More trump wins and French losses: Links 2, July 26, 2019

1. Supreme Court rules Trump can use military funds for border wall construction

(President Trump wins another one! Take that Ann Coulter!)

The Supreme Court on Friday ruled that the Trump administration can start using military funds to construct a wall on the southern border, handing the president a major legal victory.
The court’s four liberal justices each at least partially dissented on the ruling.
President Trump hailed the news in a tweet, calling it a “Big WIN for Border Security and the Rule of Law!”

2. France attempts to do over President Trump and the USA. Let’s see how that works out for Macron and the French economy, already suffering from his near totalitarian regime.

3. Judicial Watch investigated Ilhan Omar marriage and immigration fraud?

4. The long form clip of Jessica Jonathan Yanev including info about the HRC ‘tribunal’

Thank you all for your contributions today. Things are moving quite quickly these days. Culture-threatening issues are coming at us all like waves to a beach. Now it seems to be all about making us eat stuff we didn’t ask for when we want a burger or other beef product.


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4 Replies to “More trump wins and French losses: Links 2, July 26, 2019”

  1. “…Take that Ann Coulter!…

    That opportunistic floozy is not even a “good-weather-friend”, she belonged in the Democrat nest from way back. Oyyy !!!! Coulter !!!!! The Quad is looking for a 5th wheel on their wagon. You will be the right fit if you can change back to brunette fast.
    Psssst….. I never quite trusted you. From the department of unsolicited advice:
    get your advertising-contract for infidel colour shampoo in as soon as possible, soon even your bottle blond mane won’t be worth a dime. Miouuuuuuuu.

    • Well, it is possible she was trying to taunt him, sort of like pulling him, to build the wall. Now of course he can say he is and did. Coulter isn’t like the anti-trump people who hate the president because of what he does and wants to do. She was on his case to hurry up and do what he said he would do. A different proposition.

      Also she is pretty much a media creature. With Trump in the White House, there isn’t much use for her, so I guess she found her new niche by being a sort of critic of the President’s but from the plus side rather than the minus side if you see what I mean. She had to stay on TV and sell books while not coming out against him, but still being controversial in some way.

      • I see where both of you are coming from and to an extent agree with both of you, Ann Coulter is good when the Dems are in control but when the Repubs are in control she is left out of the spotlight, a position she can’t stand.

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