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4 Replies to “Amazing video outing the nature of Timmermans and the EU by the DUTCH SOCIALISTS!”

  1. Great video except I don’t quite get the punchline. Vote Socialist Party? This means there are a multitude of socialist/pseudo-marxist entities fighting over the vote, except whatever is calling itself the “Socialist Party” distinguishes itself by rallying against a European elite who are also socialist. Talk about a screwed populace. Now, whatever non-socialist party there is has to compete to be heard over all of this commie insanity, and it probably will be drowned out.

    Western nations will never recapture their glory under any brand of collectivism. Respecting and promoting the victory of the individual is the only path to collective success.

    • These are two kinds of socialism. The Dutch SP is basically the good old-fashioned clenched fist, “eat the rich” type of socialism. It’s based in Oss, a meat packing town, the workers there talk with their fists and knives.
      Timmermans is not a socialist at all, EU policy is neo-liberal. Open the borders, bypass unions, obey dictates from the financial sector’s lobbyists, sell off national assets. In other words, a race to the bottom for lower and lower middle class, socialism for corporations (bank bailouts etc). That kind of crony capitalism also means golden years for speculators, slumlords etc.
      He’s a poser who spouts “progressive” rhetoric about trannies and non-existent oppression of women, that’s just caviar socialism. A red herring, a mindgame for the idle rich. An example:


      “I’ve voted for the first time ever, for myself — I’ve never done so before,” he said. “Most of the time, I’ll go for the first woman on the list, but today, for some reason or other, I just spontaneously put a cross next to my own name.”

        • No problem. I forgot to mention that the SP demands the lion’s share of all their politicians’ income. So the party has a large warchest, and it also keeps the careerists out I guess. They’re known for their Maoist level of internal discipline, no dissent allowed.

          I don’t think Timmermans would give 95% of his 30,000 EU/month to the Labor party and live a monastic lifestyle. Btw EPs receive 3,000 EU for expenses every month, they don’t need to show receipts. This was introduced to help MEPs from the former communist block countries, which were dirt poor. They’re doing much better now so their MEPs don’t need it, but who is going to abolish a measure that benefits themselves so much? Also, I think that everybody who works for the EU is tax-exempt.

          And then they wonder why Brussels is so impopular.

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