Watch the sick betrayal of the West and the Truth by a panel of the influential in the USA

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The Afghan woman courageously says in one sentence what Islam really is. She doesn’t spare a single adjective and listen to the mealy mouth, relativist and even in the case of McMaster, the 100% near word for word, Muslim Brotherhood line on terrorism and islam.

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  1. Apparently, if you listen to Islamic appeasers enough, you will come to understand that shooting the puck into the opponents net means that the terrorists win. I love it when they make that point and save us from scoring points and letting the “Terrorists Win”. Boy, you’ve got to have some high IQ for that to start making sense…

    • This is the same logic that dictates how using drastic measures (i.e., ones that actually work) against jihadists means that, “the terrorists have won.”

      Well, guess what, Nimrod? Do nothing and “the terrorists win”. Appease Islam and “the terrorists win. Act halfheartedly and “the terrorists win”. Piddle around expurgating sharia-compliant military manuals and “the terrorists win”. Pass laws against “Islamophobia” and “the terrorists win”.

      We won a World War against Nazis without opening our own death camps and we defeated Imperial Japan without raping any Nankings. Odds are looking just as good that we can crush Islam’s nuts like glass without a backwards glance.

      Where all of this leads is to the apex of Cultural Marxism. This pinnacle of sedition causes ordinary people to be so unsure of this world that their shattered self-confidence requires even the smartest amongst them to perform in situ field testing before anyone can even assure us that thermonuclear devices will work against Muslims anymore.

      We shall overcome … Cultural Marxism, that is. Let the “testing” begin!

      • Last night on Fox Mark Levin had a collage law professor on as guest, they talked about several but the most important was that no matter who wins the 2020 election the Dems have fundamentally changed the US government. They have destroyed the tradition of peaceful exchange of power and they have destroyed the idea that the government can only do what the enumerated powers say it can.

        They didn’t go so far as to say that we need to start all over again but they got close to that, our founders said that our government would work only if we had good people who loved the country in the government. We are now facing the struggle to return to the dream of the founders instead of continuing down the path to the nightmare of Marxism. To win the current war means we have to name the enemies and the current version of Marxism that we are calling liberalism is the prime enemy. Islam is the secondary enemy, we are not allowed to openly call either of the groups our enemies but that is want they are, both groups want to destroy the US.

        You mentioned how we won WWII without turning into Nazi’s, one of the reasons we had so much internal support for WWII was Hitler invading the Soviet Union. Prior to that the left in the US proudly claimed fascism as part of the Marxist family and screamed if any one talked about stopping Hitler’s attempted conquest. After the invasion the left screamed for the US to send all of our military to Russia to protect Marxism. Our elected government was infiltrated to about the same extent is is now but the massive expansion of the Military that was required to win the war allowed the Patriots to keep most of our military and intel groups (such as we the had) fairly clean.

        Donald Trump came out of center field to win the 2016 Presidency and he has been busy 1) working to save the US and 2) learn the job of being President so he can do a better job of saving us. We will have to trust that he has plans that he is working to get moving and pray that most of them work.

  2. “…35 years in fear of islam and Political Correctness…”

    ‘Betrayed by a society of intelectuals.’

    Pederasts and Pedophiles.

    When rapists have a protected sexual identity too.

    • As I understand it, that is a near verbatim quote from the Muslim Brotherhood manual on how to handle the issue of islamic terrorism.

      McMaster is something. Im not sure what, but its bad.

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