The EU flag is blue, but seems to indicate other colours: Links 2, June 24, 2019

1. Germany: Lawmakers Want Three-year Prison Terms for Burning EU Flag

Damaging the “the symbols of the European Union” could result in a fine or a custodial term of up to three years under new laws proposed in Saxony, Germany.

Lawmakers in the German state want to pass new legislation “to take firm and effective action against those whose aim is to disparage the fundamental values ??of the European Union” by attacking “the reputation of the symbols of the European Union”, according to the Saarbrücker Zeitung regional newspaper.


The proposed law would make rendering the European Union flag — a circle of twelve gold pentagram stars on a field of blue — either “removed, destroyed, damaged, unusable or unrecognisable” a crime punishable by a fine or a custodial term of as much as three years, the newspaper reports.

(In a way it is refreshing to see the mask slip enough so that hopefully another 10% of the public can recognize the face of totalitarian communism for what it is)

2. Three boys wanted over Liverpool homophobic knife attack

Police are hunting three boys in connection with an “appalling” homophobic knife attack on two men.


The men were assaulted at about 21:20 BST on Saturday as they walked down Manningham Road, Anfield, Liverpool.

Police said three boys, aged between 12 and 15, began by making “homophobic insults” before one of them produced a knife and attacked the men.


One of the victims suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries to his head and neck. Both are in hospital.

Merseyside Police said the men, both in their 30s, had been “left incredibly shaken by the incident”.


Det Insp Tara Denn said: “This was an appalling and unprovoked attack on two men simply making their way home.”


“The hate and violence that has been inflicted on them is simply unacceptable and won’t be tolerated on the streets of Merseyside,” she added.

Detectives have urged any witnesses to the attack to come forward.

(That is the entire article. No description, no names. Once again we see the UK Deep state-Media complex is more interested in protecting the narrative invention of Islam, than it is of protecting the rights of the public. In this case, the homosexual protected class. Or dare I say, conditionally protected class. When attacked by muslims, the protection drops a peg or two. Demographics for the region:

3. Leftists attempt to destroy the existence of the Soldiers of Odinin small town Alberta.

(Notice that they act as a safety group for women and minorities at night, and there is no criminal activity according to the RCMP)

4. Disabled grandfather is sacked by Asda after colleague complained about him sharing an ‘anti-Islamic’ Billy Connolly sketch on his Facebook page

A disabled grandfather has been sacked by Asda for sharing a Billy Connolly sketch about religion on his Facebook page.


Till worker Brian Leach, 54, was let go by the supermarket after seven colleagues complained that the comments in the skit were anti-Islamic.


Following the complaint, the father-of-one deleted the post from May and wrote an apology to his bosses and colleagues.


But Mr Leach, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, was fired for gross misconduct on Wednesday after five years in the job for breaching the company’s social media policy. 

Searching Youtube for Billy Connolly Islam, just turns up his stuff on Christianity. Showing once again that Google is willing to break its own invention to protect islam. Searching for 72 virgins gets you this:

Pretty sure that is not the sketch in question. This might be it:

5. Culture enricher in Amsterdam makes a bank withdrawal using high explosives at an ATM

6. A nameless, faceless, nondescript person arrested on suspicion of planning attack on US embassy in Brussels

(Read it if you like, there is no more information on it, other than it refers to a group of probably muslims who previously, had been arrested for being on a truck inside a US airbase in the country.)

7. Speaking of google breaking it’s own search engine…

Story at

(The movie, The Creepy Line, on Google’s use of our information, is still up on Amazon Prime for those that wish to see it.)

8. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says he wants Canada to accept more refugees as economic immigrants

(The muslim minister of immigration reminds Canada that what Canadians actually want is not important, and must be dismissed and ignored.)

9. Something mighty weird is going on in the Dominican Republic, AKA the other side of Haiti. I hear 13 Americans have died mysteriously while there on vacation over the past short while. Some had checkups and were quite healthy when they left.

Video here at CNN

The FBI is investigating and apparently it has something to do with the hotel minibars. Completely unrelated, the Island boast an Al Noor mosque. The same name of mosque that weaponized quite a few muslims into kinetic jihadis in New Zealand.

Thank you Pym Purnell, M., Wrath of Khan, SB., EB., Richard, Gavin B., and all who sent in materials. Still more to come. A few videos in the queue including an interesting, if desperate, to pin the murder of a German politician who seems to hate Germans enough to ask them to leave Germany, on a “far right winger” based on one fleck of skin.

Are the people of Yorkshire being forced to endure a PoMo sculpture invasion because they voted BREXIT?

Here is an article about the artist that may explain a lot.


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  1. I know Anfield well enough to understand that it’s unlikely that the attackers there were Moslems. (Not impossible, but unlikely.)

    • That is what has always held us together, which is why the left is working so hard to import lots of people who have no desire to become Americans.

  2. 8- Silky-smooth taqiyya for the Dystopian infidel. An easy con. Feminized sheep, including the she-men, lap up this horse shit. 33% of Dystopians would still vote for Dear Leader in a recent poll. Amazing, since a silent majority would probably like to see these crooks in jail.

  3. The Yorkshire festival of visual sadism – you can’t help but think someone said, look the museums and squares of the South East are full of this shite let’s find somewhere to dump it, preferably on some horrible Brexiteers. As for someone who objects to Brexit wanting more devolution? How devolved is the EU moron? Like to see more MorGoth.

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