German Greens seek Chinese Communist authority for Germany

For anyone interested in understanding the Trudeau Liberal party, the European Union, and many of the Western contemporary political institutions, watch this and pay close attention. It is on the real nature of the German Greens, which is identical as far as I can see, to the US DSA.

Thank you MissPiggy for this one!

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  1. If the German Greens get control they will destroy Germany and try to use Germany’s position in the EU to destroy all of Europe. We are in the end game to decide if communism/Marxism will win and manage to gain enough control around the world to destroy all nations? Or will freedom win, the fight won’t be easy and at times will go kinetic and be very bloody but if we can keep fighting in the long run we will remain free. The we can start to rebuild the civilization the left has destroyed.

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