Committee on freedom of speech decides not to televise the session

The people most adamant about not televising it, are most decidedly the most hostile to the three people who had volunteered to come and speak to the committee to not criminalize ‘hate speech’ under the criminal code.

Democracy dies in darkness.

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8 Replies to “Committee on freedom of speech decides not to televise the session”

  1. Sure, and if Faith Goldy comes by and wants to ask a few questions they’ll be glad to open the doors with her head as they throw her out into the street. I hate to use the “H”-word, but this is exactly like Adolf Hitler. Exactly! These people are all good little Nazis and they are hell-bent on making freedom of speech illegal. Damn them all to hell! Damn them!!!

      • This isn’t going to end peacefully, if they lose the election they will either act like the Dems or resort to violence, possibly doing both while talking about how they are just responding to the violence of people disagreeing with them.

        I really hope all of you have plans made for when it turns violent.

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