Hindus attacked in Pakistan for rumours of blasphemy: Links 1, May 28, 2019

1. Violence Erupts After Hindu Vet Accused of Blasphemy in Pakistan (PHOTO)

(Violence breaks out for stupid reasons in (insert Islamic area of the world) and in other news, it rained somewhere on the Pacific Ocean today, while fish continued to swim)

According to local police, a probe would be carried out; the vet was taken to a safe location after the unrest broke out in the Pakistani town.


A Hindu veterinarian was taken into custody on Monday in Pakistan’s Sindh province, after the head cleric of the local mosque, Maulvi Ishaq Nohri, filed a police complaint accusing the vet of committing blasphemy, SAMAA TV reported.


Ramesh Kumar, who was working as a vet, was accused of using pages of a holy book to wrap medicine, according to local reports.


The punishment for such actions in Pakistan ranges from three months in jail and a fine up to a life sentence.

(Cause who doesn’t wrap medicine in the pages of a book?)

2. It would appear that the Lyon bomber had a Mohamed coefficient of 66%


4. Photo Unearthed of John McCain with “Source D-Source E” of Steele Dossier — Sergei Millian

In January 2017 ABC News identified Sergei Millian as the key source of the Fusian GPS anti-Trump Dossier.

Sergei Millian has since been identified as as the mysterious “Source D” and “Source E” in the junk Steele dossier.

5. Dane who wants to deport Muslims, ban Islam to run in election

(Al-Jazeera notices our friend Rasmus. What follows is worth spreading on your roses)

Copenhagen, Denmark – Last year, Christian Hansen’s 10-year-old son returned from school asking who Rasmus Paludan was.


“He told me that the pupils had been playing the ‘Paludan-game’ in the schoolyard, dividing each other into Christians, Jews and Muslims. The Christians then had to catch the Jews and Muslims and put them in [imaginative] cages and insult them,” said Hansen, a 42-year-old software company owner in southern Denmark.


Hansen was frightened that Paludan’s message had reached his son through social media. 

“This is extremely dangerous,” he said, “because his hateful views become a part of these children’s early understanding of minorities.” 

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    • When you grow up with four siblings you see how intimidation turns into resentment and self-sanctification pride – I think, therefore I am. These people are their thoughts; hence there are thought crimes.

      Now, I have argued ad infinitum that you are not your thoughts, not your emotions and not your ‘shwing*’. That your potential for higher consciousness had been deliberately stunted by the totalitarian collectives of islam, Socialism and LGBTQ+ with the twisted narcissists of Muhammad, Marx and Caligula behind the demanding of approval.

      Caligula was the European Roman emperor from 37 to 41 AD. Judammadans killed for Jehovah. The State was making proletariat slaves out of immigrants.

      Willi Wonka always existed under different names, each returning worse than the last until, hopefully, you might suddenly get it in a moment of realization.

      Until then, book-read christians keep opening the gates of the cities. Programed as they were meant to. Emptying their pockets. And yours.

      * https://youtu.be/szkgylvDYA4

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