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12 Replies to “I have a few ideas…”

  1. Get another dog. Or two. Maybe more.

    Or, considering that Pitt Meadows is in British Columbia, emigrate quickly to the good old USA!

  2. Go to your local Airstrip 1 police station and hand yourself in for thought crime.

    This is good example of the true intent of the racial vilification laws, to criminalise and crush any resistance to hostile immigration.

  3. Pitt Meadows? Begs for pittbulls,i’d say.Sounds like it’s the pitts anyway.Seems like animal cruelty to subject any dog to that neighbourhood…

  4. How about they be courteous toward non-muslims and not wear bags on their heads in public, or demand halal food in public schools, or gender segregation, or … on and on. Accommodation is a one way street with islam leaving two options for infidels: submit or submit (actually, we all know what the second option really is).

  5. I would place another post close to that one explaining in antimuslim clear words what I think about their Muslim shitty sensitivities
    I will make many posts and stick them all over neighborhood
    So I make my point as clear and as wide as possible
    It’s the easiest way

    • What would be worse–if this was written by a tard or a dhimmi?

      G’wan, Johnnyu. You gotta be kidding. This must be a setup or something. It’s like that old joke:

      Q. What’s worse than biting into an apple and seeing a worm?

      A. Biting into an apple and seeing half a worm.

      So, “What would be worse”? Try if this was written by a tard AND a Muslim.

      Can’t you just see the dhimmi wetting himself in Multicultural ecstasy while standing shoulder to brotherly shoulder with a Muslim who’s surreptitiously whetting a dagger on the idiot’s scapula?

  6. Yes, the muslims in that part of the world are getting pushy.
    But…all is not lost. I shove, elbow and tromp on insteps around muslims (Oops. What a klumsy kuffar I is…) Just last week, my Doggo (large, black, intimidating, but a marshmallow…) put two Mohammedanian enrichers into a local shit-filled duck pond. Doggo walked up, stood, shoved his nose in muslims face and planted a slobbery slurp on the moolie.
    Instant shrieking muslim evacuation into the duck-shit soup.
    Good Doggo. Have a breath mint.
    I push, I elbow, I get in their faces. You should do the same.
    If the gestapo enforcer wants to get violent over it, well; he has no law, or no offence to charge me with. Too bad, Mr. Stasi. I guess you can sling your bloody lot, or gun me down in cold blood. Hint: As a practical matter, I am very hard to kill.

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