John Anderson and Peter Hitchens discuss the communist revolution no one noticed

In conversations I have with people about the nature of things today there is often an interesting moment. The moment where my conversation partner asks: “Ok I can see that is being done, but why? Why would they do these things?”

That is often a difficult question to answer because it requires yet another true understanding of a large and very alien to a Western thinker.

The issue of Leftism and its real modus and goals.

This video actually does a very good job of dealing with that question, with few missing pieces.

One such piece is the use of the term Gramscian without explanation.

Antonio Gramsci was the great promoter of the idea of “the long march through the institutions (which the Wiki article fails to mention but does describe) originally proposed by Mao.

The Stephen Coughlin section of the following video gives a great short explanation of the ‘Gramscian method’:

Malevolent Pixie, who sent this in, recommends having it on while doing chores. A nod to the fact that very few of us have the 45 minutes for a video of people talking. But I found it engrossing enough to watch it with focus, and intense enough that you wouldn’t want to do anything that requires a lot of brain power or you will lose the meaning of what is being said and none of it is pot boiler.

H/T Malevolent Pixie

As a postscript, its interesting that as I learn more, the mental theatrics of his brother, Christopher Hitchens, who was a great opponent of Islam in his day and in his way, becomes less interesting that stolid, conservative and deeply Christian thinking of Peter. Who takes a deeper dive into the strategy, as opposed to battling tactics.

No disrespect to Christopher. He had some truly great moments.

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2 Replies to “John Anderson and Peter Hitchens discuss the communist revolution no one noticed”

  1. 2005 Former MSA Ahmed Shama. “The only obligation that we have to live in this country is da’wa. because why am I saying that? because we are paying taxes, these taxes are going to kill our brothers and sisters. so we better have a good justification for what we do. the end goal of everything that we were talking about is the establishment of the Islamic form of government.”

    “Politics is a weapon”.

    “Pease is the absence of opposition”.

    “I will die to establish Islam”

    CAIR’s Nihad Awad early 2000. “Give scholarships. Five years you will have army of lawyers, POLITICIANS, journalists, teachers who go to schools, universities, who can educate people about the history of Islam-The true Islam”.

    In 2008 Sarwat Husain, National board member of CAIR. “It is very important, media in the U.S. is very gullible. OK? And we will see if you have something, especially as a Muslim, if you have something to say, they’ll come running to you and take advantage of that”.

    Jaafar Idris “So there is a jihad, the primary jihad, according to the Qu’ran, is the jihad with the word. But then we there is jihad in the sense of violence. There is no doubt about this. Islam is not a pacifist religion. Islam is a realistic religion”.

    The Muslim Brotherhoods. “ There has to be a sacrifice, there has to be a calamity, we must be tested, because cheap victory does not last…. and no one is capable “to carry it” except the mighty giant of Islamic thought”

    Sheikh Ahmed Badran recently said: “Once Muslims come to power, they will NEVER allow infidels to rule over Muslims”

    I have been listening for a long time, I believe them, too damn bad the politicians were not listening or are they all globalists?

  2. Peter Hitchens has written a book in answer to his older brother Christopher’s (God is not Great). Peter’s book is called “Rage against God.” Available on Kindle and well worth a read. He speaks about his early years as an atheist and Trotskyist, and why he left the Left, and returned to the faith. (Though he was devastated by the changes that had taken place in the Anglican Church is his absence). He covers some of the issues of how we got here in more detail. It’s a very good read.

    I agree with him that we have to look to ourselves individually, to improve ourselves, but it can’t stop there, we are meant to work together to defeat evil, not as lone rangers.
    And I have to say, that is why Jesus left us the Church, so we would be united to him (“Apart from me you can do nothing” John 15:5), and wouldn’t be alone.
    I disagree with him that things cannot improve in this life. Today’s reading at Mass was where Jesus teaches the Apostles the Our Father, it ends with: “Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”
    So we are meant to pray and work for it, and we’re meant to have Hope.

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