Correcting the climate record using solid data from Montana

When adding the video above to the Global Warming page on this site, I noticed a video had been removed from Youtube. It was a video of an actual climate scientist telling off CNN on air for their unscientific but highly political position on a scientific matter. Videos of parts of the exchange still are up on Youtube but only when it was edited or added too, in order to make the founder of the Weather channel look bad.

So we restored the video to the net:

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3 Replies to “Correcting the climate record using solid data from Montana”

  1. Just this kind of manipulation tells you the whole thing is a scam. Real science does not require this kind of deception. Thanks for the restoration.

  2. The 31,000 scientists the man referred to was a petition raised by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine back in the 1990s. The 97% came from one survey by one pro-AGW magazine of its readers, most of whom did not reply. The numbers involved were miniscule.

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