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9 Replies to “President Donald Trump with her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II”

    • It’s a stirring story. Adds texture to a grainy business beneath today’s pomp-&-circumstance.

      It took more than a century before we got all “special relationship” with Britain. Churchill, master impresario, contrived that romantic PR. Brilliant and enduring, as long as you don’t look too closely.

      (For example, Papa Joe Kennedy was spying for Hitler as U.S. Ambassador to the Court of St. James. His “special” related to the Irish Republic, NOT the British Empire.)

      A hundred years post-D-Day – 25 years from now – bonds of blood and system of jurisprudence will have been severed. What then?

  1. 1. I just L O R R R V E this, you may call me a “groupie” – I was always a sucker for Pomp and Ceremony. And with the Queen and President Trump we have at least two Germans who represent countries that fought the Nazis – at least in the past.

    2. I find it remarkable that the glamorous “Melania” – First Lady – is the only one (at least among those in sight) who holds her glass according to correct etiquette which commands: when it contains “white” you hold it by the stem, when it contains “red” you hold its body.

    3. Am just drooling with Schadenfreude at the thought of this Jew-hating Poison Dwarf, Sadiq Kahn, whose colour must have turned from off-white to GREEN, seeing the JEWISH Son-in-Law of the Potus honoured while all the Tard could do is join the execrable gutter-dweller Jeremy Corbyn spreading their bile among the vulgar haters.

    • It’s touching, like listening to an orchestra accompany the Titanic as it’s going down.

      I’m sentimental. I’m moved to tears by Turandot and Aida. Glorious pageantry, more poignant for doom anticipated.

      This is a superbly choreographed production number.
      May the Queen live 120 years.
      That’s when the curtain falls on this class act. There will be no encores.

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