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15 Replies to “Rapid poll: Who believes this cop?”

  1. He is a coward. He needs to cover his face in shame.

    See MB’s comment.

    Evening Standard Link:

    Yesterday’s G M Police Twitter

    “Read our further statement following the disturbance in #Oldham earlier this evening:…” + MB’s comment.
    G M Police – May 18, 2019

    “UK: Muslim Defense League hurl bricks at Tommy Robinson and supporters at campaign stop” + Evening Standard Link
    by Christine Douglass-Williams – May 19, 2019

  2. Weak I think. He mentioned human rights. The problem is higher up the chain.
    It’s similar to Rotherham; there are certain groups that the police are afraid to touch.
    No one has their back.
    Politicians, the courts, nobody.
    It’s a breakdown of authority and justice.

  3. Poor cop… Remember, he almost certainly has a wife and kids at home along with the sacred obligation of providing for his family which rightfully comes before practically everything else, and he knows he could lose his good-paying job with great benefits and a dental plan for those kids with one politically incorrect word or action. He’s not exactly Ben Shapiro in the smarts department and he’s been told what to say and how to spin things by his university-educated bosses who think of him as nothing more than an organic robot. It’s not fair to expect him to fix everything on the ground when the high-IQ boys are tying his hands and muzzling him the way they are as they force him to go soft on Antifa and hard on anybody who doesn’t hate Tommy Robinson. He is just following orders…

  4. He’s repeating the lies his C.O. has given him. It’s what all the cops have to do if they want to keep their jobs these days.

  5. The cop’s main job is obfuscating the law to the locals. Keeping everyone off balance and not knowing where they stand vis a vis the rules. His mate pulled him away for the sake of confusion and prevarication.

    Expecting a sane answer grounded in common sense isn’t going to get answers except those one is willing to extract from the shifty behaviour and the airy response. He’s playing a role; he’s “following orders.”

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