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4 Replies to “The Dutch may be getting a wee bit fed up with ‘diversity’”

  1. It makes no difference how many posters get put up or how many blogs broadcast the truth, the governments of the Western World are going to keep replacing the current population with Muslims until such times as the streets are filled with hundreds of thousands of angry protesters marching on the Government buildings and forcing the bastards to start acting in the Peoples’ interest for a change. They will never admit they are wrong and they will never change direction. We can see that; it’s right in front of us…

    • Yep, you nailed it there.
      As long as those in “Power” are working against the interests of their own People, NOTHING is going to change.
      Frankly I can’t see much change happening for the good of the French People either and they are leading the way with their Yellow Vest Movement.
      But it is as Lenin once said;
      “One man with a gun can control 100 without”
      The French Government is armed to the Teeth, the French People aren’t.

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