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6 Replies to “The state of German, TV commie propaganda”

  1. “Men eat more meat, so they are the main destroyers of the environment.” That women freeze constantly in winter and therefore turn on the heaters, no mention of that. That women constantly buy new clothes, which are produced with high energetic expenditure in the third world, unimportant! After all, these abnormal leftist bra burners are going finally on “birth strike”. That gives hope!

  2. “HYPOCRISY: Limousine Liberals Flock To Posh Italian Resort In Private Jets, Mega Yachts — To Talk Climate Change” by Joseph Curl – July 31, 2019


    “Hey Siri! Hey Alexa! Hey Google!”
    by Radio Patriot – July 30, 2019

  3. When finally “domestic flights are banned”, we can only hope the next time on the platform one of these “green” intellectual sex offenders will be hit if one of their imported favorites gives them a kick or push from behind. But since they have always been only the better-off profiteers of their unheard-of madness, this is hardly to be assumed. https://www.thelocal.de/20190723/trains-instead-of-planes-germanys-greens-want-to-make-domestic-flights-obsolete

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