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3 Replies to “Should Antifa Be Designated a Domestic Terror Group?”

  1. Yes it should be declared a domestic terror group.

    A few days ago the video of Obama calling for a civilian national security corp was posted. At the time of the speech people said he was calling for an American version of the SS, we are now seeing that civilian national security corp (American SS) in operation in Portland and elsewhere. Earlier this week Michelle Malkin said the attack on Andy Ngo was just the start of the violence. She is right, it is starting and it will grow and spread to tear the entire world apart.

    After the fall of the Soviet Union the left started talking about a new world order, meaning a world they control. Well we are seeing the formation of a new world order, a world order composed of chaos, tribalism and constant low order fighting around the world. The left has sowed the wind and the entire world is about to reap the whirlwind. This whirlwind will be composed of a world order of high tech and low education, a whirlwind of arrogance and ignorance that will see the return to societies or “prickly” men and women who will use violence to settle any and all slights and attacks, real and imagined.

    A new world order that the left has created for us to live in, the only question is will we be free and ready to defend our freedom or will we be serfs who are (for all practical purposes) owned by the local Oligarchs. A new world order that is a return to feudal societies with private armies and private wars between oligarchs and competing groups.

    All we can do is fight to remain free and to work to rebuild the rule of law and civilization.

    • Sooner or later, they are going to murder someone. Then the politicians will act – too late.

      All of which is why it is so imperative to nudge the politicians (especially those of the “career” stripe) into the crosshairs.

      Maybe it starts with a spate of problems when the entrances to their gated communities do not close properly and allow for various unsavory individuals to present themselves at sundry estate doorsteps (and bedroom windows).

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