Scores of local Muslims trash Hindu shrines

Kapil Mishra on Twitter

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Machine translation of this tweet:

This video will make you cry – These are not Pakistan but the Hindu temples of Delhi’s Chawri Bazar. Yesterday, a multitude of religious idols entered the temple and vandalised them Not by crooks or goons, hundreds of locals broke the temple,

 shouting slogans of their religion

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News story here:

“A temple was vandalised in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk after clashes broke out between two communities over a parking dispute on Sunday night (30 June), Press Trust of India has reported.

The incident is said to have happened after a man began assaulting a few intoxicated men over a parking dispute. The fight soon escalated and a mob vandalised a temple in the area at about 10 pm which triggered communal tensions…”

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  1. This is a world war not a series of small wars spread around the world but different fronts in hte same war. The left can’t won’t admit this because it would mean that the people who want to fight the enemy on every from are right and the left is wrong.

    • besides raping and then killing children or animals, cutting throuts or throwing acid into innocent peoples faces this just seems to be another favorite pasttime of some groups of Muslims. But don’t worry, Let them dig their own graves because like Sri Lanka, China, or Myanmar India is not going to put up eternally with their stupid arrogance and some day will once again give them a free ride to Pakistan.

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