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6 Replies to “Churches in France spontaneously combust”

  1. Still remember shortly after finding out that Notre Dame was on fire, finding a very short clip online, impossible to doctor and very poignant which though I’ve not looked for it, haven’t found mentioned specifically anywhere since – : showed a rapidly walking individual in the corridor of the South Tower (I am not familiar with ND – I think that was the term – could have been another corridor) – wearing typical Muslim attire. A short time later, saw the tweet referenced from the cathedral workers (people associated with the Cathedral – I forget the term!) saying – the fire was deliberately set. GloriaTV ran the comments I read – carrying the information I found.

  2. The globalists want Islam to take over and suppress Christianity, so this behavior is acceptable. They aren’t going to go against their chosen people.

  3. Their patrimony going up in flames, everywhere. It’s only when they see their churches torched and gone forever, do they start missing them. When will they wake up?

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