How do you know your government acts like an ideological Mafia? Here is how…

Thank you C. for sending this in.

From the Netherland Times:

A former civil servant who was going to testify in the hate speech trial against PVV leader Geert Wilders, decided to not testify after all, according to Wilders’ lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops. The man is afraid that he will be prosecuted by the Public Prosecution Service, the lawyer said to AD. 


According to Knoops, the witness was employed by the Ministry of Security and Justice in 2011. He then overheard a conversation between then Minister Ivo Opstelten and the secretary general of the ministry at the time, Joris Demmink. According to the witness, Opstelten explicitly said that the Public Prosecution Service must prosecute Wilders “because he is too much in our way”. 


The official went to Wilders with the story and recorded it in a statement at a notary’s office. The plan was that he would testify before the court behind closed doors, but according to Knoops he no longer wants to. This has to do with the fact that the Public Prosecution Service recently launched an investigation into sources in another case – sources who told Nieuwsuur about abuses in the Ministry of Justice and Security’s scientific office WODC. Justice Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus said that he would not look for the sources, but that did not stop the Prosecutor from starting an investigation, according to AD.


“That naturally also gives a great sense of insecurity to this witness”, Knoops said to the newspaper. As a result, the anonymously given testimony may be useless, because the Public Prosecutor will not be able to question the witness to establish whether he’s telling the truth. The Court of Appeal will have to decide how to proceed, Knoops said


(In the way of what, should be the question the good Bürgers of Holland should be asking, pitchforks and torches in hand)

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    • Yes, this has been reported on extensively, it has been covered on national news, in talk shows etc. Most people know about it.

    • I should add that there is little to no protection for whistleblowers in the Netherlands. A good example was the widespread fraud in construction in the 90s. An employee gave the government documents, leading to an inquirery in ’02 into bribing of officials, double bookkeeping, pricefixing etc. 344 companies paid a total 70 million in damages.

      One politician was an ex-owner of such a company. Her signature was found on an incriminating document, but nobody bothered to question her. She was bestowed Royal honours instead:

      The original whistleblower had no such luck. He was involved of the construction business and therefore not exactly clean.. since he had no political clout, he didn’t get amnesty, instead they threw the book at him.

      When it comes to this kind of thing, it’s a banana republic.

  1. As long as we remain human we will have to watch to prevent our governments from becoming oppressive. In Europe the communist/fascist leftists controlling the governments are imprisoning their political opponents (although there are signs that they are moving towards killing them). In the US we are seeing the communists/fascists lost control of the government and are working with their ideological soul mates in the big tech companies to try and steal it back from us.

    With the big tech companies that are controlling the social media centered in the US Trevor Loudon’s statement of “If the US falls everyplace falls” is proving to be scarily correct. We are once again fighting for the survival of freedom, a fight that is forced on us are semi regular intervals because of the way some people desire the power to force people to live the way the bullies want not the way the individuals want. Thanks to the development of nuclear weapons there was a long enough period of semi peace that the left managed to seize enough power to control most nations and semi control the rest. Those of us who love liberty are fighting to maintain freedom in the US knowing that if we can maintain this freedom on and off the social media the totalitarians of the world will be unable to maintain their control on the other nations.

    All we can do is fight on to victory, as long as we fight they dictators haven’t won, always remember you win wars by destroying the enemies will to resist. As long as we continue to resist the left hasn’t won, it is only if we surrender and stop resisting that they win. If they win the light of freedom will be extinguished for many decades, keep that light burning so all have a beacon to follow to freedom.

    • “As long as we remain human…
      ..All we can do is fight on to victory,..
      …As long as we continue to resist…
      …only if we surrender and stop resisting that they win…
      …keep that light burning…”

      To be human is to be counterintuitive. Two brains monitoring our universe. Hypnosis, is when one brain is disengaged and the other is overwhelmed. A muslim gives up music and art and accepts they are the lowest beast before Allah and becomes the strongest beast over kufar. Or a Communist rejects individualism and accepts their lowest beast of a collective-identity becomes pridefully superior to all men.

      Do we resist this evil? And yet the psychopath, told they are wicked, will gratefully accept the push-back as validation to show you the very evil you feared was real. They grow from fantasy-implanted terror.

      muslims and Communists are controlled by sharia and Political Correctness that rewards them to spy on each other.

      Those on the top of their respective food-chains of Moderates, use this cowards charter of resistance: the harder they struggle the deeper they defeat themselves. Resentment keeps the masses fearfully in their own place.

      So they delight at our resistance, used as evidence that they are valid.

      Islam is fake. Communism is fake. Sexual identity is fake. Told they Victims for not having the instant gratification they deserve: status, property, and eternity. To be gods. Muhammad, State and Sex will bring heaven down to them. The lie brings insecurity and the need for validation. They demand to be shown a sign. Do not give them one.

      Such brittle, and fragile kingdoms.

      The meek will inherit the earth if they do not resist.

      Do not buy halal. Do not support Diversity. Do not fawn to the vulgar.

      Cut off their pride-supply.

      If they weaponize, do not flinch. Protect the innocent.

      And reach out to these lost, to help them reawaken and rediscover their god-given humanity.

  2. “…the need for validation…fragile kingdom…reach out…”

    “–But I don’t agree with you, Mr. Thomas. I don’t believe there are 80 genders.”
    “Well, Billy, I’m sending you to the office for committing the high crime of Hate Speech,” said the teacher. “Let Principal Muhammed deal with you.”
    “It isn’t Hate Speech, Mr. Thomas. There are only two sexes.”
    “The state says otherwise, Billy…”

    In Principal Muhammed’s office things didn’t go much better for young Billy.
    “Look, Billy, just between you and I, I don’t believe in all this gender nonsense, either,” confided Jerry Muhammed (white mother). “Allah never mentioned anything about gender fluidity, therefore it doesn’t exist. However, the Islamic alliance with radical leftism helps Islam spread throughout the western world. How do you think I got this job? Competence? Anyhow, I’m afraid you’ve blasphemed a sacred progressive sensibility. Come to think of it, my notes on you also say that on January 14th you said climate change is not anthropogenic. Is this true?”
    “Yes,” said Billy. “I said that…”

    And so it goes. To not validate is to invalidate is to shame the prideful, is it not, PC? And the prideful will always lash out violently. Admitting and submitting to the painful honesty of a conscience is a tough go when you’ve been served lies for so long. These types won’t trust the conscience–the stranger–who’s trying to help. Anything but the shame of confessing to having lived a lie. That’s as human as anything.

    Having said this, we know there must be millions of apostates who have already left, but only in their minds. These people will take the hand of the stranger who protects them from violence.

    Commies and tards
    Commies and tards
    Dancing together
    Like bugs in a jar
    Bugs in a jar
    Killing all others
    Until all alone
    Then one tells the other
    You’re a faker go home.
    Then more violence.
    The period at the end of every
    Commie and Tard sentence
    Join us or else.
    Allahhu Collectivism.

    • “To not validate is to invalidate is to shame the prideful, is it not, PC?”

      “To not validate is to invalidate…”
      I was interviewed recently about my thoughts on a huge Social Project. They went into a spiel about how wonderful their Diversity of Sexuality was. I made no comment. They quickly moved on, to then discuss the real issues of personal development and measurements of success.

      Now, in a Communist environment like North Korea, if Diversity was the Party Line, I would be expected to positively praise it’s virtues at the first mention. To not do so, would be a crime.

      So for this Marxist, I’m sure my disobedience was duly noted. An order to smile and then you don’t smile. But any society that positively directs your actions is failed. Spies and open-prison guards are everywhere.

      For now, in the West, you don’t have to win. Just don’t lose.

      Our life-and-death moment presently without consequences. Therefore, I was able to defend the next person in their line, from them. For I did not dhimmi, cuck or suck for affection for the Saftey of belonging to vogue of the in-group. I did not lose. They retained their resentment and quick-fix-boost – unsoothed and unvalidated -still running around their blood stream. A doubt forming about their ‘Peace that is no peace,’ because my peace was greater. Be still. Then they see themselves moving too far forward-in-time like a muslim to avoid a cursing, or too backward-in-time like a Socialist where calamity stalks. Ahead of the game, or never raising your game. Fascism or Socialism: becoming a figure of Disgust or a figure of Envy. Prove your worth.

      “…to shame the prideful,”

      Only to hear themselves. No emotion. To be able to ask themselves the question, “do I know my love is a love beyond my own projection and self-delusion?” To observe. Any shame therefore would just double-down or double-up in their resolve to be righteous. The truth, is served without judgement.

    • The observer.

      The see-er. The seer.

      The human seed raised and nurtured to fulfilment; or the honor of the male or vanity of the female. Which beast did you get crushed under?

      To not be triggered. To not be bridled. To face your darkest fears.

      In Islam, Communism and LBTQ+, within a radicalized community, you will be killed if you leave, having known too much and found the way out.

      Islam-free. Socialism-free. Sexual-identity free.

      The story of Jesus, from male-ego Pharisee and female-ego Saducee to the narrow way found from repentence and forgiveness with the truth that sets you free. (Thank you Ancient Greeks!).

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