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3 Replies to “News Tues, with Barry Webb: News from the Arabic World”

    • He’s working with Iran to savage the Kurds – our allies -in the northeast.
      We’re making noises about a “safe-zone” – that would be policed by none other than – the filthy Turk!
      It’s simply outrageous.

  1. East Med oil and gas fields-
    EU state oil companies are competing against one another. Imperial interests conflict as always, whether “populist” Salvini or “Jupiter” Macron. Business empires run on a separate track, not exposed to even minimal public scrutiny. Politicians come and go, oil companies transcend mere mortals.

    France, on behalf of Total, is up against the Turk in the giant offshore fields of the East Med.

    “Turkey finds itself at a historic junction where it must decide whether to proceed alone by challenging Israel, Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus – or whether to embrace regional cooperation.”

    See also: Turkey’s “Second Invasion” of Cyprus: Illegal Drilling in Eastern Mediterranean

    In Libya, France is for Haftar (+ Egypt, Russia, ?USA) _vs._ Italy (ENI Oil) with the “U.N.-recognized government” (i.e. jihadis backed by the MB/Turk/Qatar).

    While Salvini is making patriotic noises opposing invaders, he’s backing the jihadi side that’s driving hijra. Libya was a colony of Italy, ENI wants that oil. Too bad, the oil fields are in the eastern part of the country controlled by Haftar. Total (and Putin) picked the Strong Horse.

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