Short segment of Parliamentary committee badgering Mark Steyn on ‘hate speech’

This morning, an odious procedure took place in Canada’s increasingly Soviet like, Parliamentary committee on ‘hate speech’, where three worthy witnesses, Lindsay Shepherd, John Robson, and Mark Steyn, defended freedom of speech, which is to say, are against the Trudeau government’s proposition that Section 13 of the Hate speech act, be reinstituted into the criminal code of Canada.

A reporter from RAIR Foundation, at the hearings this morning, explained to me that had they committed an actual crime and been on trial for it, their Lawyer, and quite probably the Judge, would never allow the defendant to be treated the way these, volunteer witnesses for freedom had been treated.

Before you watch this, it may help you to understand the intentions and fairness of this committee, to know two things.

  1. The Committee voted before this started, not to televise the video of this. So there is only audio of it. We can only guess as to why they chose not to broadcast video, as it was a “non-debatable motion” not to broadcast to which most agreed not to broadcast, and one abstained.
  2. They passed another odd motion not to name the New Zealand shooter and not to quote from his manifesto, even though it was irrelevant to this hearing. However it does relate to an event last week where a conservative MP used facts from the manifesto to counter a false claim, and for which he was immediately reprimanded. This second motion as I see it, is Orwell’s last prediction. Loosely quoting: “The future is a boot on humanity’s face for pretty much eternity”.


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10 Replies to “Short segment of Parliamentary committee badgering Mark Steyn on ‘hate speech’”

  1. Dear Dystopia, good luck with this. Imagine the nightmare you will embrace with such tyrannical legislation. Forget about the charges triggered by things like a joke, or even a misused, unused, or mistaken gender pronoun. Think instead about what will happen once the goal posts are moved further to the left, by the Left.

    We know the effectiveness of repeating a message enough times. The threat of white supremacists? Really? Where? We know the KKK is no longer a factor so where are these people? I mean there is no doubt that vile people exist. We know this. But my point is that white supremacists are manufactured every day. They are made from all those people who innocently ask the question, “Where are all these white racist/nationalists the media talks about?” Well, to simply ask the question–or to not immediately comply to the new PC orthodoxy, morphs you into one. —A neat trick, and mission accomplished by the lingo Merlins of the new Stasi word grinder. The proof of this absurd reality is that one no longer need be white to be branded a white supremacist. Crazy? Right.

    But again, what about those goal posts? So firmly ensconced and pervasive is white supremacy now in Western countries, that Dystopia’s Dear Leader feels compelled to fly across the pond to learn how to deal with it back home. This makes perfect sense considering the teacher is former Stasi. You can bet your boots she knows her business. Who would have thought we were this rotten? And then we have the compelled speech of gender pronouns force fed Dystopians under threat of a human rights violation. And same-sex marriage, mass migrations of third-rate human capital through open borders, Agenda 21 and all it entails, the climate con, tards and more tards, and whatever else I can’t think of off the top of my head, and it all means the goal posts are moving faster than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. These subjects are now accepted by millions as the new normal.

    Next will be outlawed heterosexual marriage, abortion for non-whites only, higher education for the pigment-challenged, and, of course, synogogues. Is this ridiculous? Yes. But just compare what was considered normal even five short years ago, to what is accepted now by millions of people.

    There’s no telling where the goal posts will be five years from now. By suppressing the free expression of thought, though, the whims of tyranny can meet no challenge.

  2. Wow! The lack of self awareness of the inquisitors is amazing.
    They would use torture if they could, and burning at the stake.

    • They would use torture if they could, and burning at the stake.

      Too late, Matt. If Alex Jones wasn’t a digital, “burning at the stake”, then I don’t know what is. As to “torture”, I think that eight years of 0bama certainly qualifies in that department.

      Please drop by more often. Your, “After the Music Stops” is a prototypical classic that ranks right up there with Wretchard’s “Three Conjectures”.

      • Thanks. BTW, I put my short stuff from the past decade into a dead-tree format that can’t be mass-deleted (like an e-book) at some point in the future. It can be had on Amazon, or straight from me if you don’t want to give Jeff Bezos half.

  3. I often agree with George Orwell, but not this quote.
    Eternity belongs to God, and He will have the last word.
    There is a God, and He’s on the side of Truth.
    (John 18:37)

    Love to listen to Mark Steyn.

  4. Canada’s Parliament is insane. That is a kangaroo court. What is the punishment for offensive statements? Jail, money, caning, solitary confinement. This is crazy. They are oblivious to what the publc thinks about their rude OFFENSIVE inquisition.

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