Huge explosion near US embassy in Baghdad, Iran suspected

1. Huge Explosion Reported Near US Embassy in Baghdad

An explosion has reportedly taken place near the Green Zone close to the embassy area on Sunday.

Rockets landed in the Iraqi capital in the vicinity of the United States embassy on Sunday, Sky News Arabia reported citing its source.


Iraqi authorities have not yet commented on the incident. However, Reuters cited two Baghdad-based diplomatic sources as saying that they heard the blast not far from the fortified Green Zone — the area that hosts government buildings and foreign embassies.?



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3 Replies to “Huge explosion near US embassy in Baghdad, Iran suspected”

    • That’s just trash media narrative.
      Talking points, almost identical language packaged and parroted by the propaganda nozzles. They’re not reporting news, they’re selling you anti-American caricatures.

      Endless repetition of what “sources say”: Bogus.neocon war-mongers Bolton/ Pompeo, Venezuela, yak-yak, woof-woof.

      PTrump is the Commander-in-Chief.
      Everything else is noise.

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