cubans? There are so many other ethno-religious groups in the US! By devoting searchable text to this one you are priming the pump for a hostile entity who looks to the internet for highly ranked topics (Streis’d effect). Given that so many Americans–even PT–have a friend or family relationship with the J community, it is illogical to use the J affiliation as a distinctive indicator of political affiliation. Give it up.

    • And yet you are happy for us to focus on muslims and seek the source of their terror of the dead? Their jinns that pop in and out of their heads, unseen.

      The Messiah would never have been written about by the Greeks – as a counterpoint and explanation of what Judaism should be – if it had not first degenerated and split into male and female egos of the Pharisee and Sadducee, of National Socialists and International Socialists. Narcissists. The pecking-ordered Chicken or Chosen Egg.

      Thankfully the majority of Js, (like Christmas and Easter no longer have Roman Christianised mobs leaving their Churches), retain the culture of the best values, and their New Israel remains a beacon of light – just as America desperately tries to hold onto it, remembering ‘you shall have no king.’

      As always, the battle for their right to vanity, the mirrors of honor or pride, by such same and others, continues. Misery and being hard done by, is their only sense of life. They can’t create anything and rightly point out to each other, “you didn’t make that!”

      The Stepford Wives is a movie from such seduced, whose only pleasure is in the destruction of the family:

  5. A canary in the societal coal mine, and how this canary is treated is indicative, historically, of the health of societies.

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