Denmark: Socialists sweep the country (no link yet) Links 1, June 5, 2019

1. New Zealand seems to be calming down:

This looks like a friendly bunch

2. India: Clashes erupt in Kashmir during Eid celebrations

Clashes broke out between Indian security forces and demonstrators after the Eid al-Fitr prayers in Indian Administered Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar city on Wednesday.

Demonstrators were reportedly protesting against the recent killing of rebels and civilians, as the gathering turned violent.

Indian security forces fired pellet guns to disperse the protesters, as the latter were throwing projectiles.

Self-proclaimed <b>Islamic State  flags can be seen among the protesters.</b>

One of the protesters said “We don’t want to be with India, Pakistan and Kashmiri separatist leaders, we are only with Darul Islam [House of Islam].”

Clashes were also reported in other towns within the Indian administered area of Kashmir.

3. Ft. Worth School Board Unanimously Votes to Fire Teacher for Tweeting About Illegal Aliens and Drugs on School Campus to President Trump

The Fort Worth ISD school board voted unanimously on Tuesday to fire a teacher for her tweets to President Trump and warnings about drugs on the school campus.

And then this:

4. Trudeau’s idiotic hypocrisy reaches the stratosphere

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10 Replies to “Denmark: Socialists sweep the country (no link yet) Links 1, June 5, 2019”

  1. Fort Worth School Board needs some calls.
    Board of Education / Board Officers & Members – FWISD
    TCC South/FWISD Collegiate High School; Texas Academy of Biomedical Sciences; Trimble Tech High School; Van Zandt-Guinn Elementary School; … Fort Worth ISD; Board Officers & Members; Board of Education. About the Board of Education; Agenda – Board Meetings; Minutes – Board Meetings; Agenda – Board Committees; Board Calendar;
    Jacinto ‘Cinto’ Ramos, Jr
    Tobi Jackson
    Anael Luebanos
    Quinton ‘Q’ Phillips
    T.A. Sims
    Carin ‘CJ’ Evans
    Anne Darr
    Norman Robbins
    Ashley Paz

    Fraud Hotline 817-814-1971
    Parent Info Line 817-814-2070
    Elementary Leadership 817-814-2340
    Secondary Leadership 817-814-2350
    100 N. University Fort Worth, TX 76107

  2. Before the election I gave my Russki and his brother MAGA hats.
    It was ok, sorta, if I was with them when anybody bothered them. I joked, smiled, looked submissive. Unpleasant, though no big deal.

    But without me, they couldn’t manage the hostility safely. Their English wasn’t up to it, their personalities aren’t sweetly deferential. (To say the least: a Soviet army officer and a dissident/gulag survivor.)

    I took the hats away and hung them inside the apartment. My decision, despite their protests. I wasn’t the least bit sweet or deferential.

  3. Kashmiri protests –
    We don’t want to be with India, Pakistan and Kashmiri separatist leaders, we are only with Darul Islam [House of Islam].

    Peace if they were given autonomy?
    Not a chance. They’d just fragment into ever-smaller clan wars, till cousin against cousin, brother against brother, self-mutilation to death.

    THIS is the majority ethnicity the UK has imported. It’s a whole order of magnitude more difficult than Arab tard.

    “Last Muslim on Earth”

  4. I was sure that only happened in deadmonton, the Detroit of Canada
    Where a senior woman wearing just a red cap could be chased by islamics threatened with a big black suv sworn at, stopped from
    Moving along the street while hijab wearing wife and two litttle islamics in training sat in backseat
    Even with witness and vid of them hurling abuse
    The police in this city said the red cap with No orienting was an
    Incitement to these carpet baggers from the 2nd century
    Since then I have several mega caps and two with TRUMP embroidered in big letters

  5. A lot of people are sick and tired of the antifa BS, one of these days they are going to do that so someone carrying a handgun who knows how to use it and several atifa types will go to the morgue.

  6. # 4 “A steady patriot of the world alone.
    A friend of every country but his own”.
    George Canning

    A quote for every occasion.

  7. Incitement for wearing a MAGA hat.
    Outrage for daring them: “you made that!”
    Owning their property
    Thinking responsibly
    Is the end of a friend to a bureaucrat.

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