The cancer of Communism metastasizes: Links 2, July 2, 2019

1. Some police photos of ANTIFA thugs from Portland, wanted for the attack on Andy:

Lots more photos of ANTIFA in the Twitter thread, and here as well.

2. Funny how whenever Muslims harass, intimidate or otherwise bully the infidel in our own countries from which they draw so much assistance, the media only bothers with one side of the story.

Listen to this media report and then read the account by the other side and decide which seems more credible:

3. Strraight Pride event now scheduled for Boston.

Bookies now taking bets on how many people get injured by ANTIFA and other communist/deconstructionist groups as “counter-protest” to something which isn’t even a protest.

4. Ethiopians rioting in Israel tonight:

5. IKEA sacks employee for quoting the Bible after he was told to participate in pro-LGBTQ event: “I’ve been hired to sell furniture… these aren’t my values”

(Well. It’s official. Men having sex with other men is now a religion and not supporting it is the new blasphemy that results in everything from losing your livelihood to being attacked and beaten. So far.)

The world’s largest furniture retailer has fired an employee for quoting Bible verses after staff were told to participate in a gay-pride event.


The long-term employee, known only as Tomasz K, was sacked by IKEA after he refused to withdraw critical comments he posted on the company intranet which included quotes from the Bible.


The store had posted a notice on its intranet asking staff to join in celebrating International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. Staff were also allegedly asked to pay attention to people’s preferred pronouns and engage in positive conversations with LGBTQ people about their gay partners and their same-sex families.

(Just to point out the obvious: This is WoRSE than no freedom of speech. This is FORCED speech. Its next level up form the already unacceptably Soviet+ Canadian bill C17 where its a criminal offence to not use some pronoun or other. I just told this story to a Polish colleague of ours, who told me that in the 1970s in Poland, if you did not show up to a Mayday ‘celebration’, you would be fired at the very least. Just so we all know where this compulsory show of values comes from.)

6. A quick look at SOME of the documented cases of ANTIFA attacking journalists.

7. This Twitter thread from Andy Ngo’s Lawyer is quite excellent.

8. At a public school, little children were encouraged to lie down on top of a transvestite for some unfathomable reason.

This link contains photos you cannot unsee.

The story is here.

For those of you who find this story incomprehensible or unfathomable, its worth looking up an American ex-communist activist named Bella Dodd, who explained how The Soviet Union under Stalin, encouraged gays and communists to enter the seminary and work their way up. The long shag through the institutions I guess you could say, in order to destroy a bedrock of civilization by perversion. Then this thing at schools suddenly just looks like an extension of that policy.

Thank you Sassy, M., EB., Richard, Xanthippa, Ava Lon, and so many others that consistently work to make this a site of both enlightenment, and The Enlightenment. 

Israel seems to be enjoying some diversity as well.


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    • “Church Crisis: Communist & Homosexual Infiltration & a Time for Purification ~ Fr Robert Altier”
      Sensus Fidelium – Published on August 28, 2018

  1. Yes the communists spend as much time and money to get control of the educational system as they did getting control of so many of the Christian sects. Christianity and Greek Thought are two very important bedrocks of Western Civilization, if they can be destroyed the left thinks it will be easier for the left to take over. Or so they hope, I doubt it they will be able to get rid of their Islamic weapons. I also doubt that the free people of North America will lay down and roll over so the left can take over.

  2. C.K. Bouferrache ( ) doubts the reports of quick drying cement being mixed in the milkshakes because some people were drinking theirs. I don’t doubt that there were shakes spiked with the cement, not all but a few to use as weapons.

    Read the article at the link above:

    This guy above walked up to Andy from behind, not realizing I was watching him and taking pictures of the scene. I saw him reach into his fanny pack as he got close to Andy. Then I said, “Hey, what are you doing?”

    He immediately swerved away and took off at a jog. I gave chase to try and get a better picture, but was blocked by people to keep me from doing so. I don’t know what he was going to take out of his fanny pack, but it wasn’t a milkshake.

    The brief take away above hints at the idea that there was something much worse planned for Andy Ngo but the planned attack was stopped by C.K. Bouferrache. Late last year or earlier this year there were reports of the leftists on Twitter were openly discussing what were the best weapons for assassinations and how to use the weapons.

    Am I reading too much into what the man saw or was this a planned assassination that was interrupted, or was the man reaching for a bike lock to use as we have seen before.

  3. 3 – The number injured will be more then the Propaganda Media report, and the victims will be blamed for the violence.

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