Israeli TV on the threat ‘progressive Jews’ pose to Israel, Judaism: Guy Bechor

I expect quite a robust discussion on this one.

Some translator’s corrections below:

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Rachel sent these notes after I had already done the video:

He meant of course, ISRAEL’s law of return and no other.

That Israel’s law of return should not apply to leftist Jews who cause damage to the US.

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6 Replies to “Israeli TV on the threat ‘progressive Jews’ pose to Israel, Judaism: Guy Bechor”

  1. For me, this piece defeats most commentary short of a brilliant essay or novel.

    I like this guy. He’s as loaded as a Colt .45. But when will we finally conflate progressivism with tyranny? Isn’t it about time? If we’ve read here at VTB that Jews can be the worst anti-Semites, was Hitler Jewish? Was Mohammed? Are you sure? Regardless, isn’t Jewish anti-Semitism not a bad intellectual game always born in the bosom of freedom? –A freedom that the likes of Bernie Sanders may live to regret? Of course progressive Jews should be refused entry. So you lose half the diaspora. In the end would they fight for you or legislate you to a borserless death? Figure that one out. In the meantime, Jewish or otherwise, progressives progress to tyranny.

    • Hitler is suppose to have had a Jewish ancestor a couple of generations back, I don’t remember if it was a male or female ancestor. The reason he hated Jews is suppose to be that a Jewish mailman had an affair with his mother when he was a little kid.

      Do some research on his mental and sexual problems, his niece (that he was having and affair) is suppose to have teased him about his sexual problems and he murdered her.

      • Hitler was a Marxist who wrote a book called, “The Jewish Question”. Hitler’s Jew-hatre likely comes from there.

        • I was taught in school – behind the Iron curtain – that Hitler’s mother was Jewish. And that Hitler’s father treated her and the children as not quite equals to him because he had such contempt for Jews.

          The Holocaust was, we were taught, the result of Hitler’s hatred of the fact that he was half Jewish, and wanted to wipe out all the evidence.

          • The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich is a comprehensive book that traces Hitler from sperm to poison.

            There shouldn’t be any doubt as to Hitler’s motives or background.

            Its no accident Marx wrote an antisemitic tome called “The Jewish Question”, which the Nazis used as a main phrase.

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