Marxism’s war against the West, and muslims are their bullets: Links 1, July 1, 2019

1. California Churches being forced by law to submit to cultural marxist, weaponized sex

2. Polish court upholds freedom of association

WARSAW, June 26 (Reuters) – A Polish printer who refused to make posters for an LGBT foundation because of his religious beliefs should not have been convicted because workers have a right to act according to their conscience, a court ruled on Wednesday.


LGBT rights have become a hot-button issue in Poland ahead of an election scheduled for October or November, with conservatives depicting campaigners as a threat to traditional Polish values.


Adam J. was convicted of refusing to provide a service without a justifiable reason in 2017, provoking the ire of Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro who referred the case to the Supreme Court, which upheld the ruling. Ziobro also referred the case to the Constitutional Tribunal.


The Tribunal ruled on Wednesday that the law the printer was convicted under was unconstitutional, because punishment for refusing to provide services on the grounds of beliefs interfered with the service providers’ rights to act according to their conscience, PAP news agency reported.

3. London Zoo to hold Pride weekend parade to celebrate its gay Penguins

London Zoo is holding a Pride weekend to celebrate several gay couples within its 93 Humboldt penguin population.

The Regent’s park zoo has several same-sex couples and has decided to celebrate Pride month as a nod to gay penguin couples like Ronnie and Reggie, who famously adopted an abandoned egg.

Zookeepers are announcing the decision with a banner that bears the slogan: “Some penguins are gay, get over it.”

The message was inspired by the “Get Over It” campaign run by equal rights charity Stonewall.

(A little bit of tangental irony here. The schools, which the muslims are protesting over sex ed in the UK, had already ditched all the most extreme materials because of the percentage of muslim students at the school and all they had left of the cultural-Marxist indoctrination was a single story book about a pair of gay penguins. It might also be noted that if all penguins were gay, it would mean the extinction of penguins. Not sure why you would want to celebrate that, even if you are an Orca or a Leopard seal.)

4. Lebanon forces Syrian refugees to tear down walls

Lebanese troops entered on Monday refugee settlements in a town near the Syrian border to make sure that brick and concrete walls have been torn down, Lebanon’s state-run news agency said.


Lebanese authorities have undertaken their most aggressive campaign yet to make Syrian refugees return home, and can’t put down roots. Earlier this year, the military gave refugeesuntil July 1 to remove any wall taller than waist high.


The National News Agency said only four of the 20 settlements that the troops visited in Arsal still had walls. The town is home to 60,000 refugees living in informal camps in the surrounding fields.


Save the Children spokeswoman Joelle Bassoul said up to 3,000 homes were supposed to be demolished in Arsal, adding that less than half were demolished by the refugees. She said they have reports the army moved into three camps and demolished some homes.

(Imagine if Israel had done this to illegal homes or torn down walls that created new territories outside of national sovereignty. Outrage would have to come down to half price)

5. No Skirts: Bradford Schoolgirls Ordered to Wear ‘Gender Neutral’ Trousers

(Pretty sure this is an attempt to look like they are submitting to marxism, but in fact are really trying to protect their girls from being raped and turned into sex slaves by muslim gangs in the UK. This of course, is because of the mistaken idea that muslims will somehow be less tempted to exploit a white British girl if she is wearing pants. Pants however, are strictly forbidden on girls in Islam. So this should work out just fine)

Schoolgirls at Appleton Academy in Bradford, West Yorkshire, have been ordered to wear “gender neutral” trousers instead of skirts at the start of the next academic year.

“The minor policy change means that, from September 2019, the uniform for all secondary pupils is changing to trousers only,” stated the Exceed Academies Trust which runs the Appleton Academy — which was rated as requiring improvement by schools regulator Ofsted — in comments reported by the Daily Mirror.


“There are a number of reasons for this change; it is gender neutral in line with the policy in the majority of secondary schools, it simplifies the uniform and it removes the issue of pupils wearing skirts that are an inappropriate length.


“In response to the policy change, the reaction from our pupils has been very mature; they have calmly asked the reason behind the decision and politely accepted the explanation provided,” they claimed — but pupils and parents who described the decision as “ridiculous” and “sexist” begged to differ.

Related tweet suggesting what kind of area this is:

Breitbart London on Twitter

UK: Whites Scared, White-Owned Businesses Stoned in a Racially Divided Bradford ‘Heading for Disaster’

6. The communist thugs who have taken over Portland managed to beat an elderly gentleman over the head with a crowbar. Not sure what his crime was, but communism basically word-paints any opposition to communism as a death penalty offence and attacks them. Another reason why Islam and leftism are so close.

Direct link in case the hackish embed code doesn’t work:

7. This is an article, possibly a transcript of a speech, by Vaclav Klaus. One of my very favorite politicians of all time, and former president of the Czech republic. In this article he deals with the problem of the EU. (A worthy read)

8. Putin attacks Western views on gay rights and multiculturalism and says immigrants are free to ‘kill, plunder and rape with impunity because their rights are protected’ ahead of G20 meeting with May

Vladimir Putin has boasted that liberalism in Europe and the US has ‘outlived its purpose’ and called the decision to allow millions of migrants into the EU a ‘cardinal mistake’ as the G20 summit in Osaka began today with the Russian President sharing warm words with Donald Trump. 


The Moscow leader criticised Western views on gay rights, immigration and multiculturalism – which he claimed were an attack on ‘traditional family values’. 


In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Putin said ‘the liberal idea’ was on its way out as the public turned its back on these issues. And he claimed German chancellor Angela Merkel made a ‘cardinal mistake’ in her 2017 decision to allow a million refugees into the country.


He said: ‘[Liberals] cannot simply dictate anything to anyone just like they have been attempting to do over the recent decades. 

‘This liberal idea presupposes that nothing needs to be done. That migrants can kill, plunder and rape with impunity because their rights as migrants have to be protected.’

He added: ‘Every crime must have its punishment. The liberal idea has become obsolete. It has come into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population.’ 

November 2016 video of Putin on Europe and its transformation by migration.

Direct link:

Video link

Thank you SB., M., Richard, EB., Wrath of Khan, Coram Deo, C., Johnny U., and a lot of other great thinkers and dedicated freedom fighters who contribute to this site every day.

Now that people have been encouraged to believe that they “have been born into the wrong sex body” is now not only normalized, but its criminal to not pretend along with them that such a ludicrous thing is even possible, could this be the next thing we have to pretend? 

I wonder if teachers will have to amputate limbs soon.

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  1. “Sexual addiction is best described as a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. Like all addictions, its negative impact on the addict and on family members increases as the disorder progresses. Over time, the addict usually has to intensify the addictive behavior to achieve the same results.”

    • [waves to David Carradine]

      PC, consider reading, “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat”.

      From: Oliver Sacks – Ch. 18:

      Somewhat similar states—a strange emotionalism; sometimes nostalgia, ‘reminiscence’and déjà vu associated with intense olfactory hallucinations, are characteristic of ‘uncinate seizures’, a form of temporal lobe epilepsy first described by Hughlings Jackson about a century ago. Usually the experience is rather specific, but sometimes there is a generalized intensification of smell, a hyperosmia. The uncus, phylogenetically part of the ancient ‘smell-brain’ (or rhinencephalon), is functionally associated with the whole limbic system, whichis increasingly recognized to be crucial in determining and regulating the entire emotional ‘tone’. Excitation of this, by whatever means, produces heightened emotionalism and an intensification of the senses. The entire subject, with its intriguing ramifications, has been explored in great detail by David Bear (1979).

      I seem to recall him covering Carradine’s auto-erotic self-asphyxiation in a neighboring chapter.

  2. It might also be noted that if all penguins were gay, it would mean the extinction of penguins. Not sure why you would want to celebrate that, even if you are an Orca or a Leopard seal.

    The Emperor penguins are cheering on the gaily tuxedoed set because they’ve invented artificially intelligent herring catchers and robotic egg incubators that soon will obsolete all lower orders of penguin life. When the 1% Emperors are done cheerleading for Ronnie and Reggie then they begin the involuntary organ donations.

    No wonder all the Humboldt penguins are busy getting dosed with AIDS.

  3. Putins statement about how nations/societies that can’t/don’t protect their children have no future is very true. He is showing the desire to protect his nation, his culture and his society. Nigel Farange (sp?) and his attitude that it is a choice between surrender (he calls it accommodating the invaders but it is surrender) or genocide, has bought into the idea that kicking the invaders out is the same as genocide. This attitude is creating a future where the nations that refuse to fight back are going to have to decide on which genocide they want to happen, the invaders killing off all of the natives or the natives killing off the invaders. Right now it is still possible to drive the invaders out of our nations, it won’t be easy and the left had created the situtation where it will be bloody but it can be done without death camps for the invaders and the converts. All we have to do is fight, as long as we fight we can’t lose, it is only when we decide that we can’t win and quit fighting that defeat can happen.

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