Dog row ‘behind murder of man in east London park’

(We do not normally reproduce an article in its entirety, but we are this time. If the Evening Standard, who’s article it is, wishes it reduced to 3 paragraphs we will do so immediately)

From the Evening Standard:

A father has lost his fight for life three days after suffering a serious head injury, reportedly during an argument over a dog in an east London park.

Detectives launched a murder investigation after Steven Kennedy died on Sunday following an attack in Plaistow Park, half a mile from his home, last Thursday morning.

The 61-year-old was a member of the River Church in Canning Town and a director of the River Christian Centre, and is understood to have travelled widely in Africa and eastern Europe to preach as a missionary.

Asim Qadri, who owns the Shop Wise convenience store near the park’s entrance, said: “I heard there was an argument and someone pushed or punched him. I saw him being taken out and put in the ambulance.

“He was alive then. He sat up as they were taking him to the ambulance. It’s shocking that he’s died.”

An employee at a nearby hairdressers, who did not want to be named, said: “I heard the guy had a dog and there was an argument. The police came in here and said a man had been punched, but that’s it. It’s scary, I take my kids to that park.” Police are appealing for witnesses to the attack.

Neighbour Sonny Somwaru described Mr Kennedy as a “devoted” Christian. He said: “I was too shocked to get the news. He was the only one that I could talk things over with.

“He spent quite a while going back and forth, preaching over in Africa.”

Dave Gill, pastor of River Church, said: “The family and all of us are devastated at this time.”

Mohammed Metowlli, 23, of Plaistow, was charged with grievous bodily harm before Mr Kennedy died. He is due to appear at Snaresbrook crown court on June 28. A second man, 29, was arrested on suspicion of GBH and has been released under investigation.

(Interpretation of events: Christian walking dog is killed by muslim for walking dog in muslim area)



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6 Replies to “Dog row ‘behind murder of man in east London park’”

  1. Anyone who would kill a man because he has a pet dog is a danger to the entire world, the scary thing is that there is around a billion of them.

  2. Dangerously Loving Man
    Salvation from Hell and the Dock
    Has lions lie down with the lamb
    A muslim kissed by a dog.


    • Doesn’t scan, doesn’t rhyme. But Jan wouldn’t like it even if it did,
      which is nice. So easily trolled, irresistible.

      Dogs know better than to kiss muslims, unlike too many dhimmi dummies.

  3. A Mohammed Metowlli from Newham is a trained boxer. He competed for gold medals in national boxing competitions. Looks like he later worked as a security guard at a casino.

    If a 23 yo trained boxer, who works as a security guard, goes up against an ordinary man in his 60s, it should be treated far more seriously than a normal assault. But it won’t be. Because the police in England’s cities are in hock to the mosques.

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