Bella Dodd, Communist Leader on Catholic Church Infiltration

This is an extraordinary video. I am only half way through and my understanding of communism and how it operates is significantly either more solid where I was aware of the material, or expanded to a greater understanding of the events and people I see around me in positions of influence. The revelations about communist infiltration and subversion of the Church alone makes it worth the time to watch. Please download it and keep a copy, and try and find time to listen to it while washing dishes or whatever activity that allows you to listen to something like this.

For those that want a more comprehensive look at what communist groups where doing at that time, and today through vehicles like the Democrat Socialists of America, get the book, Witness, by Whittaker Chambers.


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  1. “A devout Christian thrown off a university social work course after being accused of posting derogatory comments about homosexuals and bisexuals “on Facebook has won a legal battle and says his victory is ‘great news’ for anyone who cares about free speech.
    Felix Ngole, 40, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said he was expressing a traditional Christian view and complained that Sheffield University bosses unfairly stopped him completing a postgraduate degree.
    He said his rights to freedom of speech and thought, enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights, were breached when he was thrown out.
    University bosses said Mr Ngole showed ‘no insight’ and the decision to remove him from the course was fair.
    They said he had been studying for a professional qualification and they had to consider his fitness to practise.
    A judge ruled against Mr Ngole after a High Court trial in London in 2017, but three Court of Appeal judges have overturned that ruling by Deputy High Court Judge Rowena Collins Rice.
    They say university bosses should reconsider.
    Lord Justice Irwin, Lord Justice Haddon-Cave and Sir Jack Beatson had analysed Mr Ngole’s appeal at a Court of Appeal hearing in London in March and ruled in his favour on Wednesday.
    ‘This is great news, not only for me and my family, but for everyone who cares about freedom of speech, especially for those working in or studying for caring professions,’ said Mr Ngole after the appeal ruling.
    ‘As Christians we are called to serve others and to care for everyone, yet publicly and privately we must also be free to express our beliefs and what the Bible says without fear of losing our livelihoods.’
    Mr Ngole was enrolled on a two-year MA Social Work degree course in September 2014.”

    The Court Judgement:
    “(10) The University wrongly confused the expression of religious views with the notion of discrimination. The mere expression of views on theological grounds (e.g. that ‘homosexuality is a sin’) does not necessarily connote that the person expressing such views will discriminate on such grounds. In the present case, there was positive evidence to suggest that the Appellant had never discriminated on such grounds in the past and was not likely to do so in the future (because, as he explained, the Bible prohibited him from discriminating against anybody).”
    Document at
    Ngole -v- Sheffield University judgment – Courts and Tribunals Judiciary

    You can’t be a Social Worker and A Christian
    The Rainbow is Inclusive as can be.
    No one is a Sinner, Repenter or Remission
    You’ll only get the job if you agree.

    It is easier to infiltate institutions that already set themselves up with an infallible Pope on Earth or in Heaven; for they receive their instructions like antennae and therefore anyone can just modify the signal.

    For the soul, there is no such external effect. You either accept or reject. Yes is your yes and your no is your no. No Buck, Cuck or Suck can impress with their collective-feathers of one billion+ capitulators.

    This is the fear of the scoundrel who has a prison of immense torture:
    Communism: that their sockpuppet of Socialism is not being worshiped.
    Muhammadism: their sockpuppet of Allah is not being worshipped.
    Narcissism: that their sockpuppet of LGBTQ+ is not being worshipped.

  2. Wherever there is a concentration of Right Honorable power, undisputed, will the revolutionary be able to remove and replace them.

    The distribution of power (and not free stuff), in the government, public space and internet will make their capture difficult.

    So put in a Communist as Pope, and the new oral tradition will attract and rewards the like-minded. The original hive is taken over.

    • The original hive is taken over.

      New hives for old! New hives for old!

      — Scheherazade – Mohammad and the Magic Lamp Hive

      Or, as my bee-keeping sweetheart once (and only once) told me, “Not tonight, dear. I’ve got hives.” Trust me: With her wasp waist and honeyed throat, I pinned her wings down and gave her the first pollenating she’d ever had, right there in my bed. The flower bed … that is.

      I needed less than a minute to spread her petals. It’s sort of like that joke about making the horse stop laughing. She quit flitting about settled straight down to guzzle some nectar after I showed her the size of my stinger. The only problem after that was making her stop.

    • “Personally, I believe that the methods of Communist influence are both direct and indirect today. The paedophilia scandal in the Catholic Church could not have happened without years of subversion and the co-opting of useful idiots as enablers. And it would not surprise me if the same dark forces which engineered this perversion in the seminaries and parishes then decried all of it as corruption in the Church.

      Similarly, in the Protestant churches we have more entertainment and feel-good preaching than solid study of Scripture. From praise bands to the Emergent Church movement, our worship moves us inevitably closer to Man than to God. Again, my hypothesis is that this is a combination of conscious subversion with the co-opting of useful idiots.”

      This all supposes that it was not Roman Christianity herself that created Islam, LGTBQ+ and Communism in the very first place.

      From the House of the Single Mother.

      Where Protestantism was just the father leaving home, having had enough.

      The Power of the Christian Image forced out the Power of the Christian Word. Sadducee and Pharisee. Just as bat-crazy as the other. Their three kids, the Inversion of their Trinity-on-your-sleeves, self-harming for a sense of life.

      2 + 2 = 5 being just one more religion of intimidation. In return for allegence, a sense of pride replaces integrity. Communism. Where if no one is allowed to scrutinize and just pay up, all will be well. The mafia strikes again.

      • “…The lie stuck like a fish-bone in the throat of the microphone…”
        – Malcolm Muggeridge

        “The Relationship Between Justice and Truth”
        by John Prothro – September 16, 2009


        “…truth is very beautiful; more so, as I consider, than justice — today’s pursuit — which easily puts on a false face. In the nearly seven decades I have lived through, the world has overflowed with bloodshed and explosions whose dust has never had time to settle before others have erupted; all in purportedly just causes. The quest for justice continues, and the weapons and hatred pile up; but truth was an early casualty. The lies on behalf of which our wars have been fought and our peace treaties concludes! The lies of revolution and of counter-revolution! The lies of advertising, of news, of salesmanship, of politics! The lies of the priest in his pulpit, the professor at his podium, the journalist at his typewriter! The lie stuck like a fish-bone in the throat of the microphone, the hand-held lies of the prowling cameraman! Ignazio Silone told me once how, when he was a member of the old Comintern, some strategem was under discussion, and the delegate, a newcomer who had never attended before, made the extraordinary observation that if such and such statement were to be put out, it wouldn’t be true. There was a moment of dazed silence, and then everyone began to laugh. They laughed and laughed until tears ran down their cheeks and the Kremlin walls seemed to shake. The same laughter echoes in every council chamber and cabinet room, wherever two or more are gathered together to exercise authority. It is truth that has died, not God.”
        – Malcolm Muggeridge – 1972

  3. “All in One Lifetime” – Malcolm Muggeridge
    by Noble – March 7, 2013

    “We look back upon history and what do we see? Empires rising and falling, revolutions and counter-revolutions, wealth accumulating and wealth dispersed, one nation dominant and then another. Shakespeare speaks of ‘the rise and fall of great ones that ebb and flow with the moon.’
    I look back on my own fellow countrymen ruling over a quarter of the world, the great majority of them convinced, in the words of what is still a favorite song, that, ‘God who’s made the mighty would make them mightier yet.’ I’ve heard a crazed, cracked Austrian announce to the world the establishment of a German Reich that would last a thousand years; an Italian clown announce that he would restart the calendar to begin his own ascension to power. I’ve heard a murderous Georgian brigand in the Kremlin acclaimed by the intellectual elite of the world as a wiser than Solomon, more humane than Marcus Aurelius, more enlightened than Ashoka. I’ve seen America wealthier and in terms of weaponry, more powerful than the rest of the world put together, so that had the American people desired, could have outdone an Alexander or a Julius Caesar in the range and scale of their conquests.
    All in one lifetime.All in one lifetime.
    All gone with the wind. England part of a tiny island off the coast of Europe, threatened with dismemberment and even bankruptcy. Hitler and Mussolini dead, remembered only in infamy. Stalin a forbidden name in the regime he helped found and dominate for some three decades. America haunted by fears of running out of those precious fluids that keep her motorways roaring, and the smog settling, with troubled memories of a disastrous campaign in Vietnam, and the victories of the Don Quixotes of the media as they charged the windmills of Watergate.
    All in one lifetime, all gone. Gone with the wind.
    Behind the debris of these self-styled, sullen supermen and imperial diplomatists, there stands the gigantic figure of one person, because of whom, by whom, in whom, and through whom alone mankind might still have hope. The person of Jesus Christ.” – Malcolm Muggeridge

    “Gone with the Wind – All in one Lifetime”
    Cataphatism – Published on April 20, 2010

    Excerpt from, ‘Let My People Think – Absolute Truth in Relative Terms Nation in Decay’ by Ravi Zacharias

    • “A Tale of Truth and Two Journalists”
      by Ian Hunter – March 27, 2000


      Enter Malcolm Muggeridge. In the spring of 1933 Muggeridge did an audacious thing; without permission he set off on a train journey through what had formerly been the breadbasket of the Soviet Union, the Ukraine and North Caucusus. What Muggeridge witnessed, he never forgot. In a series of articles smuggled out in the diplomatic pouch, he described a man-made famine that had become a holocaust: peasants, millions of them, dying like famished cattle, sometimes within sight of full granaries, guarded by the army an police. “At a railway station early one morning, I saw a line of people with their hands tied behind them, being herded into cattle trucks at gunpoint – all so silent and mysterious and horrible in the half light, like some macabre ballet.” At a German co-operative farm, an oasis of prosperity in the collectivized wilderness he saw peasants kneeling down in the snow, begging for a crust of bread. In his Diary, Muggeridge wrote: “Whatever else I may do or think in the future, I must never pretend that I haven’t seen this. Ideas will come and go; but this is more than an idea. It is peasants kneeling down in the snow and asking for bread. Something that I have seen and understood.”

      “How The New York Times Contributed To Ukraine’s ‘Bitter Harvest’ In The 1930s”
      by Eugene Veklerov – March 24, 2017

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