Double plus ungood now that Trudeau has hired Winston Smith

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  1. They should read “Champlain’s Dream” by David Hackett Fischer,
    recommended by former Governor General, David Johnston, in his first speech when he became Governor General.
    According to the author Champlain admired the Indians and hoped for a country where settlers and the native population could live together in peace. One account is where the starving natives came to the settlement and were given food by the settlers.
    Living in our omfortable 21st century we forget what harsh conditions were like for the early settlers.

    • Permit me to suggest Allan Eckert’s sometimes excruciatingly accurate, “The Frontiersmen” and “Wilderness Empire” stories. By turn, his fictive but historically accurate settlers and natives each subject the other to some of the most imaginatively cruel horrors conceivable. Slow roasting and skinning alive were opening acts in Teepee Town and White scalp-buyers didn’t flinch at teaching their eager redskin pupils the finer points of barbarism.

      Scattered like blue-green planets in the celestial void, acts of kindness and mercy glimmered amidst more commonplace depravity. Tragically for all involved, too often such benevolences were an exception that proved the rule of venal prerevolutionary governments—many of which operated beyond the reach of accountability or penalty.

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