NSA’s Barry Webb on the new push for a Turkish Caliphate

Barry Webb is a retired NSA Arabist and translator of 25 years.
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  1. Either Erdogan has real good advisers or he is smarter then I thought, this is a very good propaganda move.

  2. What Erdogan of course would like to forget is that the Turks got their arses handed to them by the Australian Light Horse in 1916-1918… 🙂

    • Turkey at the Eastern Mediterranean Crossroads

      Turkey finds itself at a historic junction where it must decide whether to proceed alone by challenging Israel, Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus – or whether to embrace regional cooperation.

      Certainly the Egyptian, Israeli, and Cypriot discoveries of large new fields of natural gas have opened up new possibilities for joint pipeline projects to transport this bounty via Greece to Italy and to western Europe, or for liquefied natural gas conversion to Egypt. This has paved the way for new alliances among Athens, Nicosia, Jerusalem, and Cairo, which the pro-Turkish government newspaper Yeni Safak has described as an “axis of evil.”

      Given the “cold peace” between Egypt and Israel [~{spit}~], Egyptian leaders generally refrain from posing before the cameras with Israeli counterparts. Yet thanks to the hospitality of Greece and the Republic of Cyprus, the four states have managed to form a quartet on two separate trilateral platforms, namely Israel, Greece, and Cyprus and in parallel Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus ….

      Besides benefitting from the gas findings, these four capitals have another common reason to forge an alliance: Turkey. Indeed, with its Neo-Ottoman foreign policy, which often shuns the considerations and imperatives of realpolitik, Turkey appears to be a catalyst for this rapprochement.…


      • The “axis of evil” did in Khashoggi.

        Turkey in paranoia: “Greece, Israel, Egypt are part of Khashoggi’s murder plot”

        A very new Turkish narrative based on paranoia and conspiracy theories: “Greece, Israel and Egypt are part of the murder plot of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the consulate in Istanbul.…

        “Greece, Israel and Egypt are part of murder plot involving slain Saudi Arabia journalist Khashoggi in Istanbul,” Yigit Bulut said in TRT Television, where he is a frequent guest.…

        Furious about the energy cooperation of these three countries in East Mediterranean Sea, Ankara had Bultu advising Greece to not depend on the United Kingdom. And he reiterated his claims from last week that “Greeks cannot confront the Turkish Navy.”


  3. February 3, 2019:
    Beyond Energy: The Significance of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum

    The Energy Ministers of Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority met in Cairo in mid-Jan. 2019 to discuss the establishment of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, which will serve as the umbrella for cooperation and dialogue regarding the development of gas resources in the region.

    While the subject of energy is the basis for the forum, broader geostrategic processes also led to its establishment, and they reflect the regional states’ shared perceptions regarding the importance of the Eastern Med to their national security. The countries of the region could leverage these processes into additional partnerships in the Eastern Mediterranean, beyond the issue of gas resources.

    However, to serve as a base for long term regional strategic development, the Gas Forum must achieve other objectives: strengthen regional recognition – particularly in Arab countries – of the potential value of cooperative relations in the Eastern Med that include Israel; increase the human and civic interactions between all peoples of the region; and continue to foster the concept of a shared regional space.


    • Greece and Israel are no more “natural allies” than Egypt and Israel. The rivalry stretches back to classical antiquity; only the ostensible reasons for it changed over the millennia.

      Such an alliance is a measure of how serious they take the threat from the Turk. And how neither can trust the EU.

      “Far from calling for Turkey to end its occupation of northern Cyprus, the EU leadership is asking Greece and Cyprus for concessions to Turkey on account of the migrant issue. This is despite the fact that Turkey has actually encouraged the refugee flow across the dangerous waters of the Aegean Sea to Greek islands.”

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